Unplanned Happiness

Jess is an actress who accidentally stumbles across the world famous boyband, One Direction, of which she knows nothing about. As she and her best friend, Beth get to know the boys some very unexpected things, both good and bad, may happen.


2. Chapter 2: Jess


Three Hours Later

I had just finished up my scenes for the day when Harry and Lou came up to me. “Hey Jess,” Lou said as if he had known me since we were little. “How do you know my name?” I asked. “Oh Paul told us,” Harry said motioning to the door. My eyes followed in the direction of his finger and saw Paul wave at me from the door.

Another guy was with him. I recognized him as the one who told the two boys it was their time to shoot. “That’s Josh,” Harry said as if reading my mind. “And I’m Harry,” he finished, grabbing and kissing my hand. “Hazza!” Lou complained, “You’re hogging her!” Harry reluctantly released my hand and Lou gave me a hug. “I’m Louis. You can call me Lou or Boobear. I like carrots.” I giggled slightly as I smiled.

“Louis William Tomlinson!” an angry voice hollered from the door. “Uh oh,” Lou muttered as he ducked behind Harry. I looked towards the door and saw a shorter-haired guy, who was obviously the source of the anger, was followed in by a blonde boy, and another that had tattoos on his arm.

The three walked over to us and I realized why he was so mad. His hair was wet and there was a white feather on his shoulder. Louis peeked out from behind Harry’s hair. “Lou,” the angry one said as if he was straining to be calm. “Did you do this?” Louis nodded. “It was meant for Harry.” Harry moved from in front of Lou to look at him. Louis just shrugged. “And what am I supposed to do with these now?” he asked holding up a pair of batman boxers with a hole cut in them. Again Louis just shrugged. “What did Paul say about pranks?” By the way he was acting I could tell he was the most responsible of the five. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it anymore,” Louis said, defeated.

As if he had just noticed I was standing there, the angry one turned to me, his face slightly red. “Hello love. I’m Liam.” He shook my hand politely. “And I’m Zayn! Vas happenin?!” the tattooed one jumped out from behind Liam. A contagious laugh from behind Liam caught my attention. As he stepped out from behind I saw the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. They were accented with blonde hair and an amazing Irish accent. He smiled shyly, then looked at me. “I’m Niall,” he said as his face turned a slight pink. I half expected him to hug me but he stood still.

“Boys?” Paul was suddenly standing behind us. “Did you apologize yet?” I looked at Louis and Harry. “Sorry,” they both muttered at the same time. “Now what about the director?” Liam said as the two boys walked towards the director to apologize. “She’s pretty,” I heard Niall whisper as he hid slightly behind Paul. I felt my face go red.

“Liam, go get cleaned up,” Paul instructed. “Oh and Zayn, I forgot to tell you Perrie ca-“ Josh didn’t even get to finish before Zayn squealed with excitement. The boys walked towards the door. Both happy, one more so than the other.

“Well I have other business to take care of and Josh has to practice. Nice seeing you again Jess,” Paul said before he and Josh left, leaving me alone with Niall.

“Please tell me there aren’t any more of you. I don’t think I could handle all the energy,” I joked. Niall just laughed as he shook his head.

Just then I heard a high pitched squeal and was hugged from behind. “Lou get off her! You might hurt her!” Niall fussed. Lou reluctantly let go of me. “We have to get back before Paul gets mad,” Harry said. “Okay,” both Niall and Louis muttered.

“Hazza wait!” Lou said before whispering into Harry’s ear. A slight smile appeared on his face. Lou then pointed at Niall and Harry shook his head. Louis then moved his eyebrows in a weird way and Harry nodded. Louis’s slight grin grew bigger. I was beginning to realize the two had their own language. “Okay well let’s go Niall. Lou will be along shortly,” Harry said before whispering “Someone has a crush,” into my ear and leaving. “Bye Jess,” Niall said before turning to leave. “Niall wait!” I said a little louder than I meant. He turned back around with a slight smile. “I just wanted to give you a hug.” The truth was that I really just wanted to see those stunning blue eyes again. As I hugged him I realized he smelled slightly of cinnamon.

All too soon though, the smell was gone and Niall was following Harry out the door, leaving me with Louis who was smirking at me when I turned back to him. “So…” he said casually. “What are you up to?” I asked playfully. “You catch on so quickly, I love it. Haha. Hazza and I want to invite you to have dinner with us and the boys tonight.” I thought about it for a second, but when I went to answer Lou cut me off. “I’ll be by to pick you up tonight at eight, Wear something nice,” he said as he walked out the door.

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