Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


32. Chapter 30

Chapter Thirty

Rainfur quickly assigned cats to patrols as he waited anxiously for Stormpaw to awake. With the new-found power, Stormpaw would either be scared to death or very confused, both of which required Rainfur to be there for him. He was Stormpaw’s mentor after all.

There was something else on Rainfur’s mind. It was something that continued to be pointed out to him, and though he would love to say it’s true, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Rainfur knew that if he told himself that he knew who Stormpaw was, a false hope would build that would break once again, and that was the last thing he wanted.

Rainfur sighed as he realised how true it was though. He and Stormpaw were similar, if not totally alike. The apprentice was different in personality and looks, maybe, but other than that, they were the same. They both had a shadowy past, and they both were whispered about. They were both loners, once and upon Stormpaw’s awakening power, now they would be deadly.

With all of this evidence, Rainfur still didn’t want to raise his hopes. Stormpaw would be the one to admit who he was, not some cats who had no idea what was going on. It was just how it was going to be. And until that day, he had to wait, no matter how much he didn’t want to.

“Rainfur!” Poppyheart called from the medicine cat den. “Stormpaw is waking up!” Rainfur’s heart lurched as he heard this. After quickly finishing his job, he darted over to the medicine den, feeling quite excited.

Rainfur quickly sat next to Poppyheart with a worried look in his eye. He had no idea how Stormpaw was doing, seeing as Poppyheart refused to tell him anything but, ‘be patient’. Rainfur just really wanted to see Stormpaw up and well again, so that they could train on something other than the normal battle or hunting techniques.

Stormpaw’s small body moved suddenly, and almost too soon was the apprentice sitting up, his eyes wide with fear. He looked very scared, not to mention sad at the same time. Rainfur felt sorry for him, but he didn’t want to say anything just yet.

“W-what h-happened?” asked Stormpaw, his eyes wide as two whole moons. Poppyheart hissed in warning, getting the small tom’s attention.

“You just got into a little fight,” Poppyheart growled. “You need to rest here for a few days before you can continue training. Just try not to over-exhaust yourself, will you? I spent nearly a day fixing the wounds that you got, and with you squirming about like a squirrel it was quite hard.” Rainfur smiled a bit before looking over to the young medicine cat.

“Would you mind leaving so that I can talk to Stormpaw?” asked Rainfur. “It’s about, er—you know—what happened.” Poppyheart glared at him for a few moments before shrugging.

“Just make sure you don’t hurt him in the process,” Poppyheart growled. “I’m sure you of all cats are aware of how tired he is right now.” With that, she left, leaving Rainfur and Stormpaw alone. At first, it was just silence as Stormpaw looked to his paws and Rainfur waited for the many questions he was certain Stormpaw was thinking of.

“What really happened?” asked Stormpaw. Rainfur hesitated in answering, not really knowing how to answer the question he was given. Stormpaw hissed in fury at his slow response. “I know you know, Rainfur. What happened? I wasn’t me! I wasn’t thinking correctly. . .How could I go after a leader like that? She could have finished me easily! Then when you showed up I. . .I s-saw what happened to you, and what you’d done, and I just felt the need to kill you. It wasn’t right!”

“Slow down, Stormpaw,” Rainfur soothed. “I know what happened, and to be truthful, no one blames you. Since they know that I can train you out of it, they know that they will be safe. You and I just need to be careful, alright?”

“It can’t be that simple!” Stormpaw hissed, standing up quickly. “I wanted kill you! I wanted torture you! How could they forgive me that easily? How are they not even the slightest bit afraid?” Rainfur sighed, realizing that it was going to be a bit harder than he’d expected to explain.

“Stormpaw, they are afraid,” Rainfur growled. “They know what you can do, having seen me once before. They know what could happen if you lose control again. However, I’ve convinced them that I can train you out of it, just like I trained myself.” Stormpaw shook his head, looking very scared and confused.

