"Niam" leaving me

I really hope you like my niam story and it's gonna be kind of sad but if you like it pleas tell me cuz id like to know what you think :) love you all


4. part -4-

Hey everyone I hope you like my story if you think I should keep writing

pleas tell me

Razan xx


Niall was about to cross the street but luckily zayn found him

"niall" zayn called "c'mon let's go home" zayn said again and

with a smile ,zayn toke niall home and make him some tea and

relax a bit , "you wanna sleep for a bit nialler" "I don't know zayn"

"I don't know ...I don't want to know anything " niall said

"Umm how about ...no nothing " zayn said "what is it,

c'mon say it" niall said "I was thinking maybe harry and

louis should come first so you can have some fun and last

time we didn't see them :/" zayn said "ya sure let them

come" niall said , zayn calling harry "hey harry " "hi zayn how are you"

"im good and you " " I'm fine so whats up" harry asked "umm me and niall were

thinking about you and louis you guys should come " "um ya sure I'll see louis

and be there" " okay bye" zayn said "bye"

*with larry*

"Boo boo" harry called louis "yes harry" louis answered "zayn called and want

us to go there? wanna go?" harry asked " ya sure but-- you have to call liam and

cancel him you told him to come remember" louis said "shit --- ill call him now"

harry said -harry calling liam- " hey liam how are you" "woow calm down man

im good and you" liam said "im fine" harry said "so whats up"liam asked "umm

zayn just called and umm " liam cut him talking and say "ooh ok i get it i guess

ill see you there" "umm okay bye " harry said "bye" liams feeling was -

ljdjdfcudbcj- he didnt know why zayn is mad at him

*back to larry *

"um lou" harry said " what" louis answered ''when i was calling liam he told me

that he is coming to zayn place but when zayn called me he didnt tell me

anything about liam you know like if he is coming what should i do'' harry said

'' well we can go to zayns and act like nothing happen'' louis said " but what if

liam came " harry asked '' well act like we dont know if liam is coming and dont

ask about him okay'' louis said ''fine '' harry said and get up " where are you

going " louis asked " to get dressed so we can go'' ''oh right '' louis get up as well

when harry was done he waited for louis after 2 minutes "LOUIS C'MON'' harry

shouted '' calm down im done " louis said as he walking down "lets go'' harry

said and rushed to the car louis realized that harry forget his jacket , he got his

and harrys jacket and get in the car '' you forgot your jacket'' louis said " no i

didnt i just didnt feel like getting it im not that cold " harry said '' well i don't

what you to be sick '' louis said with a smile


im so sorry i have to end it this way , and i hope you like it and if you think its

good pleas vote and share it i love you all xx

razan xx

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