The Dark Side

When Ava Mason meets Justin Bieber, she knew nothing but his name.
Intrigued by danger, and drawn to action, Ava keeps popping up in Justin's life, she can't get him off of her mind. Can she crack his stone heart?


16. Do you hear that?

**Ava's POV**

"Why the sudden change in attitude?" Justin asked.

"Eh, just figured if I am going to be around you guys, I need to get rid of the whole 'innocent' thing." I said shrugging.

"I like it." He said.


**Justins POV**

We arrived at the club.

Ava was dressed in a red dress, and she's driving me insane.

She went off to go dance with the girls, and us boys were drinking happily.

"Jess has officially driven me over the edge." Micheal said.

"Would you take a look at Ava?" I said, eyeing her body several times.

"You're one lucky man, Bieber. She's hot as hell." Chase said.

"Watch what you say, kid." I spat back.

He put his hands up in mock surrender.

"You're all talk, you're not going to do anything." Micheal said.

"Ah, that's where you're wrong." I said, putting my beer down on the bar.

I waved goodbye, and made my way over to Ava.

"C'mon, were going home." I whispered in her ear.


**Ava's POV**

"C'mon, were going home." Justin whispered.

He quickly threw me over his shoulders.

"Justin!" I shrieked.

He quickly walked out of this club, and gently put me in his car.

Speeding down the road, we finally made it home.

Giving me no time to close the door, he pushed me up against it.

He kissed me passionately.

I heard a ticking noise.

"Justin." I said, prying him off of me, only for him to come right back.

The ticking sound continued.

"Justin!" I yelled, pushing him off me completely.

"What?" He asked, frustrated.

"Shh, do you hear a ticking?" I asked.

"Ava, come on, ru-" He was already running away, and I was frozen.

I was flung across the yard.

My vision was begging to get blurry.

"AVA!" Justin yelled.

And then I blacked out.

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