Ashton Against Luke

Emmy is coming to Austria. First she hates school but when she meet these two special boys she started to like it. But when a fight broke out, she suddenly dissapers. All of her friends and family trys to find her...


1. I looked back...

Emmy's P.O.V

"But we can stay here in California. Mom, you said you like the people here! And you earn a lot of money here!" "Emily Dark! I said no! We have to. My boss says that. And I get more money." I exhaled and packed the last bags into the car. My Mom was a paparazzi. That's why I always sit in my room, do my homework and be alone. Don't get me wrong. I like spending quite a lot of time with my self. But sometimes I wished she would be care about me. Even if it is somethig normal like every mother does (for example; making breakfast).

In the plane I recognized a girl beside me she were reading a magazine. On the cover was One Direction. I loved that band since...EVER! I put in my earphones and closed my eyes. Some minutes later I sank into the nightmare of my life...

The plane landed against 3p.m. (US time). My Mom took out her phone. "I will call a cab." She said. I nodded and sighed. 'Hello, strange continent.' I thought about One Direction. "Emmy? Are you ready to see your new home?" I nodded again but I wasn't sure if I was ready for all this. Especially because we (my Mom and me) moved a lot of times to other places.

Our new house (villa) was freaking big!! But that doesn't change anything about this horrible and full of sadness situation. Arrghhh!! I hate it every time.

The next chapter will come soon :)

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