Unplanned Happiness

Jess is an actress who accidentally stumbles across the world famous boyband, One Direction, of which she knows nothing about. As she and her best friend, Beth get to know the boys some very unexpected things, both good and bad, may happen.


1. Chapter 1: Jess


I wake up to stare at my Metallica poster hanging above my bed. The dream I had was very vivid, it seemed as though it were real. I was walking in a forest and a full moon loomed overhead. The night had an eerie feel, as if someone was watching me through the trees. As I look at a deer that was standing just to my right, I noticed a slight movement behind it. Thinking it was just a faun, I simply ignored it. I began to walk again and the deer pranced away, leaving me alone one again. I continued on until I came to a clearing. A log was lying in the middle. As I sat down, I realized there was a pathway just ahead that was surrounded by trees that seemed to glow in the moonlight. There was a rustling in the trees to my right. I braced myself for whatever might jump out.

Suddenly, a curly-haired boy, a little taller than me, ran across the path carrying a stick with a string tied to it. On the other end of the string was a plastic pigeon. After he disappeared into the trees to my left, another brown-haired boy came running after him. He was probably a little shorter than the first boy, but still taller than me. Judging by the tears streaming down his face as he was screaming “Kevin!” he was also more sensitive than the first boy. He disappeared into the trees to my left, seconds before the director yelled cut. I sighed and walked off the stage and held my hand up to the director to say I wanted to take five. He nodded as I walked out the door to the lot.

The light was blinding after shooting in the dark for three hours, but the fresh air was welcoming. I started to walk a lap around our staging area, but paused when I heard voices around the corner. I looked around the corner, and saw a larger man hovering over the two boys that just ruined my take.

"You can’t just go running through other peoples’ productions!” the man yelled. “Sorry,” the curl-haired one mumbled. “Sorry is not gonna cut it this time, Harry! You two could’ve just cost them a lot of money!” The boys looked taken back for a moment. The door to the stage next to ours opened. A guy with a mohawk leaned out. “Hazza and Lou! Your turn!” The one I assumed was Lou turned to the man yelling at them. “Look, Paul. It’s our turn to shoot, but when we’re done we’ll go over and apologize to the girl whose take we ruined and to the director.” “And we’ll offer to pay for what we cost them.” Harry finished. Paul nodded.

Harry and Lou looked up at the same time and saw me. As shock remained on Harry’s face, Lou’s changed to an expression as if to say sorry. They both left to shoot their part of their…movie? I couldn’t picture the two energetic boys calm enough to follow a script.

Paul still stood where he had before. I came around the corner and approached him. “Um…excuse me?” He looked up at me. His expression changed from aggravation to something I couldn’t quite recognize. “I’m sorry and its embarrassing to admit that I had been eavesdropping but I wanted to take a lap after my take got interrupted bu-“ he cut me off. “Oh I’m so sorry! I should’ve kept a better eye on them. Those two are always getting into all kinds of trouble.” I nodded understandingly. Those two seemed as if they were always up to something. “I’m sorry. My name is Paul,” he said shaking my hand. “I’m Jess,” I said with a smile. “Paul could you answer one question for me before I have to go back and start shooting again?” “Sure,” he said, smiling now too. “What movie could two boys like those two be acting in?” I asked hoping not to sound nosey. “Oh the boys are making a movie about themselves.” I was just about to ask who exactly they were when someone called my name from around the corner. “Sounds like you have to go,” Paul sounded a little sad about the fact that I had to go. “Yeah well. Bye. Nice meeting you.” “Same to you!” he yelled as I rounded the corner.



Hi guys!

This is my first published story and I would love love love to hear your feedback both good and bad. So let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!

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