Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


38. Chapter 36

Chapter Thirty-Six

Bravestar unsheathed his claws and raked them down Rosestar’s soft golden belly as he pinned her down. The crazy leader screamed with agony and fury as the pain reached her. Bravestar’s emotionless eyes continued to stare at Rosestar as he raised his paw to slit her throat. The golden leader’s eyes widened before she pushed Bravestar off her slender body and stood up, ready for any other attack to be thrown at her.

Mudpaw watched all of this, his eyes widening as he realised just how lucky he was. Relief flooded over him as he watched the two elder cats fight. Mudpaw now knew that if Bravestar hadn’t saved him, he would be dead. Rosestar was no match for him, and he knew that, but he’d never actually witnessed exactly how much of a difference in their strength was.

Bravestar lunged again, though this time Rosestar found a way around him. She was stopped by the RiverClan tom who hissed with rage as she got closer to Robinwing, who was now panting more as the kits came closer to being born. Bravestar pinned her down as she challenged the RiverClan tom, and soon he pushed her back to the den entrance, growling lowly in warning.

Mudpaw was trying to read the leaders expressions, but it was nearly impossible. Rosestar was very angry—not to mention crazy—but she also seemed scared and sad, as if this fight was something she had been hoping to avoid. Bravestar’s expression was emotionless aside from a bit of regret and depression, as if he too was trying hard not to really kill Rosestar.

Bravestar got into a fighting position, ready to attack if Rosestar attempted to reach Robinwing again. Both leaders were growling at each other, though Rosestar was more vicious. She was obviously furious, but Mudpaw didn’t understand why. He figured he was too young to know.

“Rosestar, give it up,” Bravestar murmured. “You’re outnumbered, and the only thing driving you is anger. Why can’t you just let it go?” Rosestar hissed with fury, her narrowed eyes turning into slits as she lashed her tail in quick movements.

“I won’t give up!” Rosestar hissed, clawing at the ground as her fur bristled. “I won’t let it go until those kits are dead! I won’t give up until I’ve gotten pay back for what Rainfur did!”

Rosestar lunged, her claws flexed as she tried to slit Bravestar’s throat. The smart leader evaded the attack easily before pulling Rosestar back toward the den entrance. He then stood between Robinwing and Rosestar, his eyes narrowed with determination.

“Rosestar, he’s changed,” Bravestar told her. “Stop wasting your effort on something that won’t even matter. Why can’t you just accept the fact that it was your fault and move on?” Tears continued to make their way down Rosestar’s golden face, soaking the fur with the salty liquid.

“He hasn’t changed!” Rosestar screamed. “He won’t ever change! A monster like that could never change, not even with the help of StarClan! He’s a disgrace and disaster to the Clans and I can’t let him anywhere near WindClan!”

Rosestar lunged again, but Bravestar did at the same time. They crashed into each other, snapping at each other’s necks as their claws searched for bare skin to slice open. Bravestar received a large gash on his flank while Rosestar’s perfect ear was ripped. The two of them continued to stare at each other, panting heavily while trying to catch their breath.

“Rainfur is not evil anymore,” Bravestar said. “He has every right to be here, and he’s helping. He wants to kill Sharpstar so that everything will be okay again. Just like it was when we met, when everything was peaceful and we were just silly apprentices.” Mudpaw’s eyes widened as Bravestar said this, and he heard a few gasps from the RiverClan cats behind him.

Rosestar paused, her eyes showing the fact she was deciding something. The look quickly went away, but she now had more sadness in her eyes. Mudpaw’s eyes were wide with shock as Bravestar and Rosestar stared at each other, reliving the memories of when they were much younger.

“You weren’t there, Bravestar,” Rosestar whispered. “You weren’t there when he nearly killed me. The insanity in his eyes, and the murder in his paws. I don’t care if states that it wasn’t him. It was him! You haven’t nearly been killed by that monster. You haven nearly been slaughtered. With something like him in the forest, it will never be the same as it was when we were apprentices. I’m sorry, Bravestar, but it will just never be the same.” The two stared at each other for a few moments before Bravestar sighed.

“Then I’m sorry it had to end this way.”

Rosestar’s eyes widened as the pale leader attacked. She was given no time to react, and as Bravestar pinned her down, the sadness in his eyes was unmistakable. Mudpaw’s heart skipped a beat as Bravestar raised his paw, and in that single moment, only one thing was heard.

