Girl in The Band

Meet Quinn P. Average 19 year old. Has this BIG dream that she wants to sing. Her being her she went to audition for the 'X-Factor'. Will all of this pressure make her want to quit? See what happens in the 'Girl in The Band'


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❤️‍Shiloh (Aka Dan)  Gave  me  the  feels  ❤️

"Shh, Don't yell!" He shushed me.


"Yet your yelling, Unpredictable." I shook my head, and I examined him more, "You've changed"


He smiled and started to bounce on his heels, "I Know... Just for You"


I rolled my eyes, "I thought we were done" I crossed my arms over my chest.


 He licked his top lip, and I have to say that was sexy.


I bit my lip, "Cut the crap. You ran for a year not contacting me in any way" I looked up at him. "Do You know how that makes me feel? We made a promise, to never, leave each other unless we tell each other, in person, why we need to leave each other." 

His face was unreadable, yet he nibbled on his top lip. "What we had with each other was..." He cleared his throat, "Great, but I'm not enough for you... I mean look at you now your in a band. And I'm working in a restaurant as a waiter." He shrugged, "I.Am.Not.Good.For.You" He turned and was about to leave. 


I looked at his back nervously, grabbing his forearm I turn him back around and I kiss him hard, with a little bit of passion.


He kissed me back pushing my back on the back wall, I groaned in pain and in pleasure.


My inner goddess, smiled like she had won a trophy for running 12 miles, You go Quinn you could do this

And my Subconscious  was looking at me, wait let me rephrase that glaring at me. Arms crossed and everything.  Quinn, your getting your self into some deep shit


I kissed him harder, jumping a little I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held his hands under my thighs.


I gasped a little when I felt something on my inner thigh. 


Oh my, he really wants this.


I bit his lower lip, opening my eyes. I jumped down from him, I smiled at him he knew what I meant.


I turned around, and I started to walk back to the table.


I high-fived my self in my head.


That's how the hell you do it.






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