Living with my brother (A Harry Styles fanfic)

When Liv Styles goes to meet her brother,Harry Styles,she falls for a boy with blonde hair. Who she soon finds out is Harry's best friend. What will happen to them? Will they fall in love or take a tun for the worst?


3. The Styles Twins

Livs P.O.V

I looked at Harry. He was talking with the boys and had dragged me along to some photo shoot. He said that I was his sister and a singer as well and should come and support him. I think hes crazy! I mean why do I need to support a man child. I laughed at my thoughts. I had to go grocery shopping and I had to take Niall too. He wasn't picky,he just really likes to shop for food. I suddenly saw the paps taking pictures of us all. "Hey Harry? We should have a pillow war!" I flung pillows at them all. "We are gonna take you down Livvy!" I was kinda shocked he hasn't called me that in forever it feels like. They started swinging at me. I hit Zayn in his hair making him drop his pillow and run, I threw a spoon out of my coffee at Liam making him run of, I threw Hazzas note book and he ran to retrieve it, then I turned Peter Pan on and Louis ran to watch it. It was me and Niall he threw his pillow then tackled me to the ground and started tickling me. "Ni-Ni-Niall. Hahahaha. St-sto-stop! Ple-please!!" He said "Say Nialls the best!" "Nialls the b-be-best!" He jumped up and asked me "You ready to go to the store the lads are leaving." "Bye Lads and Zaynie poo!" They called back "bye!" Im glad Zayns my best friend. I smiled at that thought as I ran out the door with my keys,phone,book and coat.


Nialls P.O.V

I am at the grocery store and we are checking out. The lady referred to us as a "young couple" that made me blush. I looked at Liv after we had paid and put away the grocery's. I looked into her light brown eyes and she looked into my eyes. We just stared at each other it felt like time stood still. I leaned in and kissed her and much to my surprise she kissed back. I smiled into the kiss as did she.

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