“I’m sorry,”

Then, in other moment, Bravestar’s claws went through Rosestar’s throat, and her eyes went lifeless as her last life left her. Blood squirted out, coating her sleek golden fur with sticky crimson blood. Everyone in the den went quiet as Bravestar stepped off of the previous leader, his eyes dark with depression.

Mudpaw watched the pale leader stared at him. Bravestar seemed to be deciding something, and Mudpaw was curious as to what it had to do with him. He had only been an apprentice for a few days and he belonged ShadowClan. Not to mention the fact that he wasn’t exactly stable. Watching Rosestar die like that had shaken him, and he knew that he would have nightmares for a long time after the scene in front of him.

“The Warrior code clearly states that killing a Warrior—let alone a leader—is worth going to the Dark Forest for,” the pale leader finally whispered. “And yet I just killed Rosestar, a leader who did nothing to deserve the fate she just discovered. Little apprentice, do not kill like I just did. Remember that every soul deserves a chance, no matter the wrong they have done.” Mudpaw looked at the leader with confusion, because though he was able interpret the message, he didn’t quite understand why the RiverCan leader was giving it to him of all cats.

Before Mudpaw could question Bravestar on his motives, Robinwing yowled in agony, her jade green eyes showing the pain of kitting. Everyone looked to her, their eyes narrowed with sadness as they watched the queen give birth to the large healthy kits.

“Keep pushing, Robinwing,” the elderly queen beside her urged. “The first one is almost out!” Robinwing nodded, pushing violently as she endured the endless pain. Mudpaw was shaking in his place, hoping that the kit would come out easily. However, by the look on the other queen’s face, this wasn’t going smoothly.

“What’s wrong, Morningbreeze?” asked the RiverClan tom. The elderly queen just lowered her head, her grave expression becoming more and more serious. Mudpaw was now praying to StarClan that everything was alright.

“Robinwing’s condition is worsening,” Morningbreeze whispered. “The first kit must be larger than the others, and so it is stuck. If it doesn’t come, the others will die, and then so will Robinwing.” The den continued to stay quiet aside from Robinwing’s struggle. Her clean silver coat became matted as she moved, and Mudpaw just hoped that the first kit would finally come out.

“If Robinwing dies, Rainfur will be furious,” Mudpaw murmured, his mind thinking quickly. “I—I don’t think he’ll be right again after that. He-he might go insane again. . .” Robinwing’s eyes widened as he said that, making everyone tense up.

“No!” Robinwing screamed, breathing heavily. “I can’t let that happen again! I won’t die, I promise! This kit will come out! They will live, and so will I!” Everyone continued to stay quiet as she continued pushing, and though Mudpaw continued to pray, he could tell that she was tiring quickly. At this rate, she would be dead by dusk.

“Well at least there is no one coming after her anymore,” Bravestar murmured, getting everyone’s attention. “There will be no one willing to kill the kits after today. Sharpstar will be dead, we will rule the forest once again, and Rainfur will become the ThunderClan leader.”

“In your dreams, mouse-brains.”


Sharpstar lunged at Jactur, his amber eyes showing the fury that could be felt by just standing near him. Jactur evaded easily before locking eyes with the angry leader, attacking the brick wall once again. The crack moved and inch as the brick wall trembled, and in that one moment, Jactur grinned.

His plan was working, but slowly. At this rate Rainfur would return and Jactur wouldn’t be able to achieve his goal in killing Sharpstar. If he could just figure out a way to make it quicker, then he wouldn’t have to worry about anything. However, with all of the mental pain coming from Rainfur, Jactur was getting distracted.

Then, Jactur felt as if something had slammed into him hard, and he was confused only until he found out it was the defence in Sharpstar’s mind. The mouse-brain must have figured something out to make his stronger, or his past was just as bad as Rainfur’s, which would mean it was now going to be twice as hard to defeat.

“What’s the matter, demon?” asked Sharpstar, the smirk on his face irritating Jactur a bit. “Having some trouble? What did you say about your wall being stronger?” Jactur hissed in anger, attacking with all the strength he had in his legs.

