Girl in The Band

Meet Quinn P. Average 19 year old. Has this BIG dream that she wants to sing. Her being her she went to audition for the 'X-Factor'. Will all of this pressure make her want to quit? See what happens in the 'Girl in The Band'


3. 3








Again like any other day Quinn and Louis are fighting this time about how you are supposed to drive.


"No!! You are supposed to look left then right before you go!" Quinn Yelled. She was sitting in the back all by her self. Which gives her perfect access to smack him across the head.

"O.K then go and die! Just like your mum!" Louis yelled back. The whole car got quiet. Quinn leaned over and smacked him across the head, hard.  A brown/ purple bruise appearing onto his cheek. Quinn was very mad at Louis.


"Don't bring that up Louis" She growled.


"Who Is gonna sing?" Harry asked breaking the tension. Looking around.


"You choose your the one who's driving.." The whole group does this thing when their bored. The person who's driving gets to choose who gets to sing or puts in their favorite song on the radio.


Harry looked at Quinn from the car mirror eyebrows raised. She looked away out the window not responding. 


Quinn took her phone out and my earphones out. She put the little buds in my ears and turned on 


Quinn searched up a song, And she ended up picking one of her songs that her dad used to like.


She started humming to the song getting the key notes right moving my hands trying to dance to the song.


Niall looked at the Front window. A Man almost ran the car over by trying to get in our lane.


Harry Beeped the horn. And started yelling at him.


"Let me drive" Quinn said "Pull over on the curb and we could switch." 


"Nope You drive like a maniac Quinn" Louis said. All the boys looked at him. Like If saying 'How do you know?' 


"How would you know Louis?" Quinn Sneered.


"Fine Drive then" Louis Rolled His eyes.


She got out of the car and got in the drivers seat.



I turned the key and started to drive.

"Why does this have to be so hard? I love American Cars Better than these... They are so complicating!" I rolled my eyes and changed the gear " I hate Stick Cars I like Automatic cars better!" 

"Why do you always complain?" Louis asked annoyed. 

"Why Can't I?" I retorted

I looked back at the road and made a right turn. I looked at the Time attached to the car, 8:27, It read. 

I looked at the the road again.

"Is any of you guys hungry? Because we have about, Half An Hour left," I asked "If you guys don't want anything then..." 

"I'm Hungry!" Niall Shouted 

"Me Too" Harry Said. The Rest Nodded.

I sped up to. "Okay then We are going to Pucker!"  I smiled

Louis P.O.V

Why Does this have to be so difficult?

If I had never done what I have done then we would be Okay, Kissing and Hugging Like we used to.


I watched as Quinn Turned and yelled at other drivers... Like she Used to.


I wasn't Lying when Quinn Is A maniac when Driving, All The boys were clinging to the arm rests like their life depended on it. But you have to thank Quinn When you are being late for something, She lets you get there with a whole lot of spare time left.


She pulled up to the Breakfast Spot... 'Pucker' It said With a sign that says 'Breakfast Only!'


"This Is the best Spot for breakfast spot in town, You'll Love It!," She Jumped in excitement " Not a lot of money equals very happy people!" 


I tried not to smile, This Is Going to be hard.






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