“But I nearly killed a leader!” Stormpaw reminded him. “I nearly took her last life! It’s wrong! How could you train me? How do you know you can get that—that monster side out of me?” Rainfur narrowed his eyes, making Stormpaw lower his head a little.

“There you go again, thinking you’ve got it worse,” said Rainfur bitterly. “Have you even attempted to ask the elders what happened to me?” Stormpaw shook his head, his eyes growing a bit wider.

“How could you have it worse than me?” asked Stormpaw, making Rainfur’s anger rise. “I nearly killed someone!”

“Have you ever wondered how Rosestar lost her first eight lives in the first place?” Rainfur hissed, making Stormpaw’s eyes widen twice as much. “Have you even wondered why all of these cats hated the fact that I was becoming deputy, or why the fear in their eyes have still not vanished?”

“No. . .” Stormpaw murmured. “That’s impossible! How could you have taken all of Rosestar’s lives at once?”

“I didn’t,” Rainfur growled. “Jactur did.”

“Who?” asked Stormpaw. “I thought he was just your excuse as to why you were insane.” Rainfur shrugged.

“That’s more true than you could ever know,” said Rainfur. “Look, my point is that I’ve killed at least eight times if you’re including all of Rosestar’s lives. Aside from those lives I’ve killed at least eight more times, not counting the rogues that started the whole elevation in the first place. You are not the one who needs sympathy. If you don’t want my training, fine, I won’t give it to you. If you decide that you want my training and will think before you act, then come see me and we will sort your power’s differences and similarities before beginning training, understood? I will not train a lonely cry-baby who thinks he should get all the attention. They’re just a waste of time to me.” With that, Rainfur left the den, unable to look at his apprentice at the moment.

As he stomped out of the den, he found that the dawn patrol had returned. Rainfur walked over to them, waiting for the news. They had gone by the ThunderClan border, and he was anxious to see what was going on over there. He’d only seen Flamepelt a few times since their first meeting, and he wanted to know if the young ginger tom had succeeded on getting into Sharpstar’s inner circle.

“Any news?” asked Rainfur.

“There hasn’t been any activity on or around the border aside from the scent that you showed us,” Blackpetal, the head of that patrol, told him. “It’s been going on for a few days—do you know why?”

“Flamepelt is a spy, but because of what’s happened, I haven’t been meeting him,” Rainfur explained. “If he’s this restless, he must have some important information. With that in mind, I will meet him tonight. Thank you, Blackpetal.” She dipped her head in response before heading toward the fresh-kill pile, leaving him to think alone.

It sounded like Flamepelt had news, but if it was Robinwing’s kits he would have already heard from RiverClan. So, either Flamepelt had figured out how to get Sharpstar’s trust, or the battle was happening soon, which would be bad. . .or good. If Stormpaw’s power was based on justice, then Sharpstar would be dead in an instant.

Rainfur sighed again before noticing an unfamiliar scent drawing near. When he realised who it was, he froze. It was RiverClan, surprisingly, and Bravestar was among them along with Wolfheart, Silverdew, Mysticpaw, and only a few Warriors. Rainfur knew it wasn’t an invasion, but then what was it?

Bravestar entered ShadowClan’s camp, followed by the other RiverClan cats. ShadowClan gave hostile hisses and glares as they entered, basically warning the other Clan not to do anything stupid. Rainfur knew it was much more than that though.

Bravestar led his Warriors toward Rainfur, making him catch his breath. Nightstar was sleeping, for he’d just been on a moonhigh patrol. This meant that Rainfur was going to have to deal with the RiverClan cats, only he had no idea what he was doing.

“Where is Nightstar?” Bravestar asked, sort of like an order. Rainfur flicked his tail to the leaders’ den.

“He’s sleeping,” Rainfur muttered. “After the battle, worrying about Stormpaw, ThunderClan and WindClan as well as going on a moonhigh patrol last night, he deserved it. He’ll wake soon if his nose is good enough.” Rainfur didn’t notice Wolfheart’s sharp glare that seemed to have much more meaning to it that he could have imagined.

