Living with my brother (A Harry Styles fanfic)

When Liv Styles goes to meet her brother,Harry Styles,she falls for a boy with blonde hair. Who she soon finds out is Harry's best friend. What will happen to them? Will they fall in love or take a tun for the worst?


5. This Thing We Cant Have

Liv's P.O.V

After Niall kissed me my head was spinning and when we got home Zayn knew something was up. Niall ran to his room and soon enough it was just me and Zayn up. "So,It was and I quote "A normal trip to the grocery store",eh?" I jumped up and then looked and saw Zayn. "Yes,Zack it was,except Niall kissed me!" I blurted. I slapped my hand over my mouth like a three year old girl. "Wow! Thats big!" He said and I could detect a note of sadness in his voice. Hm? "So Zayn,can we sleep now?" I asked tugging on his shirt. "Yes Livster." We laid down on the couch and fell asleep. Before I passed out, I heard Zayn say quietly, "I love you more than any lad ever has. Just know that,Livster" Then he fell asleep. I was pondering over his words. This means he and Niall both like me..ZayniePoo is my bestfriend and I kissed Niall,I dont know what to say to Zayn. I sigh about my thought. God,please help me.


Zayns P.O.V

I told Liv whilst she slept the true feelings I had for her. I hope she didnt hear,because Im only supposed to be her best friend. I watched her come into the kitchen and sit at chair by the island. She rubbed the sleep out her eyes and then said "Zaynie,I know you like me like a girlfriend and such but I have no idea what to do. I kissed Niall for lords sake. I mean please help me out Zaynie. I know you prob-" I cut her off by pressing my lips to hers and then I said "Let that change your mind." Then I gave her a wink and left. What would Harry say? Im so scared.


Harrys P.O.V

I saw Zayn kiss Liv and then Niall told me about him kissing her. I could tell by looking in her blue eyes something serious was going on. I sat across from her. "Hey Livvy." "Hey Haz" she said back her voice hollow. I looked into her usually bright blue eyes but they were a dark shade of blue. "So,Hazza,Zayn and Niall both kissed me, But,Zayns my best friend and Niall is your close lad and Zayns his closest lad. I have never been so confused in my life." I looked at her and instantly noticed three signs of depression. Dull eyes,Hollow voice and cut wrist. "Listen,dont let them break you or tear you apart. i couldent bare to lose my sister. I love you,Livvy." "I love you too Hazzaboo."

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