The Dark Side

When Ava Mason meets Justin Bieber, she knew nothing but his name.
Intrigued by danger, and drawn to action, Ava keeps popping up in Justin's life, she can't get him off of her mind. Can she crack his stone heart?


4. "Do you know how hard it is for me not to kiss you?"

There was a faint knock on my door.

"Come in" I said, as I put away the clothes in the new room I'd just gotten.

"Hi.." a female voice spoke, unfamiliar, so it wasn't Carla.

"Hi" I said turning around, to see a beautiful blonde.

"I'm Jessie, call me Jess" she giggled, extending a hand for me to shake.

"Hi. I'm Ava" I said, shooting her a genuine smile.

"I'm guessing your the new girl?" she questioned.

"I guess so, don't really have much at home, just my brother, but he's usually out" I decided to be open with her, she seemed cool.

"Awesome! Well, besides the whole depressing part. We're gonna be great friends! I hate Carla" she squealed.

"Why? I mean I hate her too..." I said, trailing off.

"Well, we used to be best friends, but she got to busy sticking her throat down Justin's... she forgot about me.." she said sighing. 

"That sucks, I'm sorry" I said, engulfing her in a hug.

"That's okay, now I have you" she said, holding me at arms length.

"What are you wearing out tonight?" She asked, looking at my clothes.

"I was thinking of this" I said, holding up a loose floral dress.

"Oh, no no. I know you're the innocent type, we're changing that tonight, am I'm going to help you" she said, dragging me to her room.

She sat me down in a desk chair.

She walked over to her closet, skimming her hand over the various clothes, before picking out a tight black dress.

"Is that what you're wearing?" I asked, eyeing the dress.

"No silly, its what you're wearing! Go try it on" she said, ushering me to the bathroom.

She closed the door behind me, and I hesitantly tried it on.

"I'm waitingggg!" she sing-sang.

Looking in the mirror, I walked out.

"It looks really good on you, spin around" she ordered.

I spun around like she asked.

"It looks perfect, you're wearing it" she said smiling.

"Take a seat" she said, pointing to a seat in front of a vanity mirror.

"Spin to face me" she said, pulling out makeup and a straightener.

"You don't have to do this, you know?" I said as she took my hair out.

"I want to" she said shrugging.


"HURRY THE FUCK UP GIRLS" Justin yelled.

"We're almost done! Don't get your boxers in a wad" Jess yelled back.

Putting her other earring in, we both looked in her mirror.

"We look hot" she said, laughing.

"I look like a new person" I said, eyeing my self.

"But, I like it. No, I love it" I said smiling once more.

"Let's go meet everyone downstairs.

I heard a group of men's voices down stairs.

They all stopped talking and whipped there heads to look at us.

Our heels clicked on the marble staircase, a silence fell upon us as we finished walking down the stairs.

"Fucking hell, who's she?" One boy asked.

I decided that if I had a new look, why not a new attitude?

"I'm Ava" I said extending my hand.

He kissed it, replying, "Chase Evans"

"Nice to meet you Chase" I said smiling.


Once I finished meeting the 2 other boys;

Micheal and Chase, we all headed to the car.

Micheal was driving, in the passenger seat was Jess.

I was in between Justin and Chase,

And in the back was, Carla, Christian, and Ryan.

Everyone was having their private conversations, and I could feel Justin's gaze on me.

"What?" I said, facing him. "Is there something on my face?"

"No, you look really pretty tonight" he said shrugging, causing me to blush.

"I second that thought" Chase added.

I hid my face blushing, causing Chase and Justin to laugh.


We made our way through the sweaty bodies, we all sat in the vip lounge.

I wasn't used to so many guys staring at me, I finally felt pretty.

I was currently talking to Chase, we had a lot in common, and he was a funny guy.

Chugging down my third shot, I got a nod of approval from Chase.

"I've never seen a girl drink like that, I'm impressed" 

I pretended to wipe dust off my shoulders.

My favorite song, 'R u mine?' by the Arctic Monkeys began to play.

"I love this song! Let's go dance!" I said, dragging Chase to the dance floor.

"You like the Arctic Monkeys too? You're getting cooler and cooler Ava" he said smiling.

"Who's your favorite?" he asked.

"Alex Turner, he's hot" I said, giggling.

He scoffed, faking it. "If anyone's hot, its me"

"No, if anyone's hot here, it's me" I said laughing slightly.

"You're not hot... you're sexy" he whispered in my ear.

"I could say the same thing to you" I replied, winking.

"Do you know how hard it is for me not to kiss you?" 

"What's stopping you? It's sure as hell not me" 

and with one swift moment, he kissed me.

Deepening the kiss, I put my hands behind his neck.

Our bodies were so close, I could feel his chest moving.

He licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance, decided to toy with him, I denied access.

Not giving up, his hands traveled to my butt, giving it a slight squeeze, causing me to gasp.

 He quickly slipped his tongue in, fighting for dominance.

He finally pulled away, licking his lips, savoring the taste.

"Damn, that was hot" he chuckled.


We finally arrived home, Justin giving me a stare.

Why? I have no clue.

We all were seated on the couches. 

"Ava? Can I talk to you? Outside" 

I nodded and followed him outside.

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