Girl in The Band

Meet Quinn P. Average 19 year old. Has this BIG dream that she wants to sing. Her being her she went to audition for the 'X-Factor'. Will all of this pressure make her want to quit? See what happens in the 'Girl in The Band'


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Quinn's P.O.V


When I walked through the doors.. I closed my eyes and breathed in. I smiled as I smelt bacon, Eggs and pancakes. I smiled more as I opened my eyes finding the Owner... Miles. 


I started to walk to him, His back was facing me so I decided to hug him from behind.


walked faster and I put my arms around him. He jumped a little.


"Hi Miles!" I yelled. He turned around, Looking at me smiling. That's when I took in his facial features. His eyebrows lifted when he smiled, and I dimples popped out... Yes I had a crush on him when I was about 15, Yes He knows, No He doesn't like me back... He has A wife.


"Hi Quinny!" He hugged back squeezing me a little.


I let go of him,And turned around looking at the boys "Miles This Is the band, Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Lou-" 


"Don't pretend like I don't know him, Hi Boys I am Miles, Louis, " He glared at him a little. 


"M, Lets get a table yea?" I said. He nodded and sat us down at a close table.


"I'll Bring a waiter to the table in a little." I nodded and picked up the menu. 


"Um, Can I call my girlfriend?" I looked up to see Niall Looking back at me.


"Why Is it my choice?" I said back, I guess he took it as a yes and called her.


"Oh, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, With white cream filling" I licked my lips. I looked at my stomach, "I know my brain says not to, But me and you say yes, Right?" I asked my stomach, it replied with a growl. I smiled.


"Your Preggo?!" I snickered and I looked at Harry.


"Now what In the hell did you get that idea?! No I'm Not Pregnant!, I just Like Eating!" I said, and I start laughing.


"Oh, I was just thinking..." He said looking down at his menu again.


"Yeah, You were just thinking." I rolled my eyes and I closed the Menu. 


"Niall?" I heard a girl call.  Niall looked up and saw the girl. His smile went big. And He waved.


"Over here Babe!" He got off the chair and Ran to her. She also smiled when she saw him. They both hugged and kissed and they both walked back to the table. "Guys This Is Jessica, My Girlfriend."  She smiled and waved. "Jessica, This Is Harry, Liam, Quinn, Louis, And Zayn." We all waved back. They Both sat down next to each other.


"Hi, My Name Is Aaron, And I will be your server"  (A/N Picture up there ^) I looked away from my menu to look at the guy. And Omg He was Gorgeous.  A perfect quiff,  perfect jawline But I can't see his eye color. His eyebrows furrowed casually. Eye Candy.

Niall was the first one to say his order. "Two regular buttermilk pancakes for my lady, and Six Pancakes for Me" Aaron's eyes widen just a little bit and wrote down their order.


I rose my hand in the air, "I will take the Chocolate Delight Please." I smiled at him. And He didn't even write it down he just stared. I tilted my head. "Umm, Are you going to write it down?" He didn't listen and I got a little scared.


"Oi! Write it down!" I looked at the guy who said that. Louis. 


Aaron blinked and looked away from me and looked at Louis. He mumbled a 'Sorry' And Wrote it down. He took the rest of the guys orders, took the menus And Left sneaking a glance at me once more. 


"He was some real eye candy" I said Out loud. I hope no one heard. 


"Yeah, He obviously thought that too" Liam said raising his eyebrows. I smiled at him. He smiled back. 


"He Looks awfully familiar though" I put my head in my hands thinking. 


-About 5 Minutes Later- 


Aaron came back, with our food he came around the table and put down our food. Once he came over he made sure nobody saw and put something inside my back pocket I jumped. He put down my food. Everybody was looking at me. 

"What?" I looked at them.


"Why Did You jump?" Harry said. I bite the inside of my cheek.


"I felt something... On My Leg" I nod as if I was believing my own lie. Louis looked at me I know he didn't believe me. He knows all my flaws.

I started to dig into my Chocolate Heaven. 


-Seven Minutes later-


I excused myself from the table and I went to the bathroom. I closed the stall door behind me and locked it. I reached into my back pocket and took out the folded note. I opened it.



You probably don't recognize me but... You know what when you get a chance meet me outside the Loo's Please



I left the stall and I went out the bathroom. I saw Aaron leaning on the wall. Once he saw me he lifted himself up from the wall and Came closer to me. I looked In his eyes.














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