Wolf's Eye

Dancing away to the music, with not a care in the world... Until...
When the music turns off, lights black out, we stare at Gary. He shrugs, not knowing what's going on. Cadence turns round and picks up her wireless music player but there is still something wrong. There is a buzzing feeling in my right leg. Is this the resolution to my dilemma?


1. Being Young

 As my childhood went as fast as possible, I thought I might write about it before the thought went to the back of my brain. When I was a pookie (The word for child or baby where I live), I loved the colour blue, as my spot in the adoption centre is the most beautiful sky blue.The fluffiest, bluest basket that I could ever have wanted. I was so busy rolling around in the azure fluff that I didn't notice another young pookie rolling towards me. A tiny fluffy bit of carrot leaf-like hair sprouting from her head. Red hair. I hadn't grown any hair at all then. She grinned at me. I always remember that grin the came upon her face whenever she was about to annoy me. I always get her back though. It's not like she's the dominating one! No way! I can be evil too... I'm not sure why, but I still remember when i was really small. It's confusing, but I'll tell you anyway.

Red and I came as a double package. Wherever I went, Red would go. It's strange that Red doesn't know what happened when we were young. We were adopted. I'm sure of it. It's absolutely true, as I remember every detail. As Red grinned at me with a weird wink, two people walked towards us coyly. I glared at Red. I knew what was coming. Don't play up, Red,I thought. I closed my eyes as Red clung to me. She didn't let go. I knew we were real sisters. I could feel it in her hands. Our hand tickled when we touched by our palms and fingers. She held me hard so the two unspecified humans had to take us both home. As I said, we came as a double package.

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