God Won't Save You From This

Post- Apocalyptic BVB. Jinxx has been acting differently, and at first the guys think that he has been bitten by a werewolf, the cause of the apocalypse. But they soon discover that this is not the case.


4. Sweet Plasma

Jake’s POV
I stroked Jinxx’s charred bite marks until I felt a warm liquid pouring onto my chin. I carefully touched it with my finger, and looked down to see blood. I followed the running blood until I reached my mouth, feeling two holes in my bottom lip. Jinxx looked sad, and I knew he did it by accident.
“I’m sorry, Jake. I’m a freak!” He cried, jumping up and trying to run away.
“No, Jinxx, it’s okay! You didn’t mean it!” I called after him, trying not to accidentally let blood pour in my mouth, but I was tired. Jinxx still hadn’t stopped, when he collapsed to the ground. His hair slowly turned white and his skin was turning ash grey. I got up and used almost all of my energy to run over to Jinxx.
“Give him your blood, angel.” Nicholas said. I looked up at him. His long black jacket and black boots added to his already sexy look.
“What?” I asked, dropping to the ground and pulling Jinxx into my lap. I ran my fingers through his tangled white hair. It hurt me to see him like this.
“Let him bite you…” Nicholas didn’t even finish before Jinxx cut him off.
“No. I can’t bite Jake.” Jinxx shouted, hissing. I rolled my eyes and rubbed his jaw. He opened his mouth up, his fangs glowing with a greenish tint.
His cold fangs sunk deep into my lip, sucking blood from me. I ran my tongue along them, and then fought with Jinxx’s tongue for dominance. Of course he was the dominant one, and he sunk his teeth deeper. I pulled away from him, wincing as he pulled his fangs out. Then, he started kissing my neck, making me moan slightly. I screamed when he bit my neck, sucking more blood from me until I felt sick and loopy.
“No!” Jinxx cried as my body went limp. The only thing keeping my head from falling into the mud was Jinxx’s shaky hand.
“Quick, Jeremy, you need to inject him!” I think Nicholas shouted.
“But then he’ll live miserably!” Jinxx cried, stroking my head. I could feel his tears fall onto my face.
“Do you want Marshall to win the war? Come on, you owe me for saving you from dying!” Nicholas said. Jinxx pulled my hair away from my neck, making me wince as his salty tears fell into my bite marks. But that was nothing compared to the excruciating pain of his venom flowing into my jugular vein.

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