“I’m sorry to hear that the battle made it harder for your Clan,” said Bravestar apologetically. “I will forever be in your debt. There is actually something I would like to discuss, but if Nightstar is asleep it can wait.” Rainfur shook his head.

“If it is this important, I will wake him,” Rainfur responded. “He’ll want to hear what you have to say.” Rainfur stood and started walking toward the leaders’ den before Bravestar called out to him.

“How’s your apprentice doing, anyway?” Bravestar asked. That was basically a nice way of saying, ‘is he going to be a big problem like you were?’ Rainfur made himself calm down before replying.

“He woke up just before you arrived,” Rainfur replied. “He’s agreed to let me train him even harder, to reach the goal I had to.” Rainfur left before Bravestar could respond. The last thing he wanted to do at the moment was talk about his brat of an apprentice.

When Rainfur entered the leaders’ den, he wasn’t exactly excited about waking Nightstar. There had been a certain awkwardness between them for whatever reason, but it wasn’t only that. Nightstar kept asking him about Stormpaw, and though Rainfur would love to answer, he just couldn’t. Not even now that his apprentice was awake.

“Nightstar,” Rainfur murmured, nudging the elder leader with his paw. “Nightstar, wake up. Bravestar has come.” In an instant, Nightstar was sitting up straight, looking quite exhausted yet able to comprehend what was going on.

“He’s here?” asked Nightstar, making Rainfur nod. With a sigh, the noble leader nodded and stood. “I guess we both saw it coming anyway. Tell him to meet me here. This is the quietest place to talk.” Rainfur nodded before dipping his head in respect. He walked out of the den after that.

When Rainfur reached Bravestar, he found that most of ShadowClan had come out to see what was going on. It was strange to see the two Clans so hostile after just defending each other a few days ago. Rainfur figured that it was normal now that both ThunderClan and WindClan had turned against them.

With one swift movement, Rainfur told Bravestar to lead his group into the leaders’ den, and Bravestar nodded in response. For some reason, Rainfur was afraid. There was just something in his stomach telling him that this wasn’t the right decision.

Ignoring the fear, Rainfur led Bravestar and his Warriors into the leaders’ den, feeling quite low as he did. Wolfheart continued to remind him that he was only a new deputy, and the medicine cats knew more than him.

Rainfur sat by Nightstar just as Bravestar sat down in front of them. Wolfheart and Silverdew sat next to Bravestar while Mysticpaw and the Warriors sat next to those two. It was as if it was all planned, which worried Rainfur.

A few moments later Poppyheart, Blackpetal and Treeleg entered the leaders’ den, as if knowing that they would be needed at the meeting. Being the elder Warriors and medicine cat, Rainfur felt that he was actually quite relieved that they showed up.

“I heard you wished to speak with me,” Nightstar started, his head held high as if trying to challenge Bravestar. “It must be important. After all, you did leave your Clan to do so.” Bravestar growled slightly.

“I have left my stronger Warriors so that they can protect RiverClan’s camp,” Bravestar explained. “WindClan have also laid off us since your apprentice’s little stunt the other day, so I feel that my Clan is safe. . .for now.” Nightstar tilted his head in confusion, though Rainfur already knew what Bravestar was talking about.

“What do you mean?” asked Nightstar curiously. “WindClan has no control over its Warriors—”

“But Sharpstar does,” Bravestar growled. “Face it, Nightstar. Getting Rosestar to agree to that offer was merely a way to get control of her Warriors. Now that he’s done that he’ll try anything to get control of RiverClan, and then ShadowClan. I think he’s trying to find a way to kill Rainfur first.”

“Fat chance of that happening,” Rainfur muttered. “He’s been trying to kill me since he knew what I could do. I think he thought himself smart when he exiled me, and now he’s furious that I’ve returned. I’m just a solid obstacle in the way, and I won’t move unless I’m shattered.” The leaders barely even listened to him, but that didn’t matter.

