God Won't Save You From This

Post- Apocalyptic BVB. Jinxx has been acting differently, and at first the guys think that he has been bitten by a werewolf, the cause of the apocalypse. But they soon discover that this is not the case.


8. Just A Scratch...

“Baby, they’ve been gone a while. Are you sure we should just wait here?” I asked Andy, curling into him. He nodded and sighed.
“Jinxx is a Daywalker. He won’t let anything happen to them. I trust Nicholas, even if he is a flirty asshole.” Andy said, trying to reassure me. I’m still shaking from when Lili scratched me. I don’t know how the wolves work anymore, but we know that she is one. She shouldn’t be able to transform, but she can.
“Hey guys!” I heard Ashley say, and I jumped up. Nicholas had his hand laced with Ashley’s and I paused. I growled and protected Andy. I didn’t trust Nicholas. Ashley sighed and kissed Nicholas’s cheek.
“CC, it’s okay. He’s my boyfriend.” Ashley said, and I loosened up a bit. If I kept acting tough, it would piss Ashley off. And the last thing we needed was for Ashley to get mad and run off.
Jinxx and Jake walked in, and I immediately put up my guard again. Jake opened his eyes. I gasped at the yellow colour. They were so bright!
“What did you do to him?” I screamed, trying to read minds but nothing came. The mutation must have worn off. Nicholas spoke before Jinxx got the chance.
“He had to inject him. Jake was dying, and he would be dead if it weren’t for Jinxx.” Nicholas said, but I didn’t believe him. He made Jinxx, Jake, and Ashley evil!
“Babe, calm down. They’re still…” I cut Andy off by punching through the wall. The wall that was made of cement. Nicholas cocked his head and walked over to me.
“Have you been scratched by a wolf recently?” He asked, and I nodded. He pushed the hair off my neck and felt around. He bit me and I screamed. Ashley begged him to stop, but he injected me with venom.
“WHAT THE HELL, NICK?” Andy yelled as I fell into Nicholas’s arms. I felt him lay me down, but I couldn’t see anything.
“He was scratched by a wolf. The only two wolves nearby when we left were Lili and Marshall. Marshall can now infect you by just touching you, and Lili can infect you just by breaking skin on your body. If either of them scratched him, he’d be a wolf. At this point, he was getting defensive. He couldn’t stand us being in here. All signs of being a wolf. I only wanted to help him before it was too late.” Nicholas said, and I think it was Andy kissing my face. Somebody was touching me on the chest.
“He’s right. I can see where his claws were coming in.” Jake or Andy said. I can’t even tell anymore. I feel sick, but I also feel amazing. How is that even possible?
Lili’s POV
I climbed off from Marshall, tightening my collar.
“I have very good news for you, master.” I said, smiling. He smiled back at me and stroked my cheek.
“And what would that good news be?” He asked. I smiled proudly and let my canines show.
“I scratched CC. He shall be a wolf soon.” I said, and Marshall’s face lit up. He then frowned.
“What about Jeremy? We can’t let an alpha Daywalker live; he’ll grow stronger every day.” Marshall asked, and I frowned.
“Nein. They were gone. I couldn’t find him, nor Nicholas and Jake. Even Ashley left.” I said, already regretting bringing the subject up. He growled and ripped the wallpaper off the wall.
“GET OUT! DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU KILL THAT ALPHA!” Marshall screamed, and I ran. He’ll have to find another girl to call his bitch for now. I already miss being that girl.

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