Girl in The Band

Meet Quinn P. Average 19 year old. Has this BIG dream that she wants to sing. Her being her she went to audition for the 'X-Factor'. Will all of this pressure make her want to quit? See what happens in the 'Girl in The Band'


2. 2

:Allo You guys today I will be updating!!!!


Now to the storreehh.




I sat there chin on hand thinking about him.

I kept thinking when I felt a person sit next to me. I looked up to see a boy looking at me.

"Hi..." I said looking back at the wall.

"Hello" He said 

"When are you going on?" I asked looking at him.

"um after number... 165997 I believe" He said looking at me.

"Oh! That's me! That means that your... 165998?" I questioned

"Yep!" He said.

"Whoa man...your eyes are-are so pretty!" I said He has green eyes and mine? Brown...Eyes...

"You do to it's like mine but with a touch of... Umm... Nothing?." I laughed. 

"I Know my eyes are plain."

"Quinn you are up in 1!" The staff said.

"Well that's my Que!" I said nervously. I start to stand up but I failed. I fell back on the chair hurting my butt. A pang of pain came from my butt to my back man I'm getting old. I winced and it stayed there for a long time. 

"God Dammit" I said. It took a couple of seconds for the pain to go away. I sighed then stood up. Cracking my back in the process.

"Are you okay Quinn?" The boy asked.

"Yeah.... Umm" I asked

"Harry Styles." He held out his hand.

"Oh' Hi nice to meet you Harry I'm Quinn!" I shook his hand smiling. 

"Come.on we don't have all day!!" The staff yelled.

"Okay...okay. I'm coming!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Well see you later Harry." I said walking away.

"You too, you too" I heard him say. I walked to the staff, getting ready to go out there.




"What's your name?

"Quinn Peazer"  The nodded

"How old are you?" Dannii asked


"Where are you from?" Simon asked

"Um, I was born in San Francisco California but I am raised in Doncaster, England"

"Then why don't you have a British accent?" Dannii asked.

"Well my dad Is from here but then we moved to San Francisco, But from my mums side she is part Panamanian & African American."


"Where do you work?" Louis said.


"I am working part time in a cupcake shop and part time dancer." I said nodding smiling a little.

"Oh Really?! That's cool!" Dannii said. "Who did you come with?" She asked.

"My mom and my little sister Bubbly!" I smiled.

"No dad?" Simon questioned.

"Well yes and no. Yes he is watching and no he is not here he is watching on a IPhone right now. He is currently in the hospital. He has skin cancer and it is going really out of hand right now..." I smiled " But it does not get to me that much now as long as he is alive I am good." I put a thumbs up. Everyone in the crowd laughed.

"Now to the main question... Do you think you have the chance to win the X-Factor?" I sighed. 


"Yes...yes I do." I nodded. 

"Well good luck" Sharon said smiling.


I walked to the piano that the staff put on the stage, Sat down and took a breath in and pressed on the keys.



After a couple of seconds I started singing.


"Hush, Don't Speak, When you spit your Venom keep It shut I hate it." I sang the rest of the verse and the crowd went wild. That's until Simon stopped me and told me to come up.


I toke a breath in, and stood up.


"Let's vote shall we?" Simon smiled. I smiled to, I barley finished the song, and they didn't even tell me any advice... Oh crap.


"And we all say..." Dannii 


"YES!" They all stood up and smiled and clapped. I bent down slowly letting all of the information fall in, I covered my mouth keeping in my screams.


I said thank you through the microphone and I run to my mom, giving her a big bear hug.


I can't believe I passed.

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