Sharpstar leaped away, and not even his smirk had faded. Jactur’s scowl didn’t go away either, for he was both angry and tired at the same time. He was trying to figure out what was happening with Rainfur, for he could feel his partner trying to figure something out while getting beaten up at the same time.

Sharpstar suddenly lunged again, his amber eyes locked onto Jactur’s. The wall of heavy rain appeared, but in one swift second, it pushed Sharpstar out of his mind, hissing demonically. Jactur smirked as his sight returned, but frowned as he figured out Sharpstar was upon him. This wasn’t good luck at all.

Jactur locked eyes with Sharpstar before the mouse-brain could turn away. He attacked the brick wall, making it crack more. Just as his sight was about to return to reality, a large bit of brick fell on to him, making him stay inside Sharpstar’s mind for a few moments.

When Jactur returned to reality, he hissed with frustration. Sharpstar had managed to rake his claws down his belly, making blood bead quickly out of the gashes. Jactur bit his tongue, hoping not to show his pain to his enemy as he struggled to get free. Sharpstar was stronger than him at the moment, though. Much stronger.

Jactur kicked Sharpstar’s stomach before rolling away, standing up after getting free of the tabby leader’s grip. He panted heavily as Sharpstar’s wicked grin grew wider. The mouse-brain was obviously enjoying Jactur’s pain, and in some ways he knew he would do the same if Sharpstar was in agony too. However, he could tell something was changing. Rainfur was getting stronger.

Good, Jactur thought. He’ll be able to help me quicker. Sharpstar lunged again, making Jactur leap out of the way. However, when he landed, he tripped and stumbled onto the ground. With the blood he was losing, Jactur knew he wasn’t going to last long. But he had to. He needed to.

Sharpstar attacked again, but Jactur didn’t move in time. The tabby tom hooked his claws on Jactur’s leg and pulled mercilessly. And in one ear-splitting shriek, Jactur was under Sharpstar once more, his grey and white fur soaked in his own blood. He panted heavily, knowing of what could happen if he gave up.

“You are worthless without Rainfur!” Sharpstar spat, pinning him down tightly. “Without each other, you are both weaker than I am! Rainfur will die when he returns. Well, if he returns. And you, the poor little demon, will be dead. You hear that? Dead! Haha!” Sharpstar laughed darkly as Jactur’s vision blurred up to the point he could barely see anything.

I need to win this stupid war for Rainfur! I need to make sure his mate comes back, or he’ll reject me! I need to make sure Stormpaw is safe, or he won’t care that I’m there anymore! I need to make sure he notices me! I can’t be rejected again! Jactur told himself, though with every breath, he began to rethink his dying thoughts.

Sharpstar raised his paw, flexing his long claws and baring his sharp fangs. He was ready for the final blow that would end Jactur’s life. He was ready to kill the strongest cat in the forest so that he could name himself king. Jactur disagreed, but his opinion didn’t matter at the moment.

Maybe it’s time to give up Rainey, Jactur murmured as Sharpstar’s grin continued to grow. Though he knew Rainfur couldn’t hear him, he still talked as if his partner could. Stormpaw is able to save the forest, so maybe it’s time just die again. We’ve felt the pain before, haven’t we Rainey? Why can’t we do it again? I’m sure no one will blame us. I’m sure they’ll understand that Sharpstar was just too powerful. They won’t hate us.

In reply, he felt a wave of strength. Jactur wasn’t sure what it was, but it felt brilliant. He felt no pain and he felt as if he was back to his normal crazy self. Something must have triggered this, and Jactur’s guess was that Rainfur had figured out how to beat Stormpaw’s power.

You still want to fight, then, Rainey? Jactur thought. If you want to live, than I guess I have no choice. Not that I’m complaining. I actually think this feeling is absolutely wonderful. Insanity. . .oh how I’ve missed it. Thanks for the reminder; Rainey I’ll use this power to kill this bastard. I’ll do it!

“Any last words, demon?” asked Sharpstar, his grin at its limit as he prepared for the death blow.

“Too slow,” was all Jactur said before kicking the large tom off of him and getting up again, a sick grin forming on his face. Sharpstar’s deep amber eyes widened with shock as Jactur’s eyes showed his insanity once more. This was the cat that nearly killed him. This was the cat that nearly ended the mouse-brain’s life. This was the cat Sharpstar was afraid of.

