Living with my brother (A Harry Styles fanfic)

When Liv Styles goes to meet her brother,Harry Styles,she falls for a boy with blonde hair. Who she soon finds out is Harry's best friend. What will happen to them? Will they fall in love or take a tun for the worst?


2. going home and seeing HIM

Harrys P.O.V.

 I let her in and introduced her to the guys and they all gave her their number. She looked at Niall the longest. Hmm. He wouldn't date her do you thing? I showed her her room and the recording room and let her go wild in her room. My sister has an amazing voice. Reminds me of our mum's voice. I remember when she would sing me to sleep.

Liv's P.O.V

I made my bed and put my clothes away in my big closet and I put up all my posters in my closet and I drew a little on my new art wall. I dont know Harry anymore. I hate this. I ran down the steps to record music. I put the headphones on. Headphones on,world off. *Flashback* "Harry give me my headphones! I need them for my phone!" I said. Harry slinked into my room his rosy cheeks bright pink and dimples showing. "Livvy,mom and dad are going out to get food. Here,I made your headphones special." He said sweetly. "Love you Hazzabear." "Love you too Livvy." He said and left the room. I could hear his pen scratching paper. His music probably. Harry and I have been making music ever since I can remember. Mum and Dad bid us good-bye and left. Too hours later we got a call saying Mum and Dad were in a wreck. Me and Harry got really close. Then,I left. *End Of Flashback* I didnt notice I was crying. I didnt care. I just sang "Fall for you" By:Second hand Seranade.


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