"Niam" leaving me

I really hope you like my niam story and it's gonna be kind of sad but if you like it pleas tell me cuz id like to know what you think :) love you all


2. part -2-

This is chapter -2- will come soonthis past I think it's sad but I hope you guys like it :)

Razan xx


And BOOM Niall is not in the room "NIALL NIALL" zayn shouted but.

No answer of Niall zayn looked for Niall everywhere in this day zayn

give up and told liam , both looked for Niall everywhere , then Liam

and zayn told the police, Niall's lost is on the news an everywhere. On

Wednesday night Liam is watching t.v with sophia (news came up) "the

police found the lost boy Niall Horan" Liam got so happy he called

zayn and meet at the police station, as Liam interring the station his

shoulder Harry's shoulder he turned to say sorry he got shocked Harry

say "sorry liam" Liam looked at him strangely and say " who are you?

Do I know you ?" "Liam im Harry..Harry styles" " oh my god harry"

Liam said happily " how are you man really long time no see what are

you doing here" Liam said "I'm here to get Louis" Harry said "who is

louis" liam asked ? "Louis is my friend they toke him to jail 2 days ago

cuz they thought he is someone else" Harry said "ooh" Liam said back

"and what are you doing here"Harry asked Liam "I'm here to get Niall"

Liam said "hey guys" zayn said "oh my god harry" zayn said again

"hey zayn I missed you guys so much" "we missed you so much more

harry " zayn and Liam said in the same time ,as Harry got in to get

Louis "hey babe I missed you so much" Louis said to harry "I missed

you more Lou "Harry said "I want you to meet Liam and zayn" Harry

said again "who are they" Louis asked "friend of mine" Harry answered

"um okay" Louis said , larry got out and wait for Liam and zayn


Sorry I know it's short sorry. Love razan xx

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