"Niam" leaving me

I really hope you like my niam story and it's gonna be kind of sad but if you like it pleas tell me cuz id like to know what you think :) love you all


3. part -3-

heyy everyone this is part 3 and i hope you like it and i hope you enjoy my story

love you all razan . xx


zayn walked in Starbucks and saw niall and walked to him and say "

hey nialler how are you " and for the first time

niall start talking and say " hi zayn" zayn couldn't he is talking again "

hi zayn man i miss your voice so much are you okay " zayn

hugged niall " im okay zayn" " who made you talk again" zayn said

said happily , "im gonna tell him zayn" niall said "im gonna tell him

how i feel" niall said again and zayn just looked at niall wil a big smile

on his face :D " what" niall asked " just keep talking don't shut

up pleas" zayn answered " can you call him " niall asked " ya sure"

zayn said * call liam* " hi liam"zayn said " hey" liam answered "are

you okay" zayn asked " ya im fine just broke up with sophia" liam

answered " YES .. i mean oh I'm sorry man can you just come to

Starbucks niall want you" zayn asked liam " is he okay" liam asked

"ya he is fine" he answered "um okay im on my way' liam said "okay

bye" zayn said " bye" liam answered and hang up liam got up and get is keys and jacket and

went to Starbucks , walked in and saw niall and zayn "hey guys" liam said and hugged niall and

zayn , niall can tell that liam was crying , liams eyes are red " hey liam are you okay" niall asked

"NIALL YOUR FINILY TALKING I MISS YOUR VOICE"liam said with a smile , niall looked down "

you didnt tell him" liam asked zayn "tell me what" niall asked " no i didn't" zayn said " tell meee

what"niall asked again "umm.." liam said and give zayn a look so he can tell him " um.. liam

a..and Sophia broke up" zayn said to niall , niall was happy that liam can be for him but at the

same time niall saw how much liam is hurt and he was crying, niall decided not to tell liam his

feeling " niall" zayn called but niall didnt answer " niall" zayn said again " y..yes" niall answered

"tell him" zayn tell niall , niall look at zayn shocked that zayn said that ,"um..umm' niall said and

look down ,start to play with his hand " excuse me" niall said and went to the restroom , liam got

up so he can go with him but zayn stopped him "ill go" zayn said ,"niall whats wrong you have to

tell him"zayn said to niall "cant you see how much he is hurt cuz they broke up a--and why you \

didn't tell me"niall said "im really sorry niall"zayn said and look down "cmon we have to go back

when they went back liam quickly wipe his tears , and niall felt like he wanna scream and say

-why you cant love me- "um.. im gonna go home"liam said niall look down and feel worse all he

can think of is that liam still love her and for sure if he wanna tell liam his feelings he will tell him

that he need time, "um..no you stay ill leave" niall said "where are you going"zayn asked "im

going home zayn"niall answered *sigh* can you both stay pleas" zayn said "no zayn look i have

stuff to do liam answered "oh really like what"zayn asked but liam didnt answer "oh you can go

watch all your pics with her and cry more "zayn said again "zayn dont push it"niall said "why niall

why i cant handle it to see you hurt this much tell him now"zayn said "its not the right timing

zayn"niall said "he still love her" niall whisper and look down " im sorry" niall said and ran away

"liam go after him show him that you love him"zayn said ' oh wait..no you can go cry just never

come near him ever again" zayn said and run to search for niall


i hope you like this part i will try to post part 4 as soon as i can love you all razan xx

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