“Does that have anything to do with why you’re here, Bravestar?” asked Nightstar irritably. “I’m getting a bit. . .impatient.” Bravestar growled a bit in warning before nodding.

“I’m here to ask to ally with your Clan,” Bravestar told him. “I’ve been cautious, but now that I’ve seen what Sharpstar can do, I want to take action. If I don’t, my Clan will not last long, and neither will I. I have lived a long time, but with that time came the consequence of losing lives. My wisdom may give me enough strength to live through the war, but I must think of the worst.” Rainfur was actually surprised that Bravestar admitted that he lost a lot of lives already, but then, Bravestar never told them how many he lost.

“With that concern, I wish to become an ally with you and your Clan, to create a stronger resistance,” Bravestar continued. “Allying with Rainfur alone would be enough, but to have another Clan as back-up would let me sleep a little more at night.”

“How am I to be certain that you’re not just doing this to save your Clan and let us do the fighting?” asked Nightstar. “How would I know that this isn’t just a scam?”

“We want to kill Sharpstar as much as you do,” Wolfheart hissed. “He’s a mean, abusive leader that should not have gained his nine lives.” Silverdew growled in warning after he finished.

“StarClan didn’t know of what they were getting themselves into,” Silverdew hissed. “At the time Sharpstar hadn’t done anything wrong. They regret it now, though.”

“Especially the four leaders,” Rainfur muttered, mostly to himself. However, the whole den heard. Of course.

“How would you know?” asked Silverdew. “You aren’t a medicine cat.”

“Yeah, but if you remember right, I do have ties with StarClan,” Rainfur hissed, his eyes narrowed. “Cheetahfur mostly.”

“Watch your mouth,” Silverdew hissed. “StarClan is not something to be taken lightly.”

“I would know,” Rainfur growled, basically challenging Silverdew. In all reality, he did probably know more than any of the medicine cats in the den. In all reality, he was the strongest as well. The only problem was the fact that he was in no position to challenge anyone, which was his weakness.

“Be quiet, Rainfur,” Nightstar hissed. “You know better than to talk back to your elders.” Rainfur narrowed his eyes a bit before looking away. It wasn’t worth the fight. Nightstar looked over to Bravestar after that, waiting for the wise tom to continue.

“Is there anything else you would like to add to your statement?” asked Nightstar. “It is my wish we ally as well, but there seems to be a problem.” Bravestar nodded, a bit of worry in his eye.

“It has come to my attention that Rainfur’s apprentice, Stormpaw, has a similar. . .power to the one that destroyed Ravenstar,” said Bravestar. “I am wondering how you are dealing with it.”

I did not destroy Ravenstar, I just merely killed him, said Jactur, sounding quite pleased with himself. It was his fault for losing all of his lives at that time anyway.

“Stormpaw’s power is similar to Rainfur’s, though with having a cat who’s already been through it all, I have a feeling you don’t need to worry about getting killed,” Nightstar replied. “Rainfur has already agreed to train him, so as long as he agrees, we should be fine.”

“It’s a bit more difficult than that, Nightstar,” Rainfur said then, his head lowering as the noble leader’s eyes turned to him. “Stormpaw is in shock, and he hasn’t yet realised our powers are similar. We talked just a few moments ago, and I gave him the option of training with me, though I’m uncertain whether he will accept it or not.”

“What are you getting at?” asked a RiverClan Warrior whom Rainfur knew slightly well. It was Stonefur, Cloudstreak and Thunderheart’s mother. “Why can’t it be as simple as training?”

“It’s not just training for strength and speed, but more of trust and reliability,” Rainfur explained, trying to keep himself calm. “At the moment, my relationship with my apprentice isn’t all that great, and to train I need his attention. He will not give that to me unless he trusts me, so to put it short, unless he shapes up I can’t do a darn thing.”

“But what if he—you know. . .does that again?” asked a younger RiverClan Warrior, one whom he didn’t know.

