God Won't Save You From This

Post- Apocalyptic BVB. Jinxx has been acting differently, and at first the guys think that he has been bitten by a werewolf, the cause of the apocalypse. But they soon discover that this is not the case.


1. A Virus To Make You Stronger

Jake's POV
I whimpered in pain as Andy stuck the needle in my arm. It was filled with a Russian mutation virus. These viruses gave you certain powers, such as the ability to create fire from your hands or even blow things up with your mind. You can find them anywhere in this barren place once known as California.
"Quit being a baby and test out the mutation!" Andy said, shaking my arm around. I didn't notice that he already injected the bright-purple fluid into my arm. I continued to shake my arm around, when I felt my body turn ice-cold. The mutation had to do with ice, snow, or water.
Looking around the room, I noticed Jinxx had his head buried in his knees, pulling his hair back frantically. Just as I was about to go see what was wrong, he suddenly sprung up and ran out the door.
“Jinxx, wait!” Andy called, but he was distracted by my scream of pain.
"AHHH!" I screamed, holding my hand up. Andy giggled and pointed to the floor. I looked down to see a little ball of fuzz crawl around. I slowly bent over and picked it up, and it made little whimpers. I tickled it with my finger and it uncurled itself, only to reveal blood-red eyes and a black nose. It was a baby polar bear that my hand had just spawned. My heart instantly melted at how utterly adorable it was.
"It's a polar bear." Andy said, laughing. I rolled my eyes and continued to stroke the little bear. Just then, it growled. Startled, I set it down on the floor. It started to grow rapidly. I panicked and pulled Andy away from it, watching the cub grow before our eyes. Within seconds it became full size. I stared, amazed by how a virus could give me this incredible power.
"That's so cool!" I heard Ashley yell, walking up to the bear and petting it. The bear turned at me, and blinked slowly.
"Jacob, should I kill this human?" I heard a voice say. It took me a moment to realize the sound was only in my head. I stood, dumbstruck by how the polar bear was communicating with me telepathically.
"No, don't kill anyone but the werewolves." I whispered. The polar bear seemed to roll his eyes.
"Or daywalkers? Or combinations of any three humanoid groups?" He asked, scoffing.
"No, don't kill them either..." I replied, and focused on reality again.
"Sweet, you can talk to it. Ashley, come here, there's a mutation for you too." Andy said, and Ashley ran over like a puppy to its mother.
Andy grabbed a mutation that was orange in colour. He smirked at Ashley, and stuck the needle in his arm and pushed the fluid in. Minutes later, Ashley's eyes were glowing red and his hair turned to fire. He smiled and did a happy dance.
"Fire? Fucking awesome!" He yelled, and his body went up in flames. Turning around wildly, he started chasing me around. I missed Andy slamming a virus into his system.
"Hey, look at this!" Andy said, laughing as he morphed into a lion. I had to admit, that was a pretty cool mutation. He roared and lay down on the floor, morphing into a person again. Andy quickly stood up, flattening his hair down with one hand and picking up a neon green virus with the other.
"CC, come here babe!" Andy called. CC came running to Andy, ripping the mutation from his hands and injecting the fluid in his arm by himself. He whimpered as it flowed through his veins forcefully. Andy kissed him on the cheek, giving him a sympathetic look. Those two have been together for what feels like forever. Andy almost lost CC in the apocalypse and definitely won’t let anything like that happen again.
"What? You like Jinxx?" CC exclaimed, clapping. Andy and I looked at him like he was crazy. "Oh, I love you too, Andy." CC cooed.
"CC, what are you talking about?" I asked, feeling my throat tense up and my hands get sweaty. No one else knew I was slightly crushing on Jinxx.
"I think I can read your minds!" CC exclaimed, Andy waved his eyebrows at me and grinned. My heart sank, mostly because I knew Andy wasn’t going to let me get away with this without teasing me.
"So, Jinxx, huh?" He asked, grinning crazily. My cheeks turned a dark red and I rolled my eyes.
“Shut up Biersack.” I growled, embarrassed. Andy laughed loudly, wiping tears from his eyes. Before the apocalypse, something like this wouldn’t make him laugh so hard. But it’s so rare to hear anything funny these days, so anything slightly funny was a hoot.
“Ok Pitts. We should probably go meet up with Lili anyways. She could use our help.” Andy said, switching back to a calm tone. We all nodded in agreement.
"Alright. Let's head to the town hall then, that's where she said she was going." Ashley said, and he took off through the door. Andy morphed into a cheetah and followed him, while I hopped on my polar bear's back letting CC tag along with me. We were off to the town hall, just to fight werewolves with our new mutations.
Jinxx's POV
My mouth started to ache, and I could feel my heart begin to stop. This can't be happening again! I got up and ran away from Jake, Andy, CC, and Ashley. I felt bad for them, always having to worry about me not coming back. But if they knew why I left, they wouldn't let me come back.
I just kept running until I came across an abandoned bar. I ran in, and threw myself into the bathroom to see the mirrors. I looked into them, past my knotted, thick, oily hair and right at my blood-shot eyes. A piercing ring went through my head, causing me to scream. I looked down at my callused hands, and back up at the mirror. I saw a shadowy figure standing behind me.
"Jeremy! How wonderful it is to see you here." He whispered into my ear, making me shiver. I kept completely still, but he started to snake his cool arms around me. I didn’t need to look up to see who this was.
"Nicholas, leave me alone. It won't happen, and I won't let it." I growled, pulling his arms off from me and stepping away. He smirked and put his mouth to my neck, slightly digging his fangs in. I whimpered, afraid of what he could do.
"Just embrace it, Jeremy. You know you want to..." Nicholas whispered seductively, and he disappeared. I’m not going to embrace this, not in a billion years. I'm going to fight my way out of it, kicking and screaming until I broke free. A bite doesn't seal your fate, right?

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