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1. it's time

Harry's POV: I'm going to call lily I need to ask her out in a date we'll I guess the phone is ringing when her sweet voice comes on

Lily: hey babe wats up

Harry: um ey I was wondering if we can go out to eat tonite

Lily:sounds good see you at 6

Harry : yes see you at 6 love u

Lily:luv u to

Lily's POV: I go to take a shower and then do my normal routine I put on some make up and a pair of nice shorts and a tank top with my high tops and my wrap around purse he said we were going to nandos me and nialls fave place we'll it was our fave place I wonder why he asked if I want to go out

1 hour later

They are at nandos and Harry gets up he hose to lily and kneels down on one knee lily gasps

Harry : lily I love you wit all my heart and I love your smile and your eyes your perfect I need you forever in my life please will you marry me

Lily: Harry omg yes a million time yes

Harry grabs her off the chair and swings her up in the air putting her down and pulling in for a passionate kiss Lily's dream came true

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