“Fortunately for you, as long as I pay attention, he won’t hurt anyone,” Rainfur replied. “From what I’ve figured out, his power is based off justice anyway.”

“So what you’re saying is that Stormpaw will only kill those who have killed?” asked the Warrior.

“No, what I’m saying is that if he met Sharpstar, he would probably go for the kill, but if he met a kit, he would probably leave it alone,” Rainfur told her. “At the moment, if you have done something as simple as lying about the fact that you took twice your share of fresh-kill, he will kill you. If I train him, he will be able to distinguish good from evil, and use his power against them.”

“But you feel that you cannot train him without having a decent relationship with each other, am I correct?” asked Nightstar. Rainfur nodded obediently.

“Well, make sure you work on that,” Nightstar ordered before looking back to Bravestar. “If there aren’t any more matters you would like to discuss, I think we should formally announce our allegiance tomorrow night at the gathering place during the quarter moon’s height.” Bravestar nodded, smiling a bit.

“That is a splendid idea, and I would be happy to attend it with my Clan.” Then, after dipping his head respectively to Nightstar, he stood up and led his Clan out of the den. Nightstar, Rainfur, and the rest of the ShadowClan cats in the den followed.

When they were all in camp, there were many curious glances. Sweetclaw especially, though she seemed to understand what was going on. Rainfur hoped and pleaded that Stormpaw would be asleep, because at the moment he still didn’t feel like bumping into the small apprentice.

Bravestar left quickly, but Rainfur could understand why. He’d been away from his Clan for over an hour, and anything could have happened in that time. However, Rainfur had a feeling there was another reason.

“ShadowClan, I have some important news to share with you,” Nightstar began, finding no need to call the Clan out seeing as they were already gathered. “As you just saw, Bravestar and his Clan have visited us. Not just out of the blue, though.” There were anxious and excited murmured, and Rainfur found himself looking into the eyes of Stormpaw, who had unfortunately joined the crowd.

“Bravestar wishes to ally with us, and out of wisdom and intelligence, I have accepted,” Nightstar continued, standing tall and proud just like a leader should. “On the quarter moon we shall all travel to the gathering place and formally ally ShadowClan with RiverClan under the stars where StarClan can see us clearly. Nothing will change from the past, but there will be a better relationship with the RiverClan cats, as they are going to keep us in knowledge of WindClan’s movements. I wish not to vote on this, because it has already been accepted.” With a nod, Nightstar dismissed the Clan meeting and retired to his den.

Rainfur stood at the base of the Highrock, staring off. It wasn’t because he hadn’t had enough sleep, but more like he wasn’t really thinking straight. There was so much going on, and yet through all that, he was supposed to keep it organized? That was unlikely.


Rainfur listened to the rain sprinkle down, leaving nothing but small wet spots on his coat. The ground was soggy, but soft, and the dirt felt cool beneath his paws. The wind didn’t blow but instead stayed quiet. It was as if the night was to be quiet, and though it was nice, Rainfur’s senses were still alert. There is always a calm before the storm, as someone once said.

Though he could not see the moon, he guessed it was around moon-high, which was perfect timing. Rainfur was to meet Flamepelt, who of all times chose that night to meet him. Rainfur was still exhausted, and he still had many things going through his head.

Rainfur found the border quickly and sat down, avoiding putting his tail in a puddle as he did so. He hoped that Flamepelt would come quickly, for the cold air and rain was making him shiver already, and darker clouds were coming. Though it was nearly leaf-fall, it was still green-leaf, and because of that, there would probably be a thunderstorm arriving soon.

In the distance Rainfur spotted a ginger figure, making him smile with relief. As Flamepelt drew closer, Rainfur found that he looked a bit healthier, and much more fit. This raised his hopes, but he didn’t raise them too high, for he knew what it meant to be disappointed.

“Anything new?” asked Rainfur.

