The Dark Side

When Ava Mason meets Justin Bieber, she knew nothing but his name.
Intrigued by danger, and drawn to action, Ava keeps popping up in Justin's life, she can't get him off of her mind. Can she crack his stone heart?


9. "I want you to call me, yours"

*Ava's POV*

I immediately removed my self from Justin, getting a sigh from him.

"What?" Justin spat, everyone's eyes on me, making my cheeks red. 

"Well, we were all gonna go out for lunch, but it looks like your busy" Ryan said, smirking.

"Mmhm, bye" Justin said, shooing them out.

"Get it Bieber!" Chaz yelled, laughing as Justin pushed them outside.

"Sorry about that" he said, closing the door behind them.

"Where were we?" He added, smirking.

"You were about to make me a sandwich" 

"Mm, not quite it"

"Doesn't hurt to try" I replied shrugging.

"Only because you're cute" he said, tapping my nose.

While he went to the kitchen to make my food, I turned on the t.v to find something to watch.

Turning on 'Legally Blonde' I pulled my phone off the charger and checked my phone for any texts from my brother Brandon, none.

That's weird, he would usually be texting me off the wall, wanting to know where I was, and if I was okay.

Maybe he lost his phone?

"Do we have to watch this?" Justin whined, noticing the movie.

"Yes" I reached out for the plate but he pulled it away.

"Ah ah ah! Not until you agree to change the channel" he smirked.

"Pwease" I said, pouting my bottom lip.

"I can't resist that face, fine" 

I clapped my hands, taking the plate.


*Justin's POV*


We all sat around the fire at the beach.

Chaz had his arm around Jessie, her head leaned against his shoulder, and his head against hers.

I was trying to think of ways to put my arm around Ava without it being awkward.

I moved my arm a little closer to hers, instantly pulling it back.

"Just put your damn arm around me already" Ava whispered in my ear. 

Feeling relieved, I put my arm around her, pulling her closer.

"What's up with you two? Bieber never cuddles with a girl like that" Micheal asked, causing everyone's focus to land on us.

Shrugging, I looked over at Ava.

"What is up with us?" I asked, smiling at the thought of us being together.

"I don't know" She answered, her eyes never leaving mine.

"Well, ever since she got here, you haven't stopped talking about her" Chase said.

Then, all the boys started saying everything I told them about Ava, mocking my voice,

"She's so hot" Ryan said.

"She's got a nice ass" Chaz added.

"I'd fuck her" Micheal said.

"That's enough" I snapped, noticing Ava pull my arm off her, and walk to the ocean.

"See what you did?" I spat at them, getting up and walking over to Ava.



"Do you have any respect for girls? 'She's got a nice ass'? Really?"


"I was complementing you!" 


"That's something I'd let my boyfriend say, not you"




"Please, just leave me alone. I'm going inside, and I suggest you don't follow me" She said, pushing past me, walking into our beach house. 


Ava still hadn't come out after 30 minutes, so I decided to talk to her.

When I reached her door, I didn't knock before entering.

"Listen, I'm sorry if what I said offended you.."

"It's fine, I over reacted.."

"No, no. What do you want me to call you? Beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, perfect? You name it"

Sighing, she whispered, "I want you to call me, yours" 


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