leaving me " niam"

pleas read it and i hope you all like it


1. leaving me part 1

This is a Xboyxboy story and a niam and the are not famous in this story ,I hope you like it and sorry if there any mistakes CHPTER ONE -1-



Niall is a 18 yeas old boy that live in UK London his family kicked him out when he came out cuz

he is gay , he use to get bullied in

school a lot he stopped going to school when he was 16 (when his family kicked him out) he meet a

guy call zayn and now zayn is Niall

bestfriend , zayn decided to let Niall meet Liam zayns friend ,after time pass Liam and Niall to

hang out an be come closer , Niall start

to have feelings for Liam ,weeks ,months pass and Niall didn't tell him but Niall told zayn that he

like Liam time pass and Niall start to

fall in love with Liam even more and he's trying to show it but Liam keep pushing him away

slowly , then the day that Niall wanted to

tell to know about he is gay ,Liam walked in the room with a girl Niall start to play with his hand

and look down and whisper to zayn

"do you know her" as zayn looked down ,Niall asked again "who is she" "you'll know now " said

zayn " guys I want you to meet Sophia"

said Liam , as Niall get up to say hi " nice friend you got their Liam" said zayn " umm no she's not

my friend" Liam said " then who is

she li" Niall asked with a smile on his face "she's my girlfriend" said Liam ,Niall's smile fade away

and look down and didn't say a word

(Niall have a breathing problem that he never told anyone even zayn *story fact*) Niall wanted to

run away but he can't cuz zayn and

Liam will run after him he is trying to stay calm but when Liam and sophia left Niall ran to his

room and start crying zayn tried to open

the door but it's locked he stayed at the door all night , and in the next morning zayn made Niall

food and get the spare key and open

the door zayn didn't get the keys yesterday cuz he know Niall want some time alone he open the

door and BOOM


This is the end of chapter one I hope you like its pleas vote and comment and everything., and

sorry it's shot ,and I know I'm not a good writer

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