God Won't Save You From This

Post- Apocalyptic BVB. Jinxx has been acting differently, and at first the guys think that he has been bitten by a werewolf, the cause of the apocalypse. But they soon discover that this is not the case.


7. Reminds Me Of A Marilyn Manson Song

Jake’s POV
I sucked the doe dry. Its blood wasn’t great, but it was better than starving. I held my hand to it, and suddenly my head hurt. I whimpered and hallucinated. Wait, it wasn’t a hallucination; it was showing me what was wrong with the deer. Apparently it was pregnant. Well, now I feel bad.
I got up and walked over to Jinxx. He was finishing off a buck, licking the blood off from his lips. I smiled and took his hand as he stood up. He laughed and kissed me.
“Well, we need to head back, beautiful. And I mean back to Nicholas and Ashley.” He said, and I laced my fingers with his. My head hurt again, and I saw inside Jinxx. He had a creature of some kind nestled in… What the fuck? This isn’t normal. Jinxx is a guy. He doesn’t have female reproductive parts. But that is what I’m seeing.
The, thing, moved, revealing little stubs on its back. Jinxx coughed and kept walking with me. He grabbed my face and kissed me, oblivious to what was happening inside of him. I have to talk to Nicholas.
Nicholas’s POV
I laid on top of Ashley, kissing him down the chest. I felt a burning desire to bite him, to suck him dry. I knew this from seeing other Daywalkers go through this, but I never thought I’d feel it myself. I felt a shooting pain in my mouth and pulled back, almost screaming.
“Nick, what’s wrong?” Ashley asked, throwing an arm around me and resting his head on my shoulder.
“It’s- It’s nothing. Let’s just wait for Jinxx and Jake to return and take you guys back to your camp.” I said, making Ashley only worry more. He sighed and kissed my cheek.
“Does your mouth bother you a lot?” Ashley asked, and I shook my head. It must be venom coming in. We don’t have venom at the ready, but it fills our hollow fangs when needed. It does this so we don’t accidentally make a bunch of carnivorous animals or religious Daywalkers.
Jinxx scared me as he tapped on my shoulder. I turned around, startled. He looked sick, indicating that his transformation wasn’t quite complete.
“Jake wants to talk to you, I guess. I don’t know what about, but apparently it’s urgent.” Jinxx said, and Jake walked up to me. Jinxx and Ashley went over to a tree and started to climb it, poking fun at each other.
“What is that thing inside of Jinxx?” Jake asked. I gave him a funny look. Is he referring to his organs?
“Is it not supposed to be there?” I asked, and Jake laughed sarcastically.
“No, it isn’t. Males don’t have a uterus and they definitely don’t carry weird creatures in it.” Jake said, and I froze. Jinxx is an alpha. Alphas are special, mostly because they shouldn’t exist. See, certain Russian viruses cause weird mutations in Daywalkers. Some can even kill us. But one of the viruses contains werewolf blood, which has a very strange effect on Daywalkers. It doesn’t have a specific effect; it’s very random.
“A strange creature?” I said, stammering and frequently glancing at Jinxx. Jake nodded and I pulled Jinxx out of the tree. Jake followed me and I made him set a hand on Jinxx’s stomach. I grabbed Jake’s other hand.
“Now look inside him. Jinxx, grab my hand and you’ll see to.” I said, and Jake looked. Just like he said, there was a creature curled inside of Jinxx. I couldn’t tell what it was. I could hear Jinxx gasp.
“How is this even possible? I’m a dude…” Jinxx said, and I shook my head.
“By viruses. You must have been using them since I bit you.” I said, and I let go of Jinxx and Jake’s hands.
“I don’t understand how that whole thing works. This doesn’t even make any sense.” Jinxx said, confused.
“Jake, you have an amazing power. Jinxx, what is your power?” I asked, and Jinxx shrugged.
“I’ve spent so much time denying that I’m a Daywalker that I never discovered it.” He said, and I laughed. I’m very surprised that he hasn’t discovered it by accident, like I did with mine and I would assume Jake did with his.
“You are an alpha. Whatever it is, it’s better than both of our powers.” I said, and walked past him, purposely punching him in the arm. Jinxx grabbed me and flung me to the ground. I got up and sighed.
“Well, it isn’t activated by anger, so that’s a good thing. You guys should be going back.” I said, and they left. I made my way back to Ashley, sitting next to him and running my fingers through his dark black hair.
“They left, and I think you should head back too. I don’t want them to worry over you.” I said, stroking his cheek.
“Okay, but you’re walking me back. Drop in on us at any time; we could use another person to talk to. And I’m going to miss you if you don’t visit us.” Ashley said, getting up. I laced my fingers with his and walked him back.
With all these wolves running around and scheming things, there might not be a place for them to head back to.

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