“What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?” asked Flamepelt, making Rainfur’s heart sink. Had Robinwing had her kits? Were they executed? Did Amberstorm die? Did Sharpstar find out about Flamepelt being a spy? Did. . .did that monster find out about Stormpaw?

“Give me the bad news first I guess,” Rainfur replied, making Flamepelt nod.

“Robinwing’s kits are going to be late,” Flamepelt told him. “And though that’s a good thing for us, it’s bad for her according to Snowdrift. Apparently the kits are too small and need to stay within her womb a bit longer. However, the longer they stay, the more Robinwing has to work, and the weaker she’ll be.” Rainfur’s eyes widened.

“Can’t Snowdrift do anything about it?” he asked.

“Unfortunately, no,” Flamepelt replied. “Robinwing is fighting though and everyone who is joining the resistance is trying to find ways to help her. Don’t worry, Rainfur. Trust us.” Rainfur nodded, though he still worried.

“And the good news?” asked Rainfur.

“Sharpstar has trusted me enough to tell me this,” Flamepelt replied. “He has told me many plans of his, but none of them are important yet. However, I think that he is going to trust me completely by leaf-fall at the latest.” Rainfur smiled and nodded.

“Good work, Flamepelt,” Rainfur told him. “Did he say anything about Stormpaw?”

“No,” said Flamepelt, shaking his head a bit. “He doesn’t suspect a thing. He just mumbles about how you made Stormpaw just as crazy as you were.”

“Good,” said Rainfur, letting out a sigh of relief. There was a moments silence before Flamepelt spoke again.

“What is Stormpaw really?” asked Flamepelt. “ThunderClan has been wondering.” Rainfur paused. There was a slight moment when he thought of lying to Flamepelt, but then reality reminded him that he had to tell his friends the truth or it would come back and bit him in the butt. However, could he trust the other Clan cats to keep their mouths shut?

“He’s—er—complicating,” Rainfur told the young ginger tom. “He is in some ways like me, but in others, totally different. The power he has is based off justice, something mine was never about. However, the power doesn’t seem to know what evil truly is yet, so I have given Stormpaw the option to train with me.”

“Has he accepted?” asked Flamepelt.

“No,” said Rainfur, shaking his head. “And I doubt he will. Stormpaw’s just. . . frustrating, you know what I mean? He’s bratty and thinks he’s got it rough. If only he knew what I’ve gone through.”

“Can’t you show him like you did Duskkit?” asked Flamepelt. Rainfur sighed, shaking his head at first. Then he thought of something that was out of the ordinary.

“Actually, I think I can show him, just not the same way as Duskkit. . .” Rainfur murmured. “Thanks, Flamepelt, for reminding me of what I can do.”

“No problem,” Flamepelt said, smiling proudly. “I better go—dawn is approaching.” Rainfur nodded in understanding before walking away, listening to Flamepelt’s paw steps as he did the same.

Rainfur returned to camp quietly, and when he met the cats guarding the entrance he nodded to them. Around the time that Flamepelt had agreed to be a spy, Rainfur had explained to the older Warriors that he was going to be leaving and coming back late at night for some time, and they seemed to understand.

When Rainfur made it into the Warriors den, he fell asleep quickly, mostly because it was for a reason. He concentrated solely on retreating to his mind, and when that happened, he found that he was in complete darkness. For Rainfur, this was good. His emotions were being pushed away, leaving him with full rein to do what he wanted.

“Hey, Rainey,” said Jactur, walking up to him. Rainfur smiled, no longer freaked out when seeing his new friend. “What’ya doin’ here? I almost never get to see you anymore. Got a plan?”

“Yeah, but I’ll need your help,” Rainfur replied. “Do you know how to get Stormpaw in here?” Jactur shook his head.

“No, but we can go to him,” Jactur responded, smiling with amusement. “All we need to do is enter his dreams. It won’t be that hard, seeing as he’s dreaming of you at the moment.” Rainfur nodded, quite happy that it was going to be easy.

