not just another love story

What happens when I kidnap many harry potter characters and exploit their relationships


9. punishments cont.

"I don't want to be punished"  snape roared at them,

"suck it up princess" icy retorted,

"I wont do it, what ever it is" he yelled

"well you have to" sally replied

"I wont do it" Hermione stated matter of factly,

"I give up" icy yelled marching towards to door, " they're all yours sally" fred ran over to her,

"don't leave" he said,

"fred you can come with me, here have your wand, you know what all of you come get your wands you can go!" icy handed out the wands and left.

sally was now standing in the room on her own, "well that ended well" and then all the lights went out.



sorry to end it but these wizards and witches were really bugging me and sally, cause they had nothing to do, but thanks for the reads and posts/comments, and you know what its competition time, anyone who wants to can try to write a better ending for this book. the winner will get their chapter published at the end of this book.

have fun

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