“I’m surprised, Sharpstar,” said Jactur, his demonic voice flaring as the invisible energy swirled around him. This power had never been unleashed before because of Rainfur’s interference, but now that Rainey was insane as well, Jactur was given free rein to do as he wished. “Usually you would have just killed me, but because of your stupid monologue, you’ve let me live long enough to receive enough power to defeat you. I’m shocked.”

Sharpstar stared in shock, his eyes as wide as two moons. Jactur’s smile was sick with the pleasure of killing, and his eyes were dark with the memories of his creation. None of that that mattered. His strength had doubled if not tripled, and his wounds had already stopped bleeding. It all went up hill from here.

“You aren’t powerful enough to defeat me!” Sharpstar yowled, his eyes showing his fear a well as his anger. “I am the strongest cat ever! I am going to be treated as a Clan born cat no matter who gets in my way! I will kill all of them!” Jactur just laughed his evil laugh, making Sharpstar even angrier.

The furious leader lunged, his claws clearly unsheathed as he quickly made his way toward Jactur. A smirk was the only warning he gave Sharpstar before disappearing, making the idiotic leader land face first into the ground. Sharpstar stood up, looking around franticly for Jactur, who appeared seconds later behind him.

Without any warning whatsoever, Jactur lunged onto Sharpstar, his claws digging into the raw skin as they crashed onto the ground. The feeling of insanity pulsed through him, and the power never ended. This was like a dream to Jactur, and a nightmare to Sharpstar.

“Think again, mouse-brain!” Jactur hissed, pure pleasure driving his power. “Rainey and I have accepted the insanity now! We are invincible because we’ve become one! I now wield powers that even I don’t know about! We are one! We are together! He’s accepted me! Finally! Haha!” Jactur’s dark laugh continued as he raked his claws down Sharpfang’s belly and then again down his flank.

Jactur bent down and bit Sharpstar’s neck and as blood squirted into his mouth, he laughed with pleasure. This had to have been the best feeling ever, and as Sharpstar’s eyes became lifeless, he yowled in triumph while blood dripped from his mouth and onto Sharpstar’s soulless body.

In a few seconds, the leader woke again, shaking his head as he remembered of what happened. He kicked Jactur in the stomach, but it didn’t hurt. The insane tom just jumped off, an evil laugh escaping his blood-drenched throat. Sharpstar stood up, but he nearly fell over as he did. Jactur just smirked.

“I want your death to be slow!” Jactur hissed, his darkened eyes flashing with insanity. “I want your death to be painful! I want you to feel the pain Smokey did! I want you to feel the pain that I did! I want you to suffer!” Sharpstar’s eyes widened before Jactur disappeared again, reappearing above the stupid leader.

As Jactur pinned Sharpstar down, he locked eyes with him. In that single moment, Jactur lunged at the brick wall and attacked it several times, making the crack double in size. The wall was going to come down sooner or later, and when Jactur turned back to reality, he smirked. The memories would soon come, and then he would be able to torture Sharpstar both mentally and physically. Excellent.

Thanks Rainey!


Blood splattered once again on the black marble floor that had been spotless before the battle had begun. Short and simple memories continued to flash around in the large 80 inch TV screen-like things as Matar and Rainfur fought, and though no one was paying attention, each made the fear in the ghost-like eyes staring back at Rainfur double.

The insane tom took in the fear coming from his enemy and almost literally drank it. The frightened expression coming from his unstable foe was basically feeding the madness within Rainfur, leaving every single battle move stronger than the last. The ghost-like tom was surely on the worst end of the battle as Rainfur mercilessly tried to kill him.

The wounds on Rainfur had scabbed over after the half-hour or so that he’d gotten them. No other injuries had been formed on his muscular body as his shocked enemy was still trying to recover from the transformation that insanity had given Rainfur.

Matar, however, was quite the opposite. The long wavy fur that belonged to his neck was gone and it was now replaced with the filth of his own blood. There were several bite marks on his legs, and there were large gashes on his flank. Matar looked exhausted, leaving Rainfur to smile with pleasure.

“This is impossible. . .” Matar murmured, his eyes gazing at Rainfur as the smirk on his face widened with the wickedness it had begun with. “Your power just suddenly sparked. . .but why? Insanity does make one stronger in many ways. . .but any normal being would lose their sanity moons after the experience. . .Why are you able to do so freely without having to completely make yourself insane. . .?” Rainfur yowled in response, the demonic voice returning. The voice was not Jactur’s though. This voice belonged to Rainfur and Rainfur only.