“What do I have to do?” asked Rainfur.

“Just try to imagine Stormpaw sleeping in the medicine den, and then try to match his breathing,” Jactur replied. “Very simple if you do it right.”

Rainfur nodded again before closing his eyes, trying to imagine the medicine den in his head. After doing that, he added Stormpaw in the picture, and soon matched his breathing. It was easier than he’d previously thought, and soon he was in the middle of Stormpaw’s dream.

It was quite odd, if Rainfur was seeing correctly, but it made sense. He was on a bridge, one that looked very high. Cars were passing him quickly, and the road seemed to be a major one. The only thing wrong was the human in front of him. The familiar one.

It was Daniel.

Rainfur’s heart-beat doubled as he watched his little brother pull out his phone and talk to his father. The conversation went just as the TV had put it, and when it ended, Rainfur wanted badly to help his brother, but then he reminded himself that it was only a dream.

Daniel turned around, then, and he didn’t seem to notice Rainfur. Instead he walked right passed him, and onto the road. The driver of the car didn’t see Daniel, and in one moment, it hit the ten-year-old boy.

The scene changed to complete darkness. In a few minutes, Rainfur could see a light, and in front of that light was Daniel. When the light faded, Rainfur found Cheetahfur sitting there, just like she had with him. This was all too similar, and all too painful to watch.

This time, it wasn’t the four leaders who had shown up. Instead, it was Ravenstar, the previous leader of ThunderClan, Jayflight, the previous deputy of ThunderClan, and a few others Rainfur didn’t know. They were important though, and of course Rainfur couldn’t stay long enough to find who they were.

When the scene changed again, Rainfur found that he was looking at a younger Stormpaw. After that, it went back to complete darkness, all expect for Rainfur, Jactur—who Rainfur never knew was there—and Stormpaw, who stared at them with wide eyes.

“W-what are you doing here?” Stormpaw demanded, standing up quickly. “What did you see?” Rainfur’s eyes were also wide as he figured out just what was going on.

“You can’t be—”

“What did you see?” Stormpaw screamed, interrupting Rainfur. “That dream was about—er—my Twoleg! Yeah, that’s right, my Twoleg!”

“Da—Stormpaw, I know what’s going on,” Rainfur told him. “I know what’s happened to you.”

“No you don’t!” Stormpaw hissed, his shock suddenly turning into anger. “You haven’t lost a brother! You haven’t had it be our fault! You haven’t even gone from a human to a cat!” Rainfur’s eyes narrowed tightly as he found that Stormpaw was still just as annoying.

“You wanna bet?” asked Rainfur. Before Stormpaw got to answer, Rainfur moved. He searched through Stormpaw’s memories, not even caring to find out if it was hurting his apprentice or not. He was too angry.

Rainfur took every memory of him and Alfie that he could, though it was limited due to to the fact that Daniel was barely four at the time. Or was it three? He couldn’t remember. All he knew was that Stormpaw had to see this.

After taking the memories he threw them to Stormpaw, noticing only too late that he’d hurt his own apprentice. Rainfur ignored the fact at that moment, knowing that it would only be worse if he didn’t continue.

Rainfur looked through his own memories after that, grabbing the few he still had of Alfie’s death. He then gave them to Stormpaw, who gasped in horror.

After this, Rainfur grabbed every memory he could of him and Daniel together, and then he threw them at Stormpaw, who screamed at that moment. Then, he showed the memory of how he died. Rainfur cringed at the mental pain he was now receiving, but ignored that too. He needed to do this in order for Stormpaw to understand.

Rainfur took the memory of meeting Cheetahfur and the others, threw that at Stormpaw, and then picked a few others of him being insane with Jactur. After this, he showed Stormpaw the memories of him reaching his previous home as a human, and then showed how he figured out how Daniel died.

After that, he stopped, watching as Stormpaw looked through the memories. It would be hours until he got through them all, but if that was what it took, he would wait. Rainfur was too tired to really move anyway.

