God Won't Save You From This

Post- Apocalyptic BVB. Jinxx has been acting differently, and at first the guys think that he has been bitten by a werewolf, the cause of the apocalypse. But they soon discover that this is not the case.


9. Burning Down

Jinxx’s POV
We were walking from the city hall to our camp, when Ashley paused.
“I smell smoke.” Ashley said, and Nicholas nodded.
“I smell it too. That building over there is your camp, is it not?” Nicholas asked, and we all looked where he was pointing. He was pointing directly at the hotel we called home.
“Shit, that’s our camp! C’mon, we have to put it out!” I screamed, running into the building. The smoke was thick, but I continued, trying to make it to our room. Running up the stairs, it got harder and harder for me to breathe.
I finally made it to our floor, and I dropped to the floor to protect myself from the fumes. A part of the ceiling fell in front of me, just barely hitting my nose. I screamed but I found our room and flung the door open.
“Ergreift ihn!” I heard someone yell. I didn’t even get to respond before something hit my head and I fell over, unconscious.
Ashley’s POV
I kept spraying the fire hose at the building. The flames were almost out now. This didn’t feel right, especially because Jinxx ran in there like a dumbass and left Jake out here to freak out.
“Nicky can you go see if Jinxx is okay now?” I shouted, trying to focus on turning this damn hose off.
“Yeah. I’ll bring you all with me though, you might be able to salvage some of your things.” Nicholas said. So we all walked into the building, covering our mouths with our shirts. I liked that part; Nicholas had his shirt removed and his pale abs were showing. What kind of man would I be to not enjoy that?
After climbing a million stairs, we finally reached our floor. For some reason, the air was freezing cold. I held Nicholas for warmth as we walked into our room. There was a huge carving on the wall. It read:
We have Jeremy. If you want him back, you’ll have to turn to the wolf army.
“No! We have to rescue Jinxx!” Jake cried, smashing the window with his fists. I jumped back, surprised by his anger.
‘Of course we’ll rescue him. He’s very strong, but we can’t risk them killing him, especially since he’s carrying something inside him.” Nicholas said, kissing my forehead. Andy crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. CC jumped on his back.
“Hmph! While you all fool around, I’m going to go find Jinxx!” Jake whined.
“There’s no point in it right now. We are currently safe, and I know most of you are exhausted. Let’s stay here for the night, and leave in the morning. They won’t do anything to Jinxx until they reach their camp about thirty miles out from here.” Nicholas said, desperately trying to calm Jake.
“Okay. I hate sitting here while he’s being kidnapped, but you’re right.” Jake said. He crawled into his bed and shook the ash from his pillow. I showed Nicholas my bed and cleaned it off as well. Andy just sighed, holding a very sick CC. I waited for Nicholas to fall asleep before getting up to comfort Andy.
“How’s CC?” I asked, crouching next to him. He kissed CC’s cheek and sighed.
“Not well. He isn’t waking up and… well, look.” Andy said while pulling CC’s shirt up. I gasped. I could easily count all of CC’s ribs. Before you could only see the bottom two, which had already bugged Andy. I can’t even imagine how much this is killing Andy now.
“This looks horrible! Why is he getting so skinny?” I asked, knowing Andy didn’t have the answer. Looking over at Andy, I realized he was crying.
“I don’t think it has anything to do with Nicholas or Lili. I haven’t been paying attention to how much he’s been eating. I should have known he was doing this again. There’s no way I’ve been finding enough food for all of us to eat.” Andy cried. I rubbed his back, trying to comfort him. CC was always a little too skinny, but I never knew he was doing it to himself.
“Well, I’ll help you get him into bed, but I think you should get some sleep too, Andy.” I said. He nodded and we went to pick CC up. To my surprise, I was able to pick up CC easily by myself. It was like lifting a pillow. Andy started crying even harder at my discovery. I sighed and set CC down on their bed.
“Try and get some sleep, Andy.” I said, and I climbed back into bed with Nicholas.

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