In all the power he had, Rainfur lunged, his flexed claws ready to draw more blood, even though they were stained with it already. Matar was able to see his moves, but with all of the wounds he held, his vision was obviously blurring as Rainfur moved faster and faster, his strength increasing by the second as Matar’s diminished.

The insanity gripped Rainfur’s thoughts, twisting them in Satan’s way as he pinned Matar down. The pleasure pulsing through him was because of how free he felt. His power had been let loose, and whether that be a good or bad thing, he liked it. He loved it. Heck, he didn’t want this battle to end. He wanted to stay like this forever so that this power could reign of over his stupid immature thoughts forever.

With a loud fiendish laugh, Rainfur raked his claws down Matar’s sides, making the ghost-like tom scream in pain. This made Rainfur laugh louder, his eyes growing with wider as his happiness grew with every second Matar continued screaming.

The fear from Matar fed his undying insanity, the shock from Matar gave him the strength to win, the confusion from Matar made him feel intelligent, and the pure agony coming from Matar’s screams made him laugh with joy. This was it. Rainfur could feel his victory coming closer and closer.

He didn’t know why he yearned for the cat in front of him to die so undeservedly, he didn’t know what he would gain when he achieved the goal of winning, and he had absolutely no idea what had made him want it in the first place. However, his body and mind called out to him, simply yelling, ‘Defeat him! Defeat him!’

Matar quickly flashed away, disappearing and reappearing many feet away from his enemy. Rainfur laughed, leaving Matar, who, by the expression on his face, had accepted the fact he’d just been an inch away from his certain death, to open his eyes even wider. Rainfur stood up, his body shaking with excitement as Matar’s vacant expression that was no longer imaginable was replaced by a large amount of fear.

“You’ve got just as much power as Jactur did, if not more,” Matar whispered to himself. “But why? Your brother’s death is now forgotten, your little brother is now alive again, your mate is living, your kits are going to be saved, and everyone else is perfectly fine. So I ask you again, why did your power spike so easily?” Rainfur’s smirk grew at his foe’s confusion, but in reality, he wasn’t sure himself. Any thought he’d recently had was gone as far as he knew.

“You’re not even close to figuring it out,” Rainfur laughed, his fiend-like voice making Matar flinch. “The defence in my mind is better than I’d imagined if you were unable to gain any of my human memories. Excellent. Now you won’t be able to use your stupid mind-games to get in my way!”

Suddenly Rainfur froze, frowning a bit. He cocked his head in confusion as he felt a slight spike of power again, making the strength within him feel as though it had doubled. This made Rainfur grin wider, but as Matar was asking exactly what had just happened, the grey-and-white tom heard a single reassuring voice that urged him to go further with his new-found powers.

Thanks, Rainey!

Jactur. . .he was safe. The insanity was helping him. Whatever Rainfur had done to create this madness had helped his partner. The thought of this made him grin evilly, leaving Matar to take a few steps back as he realised that the capability of Rainfur annihilating his enemy had just escalated sharply.

“You asked why my power spiked, didn’t you?” asked Rainfur, his eyes widening with pure excitement and joy as Matar continued to become increasingly afraid. “Insanity is always with you once you’ve known it. All I did just now was turn the switch back on.” With that riddle of words, Rainfur disappeared, his grin widening as Matar gasped with fear and shock.

Rainfur quickly appeared behind the brown and white tom, taking in the pleasure of seeing Matar afraid of death once more. He drank the shock, fed on the fear, and then leaped toward Matar, his claws flexed as he focused on his only goal. Kill him! Rip him! Shred him!

With his new and improved strength, Rainfur was forcing Matar to hold onto his back, it was not a surprise for the ghost-like tom to fall under the pressure. Rainfur’s deep blue eyes grew colder as he looked his enemy in the eye. Matar struggled helplessly as his death came closer and closer to him.

Rainfur sent his back claws into Matar’s belly, ploughing them through the tough yet delicate skin as the pain pulsed through his foe once again. The emotionally strong tom screamed again, this time in prayer. To who exactly was unknown, but by the frightened expression on Matar’s face, Rainfur could tell that his enemy was not only in incredible pain, but also completely at his mercy.