Around a half-hour later, Stormpaw’s eyes blinked several times before looking to Rainfur with his eyes wide in shock. There was a few moments of silence before anyone spoke.

“M-Matthew?” asked Stormpaw, his voice shaky. “You’re really alive?” Rainfur nodded.

“It’s hard to believe you are,” he said. “Do you know how hard it was to know that you died because I did? Daniel, I lived my human life killing myself as I remembered Alfie’s death. When I heard about you, I was nearly back to square one.”

“I-I’m so sorry,” Stormpaw whispered. “If I’d have known, I wouldn’t have treated you so badly.”

“I know, Stormpaw,” Rainfur soothed. “But that wasn’t the point of showing you those memories. You may have had a crappy life, but you’re still not as bad as I was. I didn’t have someone willing to train me, to get the monster out of my head. I didn’t have someone willing to understand me, to know what I was going through. I didn’t have the privacy and normalness that you do. I was stared at and feared above all things, all because Cheetahfur made a small mistake.

“You, Stormpaw, are different,” Rainfur continued. “You have me. I will train the monster out of you, and I will understand you. I know what you’re going through, and I know how to fix it. Just listen to me, and show some respect. That’s all I’m asking.” Stormpaw nodded obediently.

“I promise, Matthew,” Stormpaw whispered.

“I’m Rainfur, remember?” Rainfur reminded the small tom. “I’m no longer Matthew, and you’re no longer Daniel. Plus, if you call me Matthew around the other cats, they’ll start calling you ‘the Odd One’ again.” Stormpaw nodded in understanding before everything faded, leaving Rainfur to wake with a start.

He sighed before realizing it was dawn already, and so he stood up and made his way out of the Warriors den. It seemed many cats were already up, and when Rainfur saw Nightstar upon the Highrock, he knew instantly that the noble leader had called a Clan meeting just a few moments ago.

Glancing over to the apprentice’s den, he found Stormpaw walking out quietly, a happy smile upon his face. Rainfur was happy as well, but who could blame him? He’d just found out that his little brother was alive and right in front of him.

After joining the crowd of cats, Nightstar started, looking very excited. It was as if it was a new beginning, as there was a new hope to guide everyone’s spirits.

“The day has come at last,” Nightstar announced, sitting tall and proud. “The quarter moon has only half-a-day to rise, in which we shall all go to the gathering place and announce our allegiance to RiverClan! Kits may stay if they or their mothers wish, but everyone else must come. Who would want to miss such a happy evening anyways?

“There are a few things I must attend to before I confirm when we will go. Rainfur,” said Nightstar, looking to him. “Stormpaw has agreed to train with you, correct?” Rainfur nodded.

“Yes he has,” Rainfur lied, having never really asked Stormpaw straight. Though he knew if he asked his apprentice the answer would be ‘yes’ anyways. “We begin training specially tomorrow. Today is too big a day to begin.” Nightstar nodded in understanding.

“Then we shall leave just before the moon rises!” Nightstar announced, leaving everyone else to cheer with him. The Clan meeting was then dismissed, leaving Rainfur to comfortably walk over to Stormpaw.

“I’m assuming you do promise to behave now,” said Rainfur. “Or are you still going to be a brat?” Stormpaw smirked and stood tall.

“As if!” Stormpaw hissed. “Brats are just a waste of time!” Rainfur smiled.

“That is good to hear,” Rainfur murmured. “Now, as I said to Nightstar, we won’t begin training until RiverClan’s allegiance has been confirmed. I have to warn you though, this training will be difficult. It took me several moons to prefect.”

“It’ll take me half the time if I’m with you,” Stormpaw pointed out. “Besides, Jactur himself said that I’m faster than you.”

“How do you know that?” Rainfur demanded, though he wasn’t really angry. Stormpaw just pranced away, a smirk still on his face.

“He told me last night.” said Stormpaw. Rainfur rolled his eyes before joining his apprentice for breakfast.

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