Bad boys in town (louis tomlinson)

Read and find out how Emma Rogers falls in love with the bad boy Louis Tomlison


2. 2

Emma P.O.V

Emma wake up wake up.' My older sister perrie screamed in my ear.

Shut up I am up what time is it.' I said stretching and getting out of bed

7:50 stupid oh and mom left for work so get ready dad is dropping us.' She said

I got out and went to the bathroom took a shower brushed my teeth and put my hair in a messy bun and went straight to my closet and picked out light blue jeans and a black owl top and some white converse and grabbed my phone and school bag and headed downstairs to see my sister and dad.

Morning dad.' I said going over and kissing his cheek.

Morning sweetie ready for school.' My dad asked getting the car keys and going out the door

I decided to skip breakfast and go on as I got in the car I got a unknown text.

Hey babe -unknown

Who are u -me

Oh we don't half to go through this again-unknown

Go through this again? oh wait? what?Louis.

Go to hell Louis-me

You have a pretty dirty mouth you got their don't ya -Louis

I never replied so I turned off my phone and I noticed that we got their I saw my gang of friends el Sophia dani and we all walked into the school and the first thing that hit me was Louis Tomlinson was making out with the school slut Kathy.

We walked by them and coughed "slut" "ew"

As I was walking to my locker I got pulled into a dark room.

Someone smashed their Los to mine and it felt really good then they turned on the light and it was the one and only Louis Tomlinson

Your not jealous of my make out session are you because I can do it to you.' He said liking his lips

I'd rather die,' I said while walking out

You see the bad boy Louis Tomlinson slept with every girl in including my friends in high school but just not me and will never be me.

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