“Rainfur, stop!” Matar yowled to him. “You won! You can move on! Just let me go and let me heal, and then I’ll send you back to Jactur! Just stop! Please! Y-you’re hurting me! Please, I beg you!” Rainfur payed no heed to Matar’s defeat. There was only one word in his mind, and that infamously sinful word was simply: torture.

Rainfur dug his claws into the young tom’s shoulder, shifting them in many different ways that he knew continued to send ripples of pain through Matar’s body. In a wave of excitement, Rainfur stepped on one of the brown legs behind him, hearing a large crack that would make any normal being cringe with disgust.

Matar let out another scream, his throat dry after all of its use. As Rainfur heard the poor tom whimper, he couldn’t hold back anymore. In a forceful movement, Rainfur bent down and clamped his jaws onto Matar’s throat. The delight of the blood soaking his teeth and tongue was indescribable, just like water on an immensely hot day. Also, there was the victorious feeling that made him clamp down harder, making Matar whimper, but not scream. This disappointed Rainfur, but he continued anyway.

Something in his mind told him to stop. It was a calm, mature voice that sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Was it Jactur? No, his crazy partner was too lost in the madness to notice his next kill. Was it Stormpaw? No, it was too mature and calm. Was it. . .was it his sanity?

Suddenly Rainfur heard the voice clearer than the first time. It was more than one voice, and as his vision blurred, he focused on them, trying to pinpoint exactly who they were and what they were saying. When he found out, he was shocked.

“I won the fight, and so I must stop.” That was Rainfur. The real Rainfur. But why did he need to stop? The fight was going to end! He was going to win!

“They’re alive, they all are. Robinwing is having her kits in RiverClan. Stormpaw is fighting brilliantly. WindClan has been defeated. Jactur is killing Sharpstar. Everything will be okay. But I can’t win this way. I can’t. I win fairly, not without my sanity. I must maintain my steady, mature, calm mind. I must. For Stormpaw at least.” But being mature and steady was what nearly got him killed in the first place! If Rainfur just turned the switch off, his powers would go away. It all would. The speed, the strength. It would just vanish.

“Rainfur. . .help me. . .” Was that Stormpaw? But why? Why was he seeing the memory of before when he actually made the decision to kill Matar in the first place? If these stupid voices went away, he would kill the ghostly cat!

“He needs me. If I kill Matar, they’ll both die.” But death was when one won! Rainfur knew that this by pure life! When the enemy died, the other won. That was how the world worked. . .right?

“I am fully me now, and I shall use that knowledge to kill Sharpstar for you and all of the other Clans. I promise will not rest until that monster has been destroyed.” This was when he talked to Robinwing the night he returned, but why was he being shown this? He knew he had to kill Sharpstar, but first he needed to destroy Matar.

“Matar is not the immediate concern. I must return to Jactur in order for Sharpstar to be killed. I must snap out of this!”

That’s when Rainfur remembered. The voices in his head were making sense now. The voices in his head were showing him something. If he didn’t snap out of it soon, he’d be like this forever. They both would. Jactur would then therefore destroy every living being in that forest, and then they would have gotten nowhere at all.

It was then that he turned the switch off. It was at that moment he returned to normal. It was right then that he realised that killing wasn’t going to solve anything. Killing never did. Carefully and quietly, Rainfur stepped off Matar, his eyes wide with fear as he realised what he’d nearly done. He nearly deliberately murdered someone who didn’t deserved to die.

Rainfur took many steps back, his deep eyes becoming lighter with shock as his claws sheathed themselves. His fur lay flat on his skin as he stared at the dying body in front of him, hoping that it would live through the next few moments. Was this what he was, even with Jactur controlled? Was this what he was deep down where no one could see him? Was this all he was?

“I—I’m sorry,” Rainfur murmured, his eyes faintly looking at the pool of blood forming around Matar. “I didn’t meant to. I’m sorry. . .it was all my fault. If I hadn’t forced myself into that phase. . .If I hadn’t pushed our power. . .What have I done? I’m so sorry, Matar. . .I’m really sorry, Stormpaw. Please live. . . Please. . .”

Rainfur watched as Matar’s breaths became slower and slower while his chest no longer urged for oxygen. The brown and white body was growing stagnant, leaving Rainfur’s eyes to darken again, though this time it was in sadness, and his eye colour did not change. He was giving up.

I can’t let him die. . . Rainfur murmured. I just can’t. . .If Matar dies, so does Stormpaw. . .I can’t live through that again. I won’t. But the only way to save him. . .I don’t care. Matar just has to live. He has to!

“R-Rainfur. . .?” Matar whispered, his eyes still wide with fear. Rainfur didn’t answer.

“Rain-fur. . .? asked Matar again, his voice barely able to reach Rainfur’s ears. “What a-are you t-trying to. . .?”

“Stay still,” Rainfur ordered, his blue eyes narrowed with determination as Matar flinched. “This won’t hurt you, I promise, but you need to stay still.” Matar was shaking now, but he kept still. The ghost-like tom seemed to know what Rainfur was now trying to do now.

The grey-and-white tom sat still with his eyes closed, focusing on bringing his power out into the open. He was not certain if the power from the earlier madness was still there, so he hoped and dreamed that what he currently had was enough to fix all of Matar’s wounds.

Rainfur suddenly felt a swirling bit of pressure twist around him, but he didn’t open his eyes. He was sure that it was all normal, and that as long as the next step was clean of mistakes, his plan would go smoothly, and then Matar would be back upon his feet.

Rainfur felt the pleasure of being powerful again, and he felt his own wounds closing. He found out a few moments later that it must have been the work of both Matar’s power and his own insanity that was helping him, which made him smile. Rainfur now understood that this would work, and Matar would live at the least. Everything was going to be okay.

Rainfur opened his eyes after that, seeming to making the glass blue pressure around him flinch, startled at his determined expression. Rainfur took a step towards Matar, making the ghostly tom tense as he saw the power come soaring toward him.

Rainfur watched as the power quickly made its way into Matar, filling him with the dim insanity that was only a sixteenth of the power entering the body. Most if it was just pure power, but there was other things. Memories, intelligence, and just pure hope. That was what made up the power entering Matar’s body.

Slowly and carefully the power stitched up the large gashes and bite marks, leaving nothing but one single mark where each gash had once been. Matar seemed to be sleeping as the soft hum of the power started to fill his blood supply. Then, after another loud crack, Matar’s leg returned to normal, no longer broken like it had been.

When there wasn’t any wounds left to treat, the power retreated back into Rainfur’s body, leaving nothing but wavy brown and white fur on Matar. Stormpaw’s power sat up as the power went back into Rainfur, and his eyes were wide with surprise as he noticed that this seemed difficult for the grey-and-white cat.

Rainfur went through the tiring process because without his power he would die as well. He unsheathed his claws as the power seemed to push him, holding himself still as he felt his lungs tightening. Matar stood up after that, worried over his Saviour’s life as the difficulty seemed to get harder.

Just as Matar was about to check it out, everything stopped, and within just three moments, Rainfur fell, his body unable to hold him up anymore. And though everything had gone back to normal and both cats were now perfectly fine, Rainfur was fatigued, and couldn’t move any longer.

He didn’t want to go to sleep though. He couldn’t. Rainfur knew that he needed to get up and save Jactur. He knew that he needed to get out of here so Stormpaw would be okay. He knew that he needed to gather up his bravery and face Sharpstar so that everything would be normal again.

“Rainfur, just go to sleep.” Came Matar’s soft and soothing voice. It was somewhat demanding though, as if he knew what Rainfur was thinking of, which scared the grey-and-white tom a bit.

“B-but I can’t!” said Rainfur firmly. “I need to save—”

“Rainfur, they’re all okay,” Came Matar’s voice again, though he still wasn’t in his view. “Jactur still has his insanity, Stormpaw is fighting just as you taught him, and Robinwing is just about to have her first kit. Everything is okay.”

“But—” Rainfur began, though with his argument made him even more tired, forcing him continue to stay still as Matar finally came to view. The powerful brown and white tom smiled warmly to Rainfur as if the battle had never happened. As if they were friends and had been for years.

“Sleep,” Matar ordered him, making Rainfur calm down instantly. “I will be here when you wake up. Just sleep.” With those final words of assurance, Rainfur closed his eyes and let his exhaustion take him as he immediately fell into a dreamless slumber.

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