Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


27. Chapter 25

Chapter Twenty-Five

“I wish to join your Clan,” Rainfur replied, leaving the ShadowClan Warriors around him to whisper and murmur amongst themselves. “I wish to help you in your fight against ThunderClan.” Nightstar seemed excited, but he was hiding it.

“Why do you want to fight against ThunderClan?” asked Nightstar. “I know they have exiled you, but—”

“I am not here for revenge,” Rainfur hissed. “If I were, ShadowClan wouldn’t exist at this moment. I have come to kill Sharpstar.” Nightstar tilted his head in curiosity.

“And why is that?” asked the noble leader. “He’s done nothing yet.”

“Nothing that you know of, at least,” Rainfur muttered, his eyes narrowed darkly. “I know everything that has been going on at ThunderClan. The beatings, the pain, and the deaths. I know everything. He plans to execute my kits, just because I am the father. He plans to kill Robinwing, my mate, as well. I want him stopped. I want him killed before something bad happens. Now that I have the power to do it, I will.”

“And why do you need to join my Clan to do so?” asked Nightstar.

“I don’t need to, but I want to,” Rainfur told the elder leader. “I remember the last day I was here. I remember your welcome, and I wish to take the offer. If it’s still available, that is.” Nightstar sighed as he looked to his Warriors. All of them looked uncertain, but Nightstar made the final decision.

“I will let you join my Clan,” said Nightstar. “However, before I announce it to the rest of ShadowClan, I must talk to my senior Warriors. They knew better than I do sometimes, especially when hope is guiding me.” Rainfur nodded in understanding before sitting down and watching as Nightstar gathered his senior Warriors, talking to them quietly.

Sweetclaw walked up to him with a bit of worry in her eyes, making Rainfur a bit uncomfortable. However, she puffed out her chest and gathered her courage, sitting next to him with bravery.

Sweetclaw was like Rainfur’s apprentice. He’d taught her so many things, and she listened so well. Sweetclaw had grown very smart since her trip to Daniel’s house, and had even become a better Warrior. This relationship was one that Rainfur was proud to have.

“You know, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” said Rainfur, still keeping watch on Nightstar and his Warriors. “I’m still the same boring cat you claimed as your brother eight moons ago.”

“I’m not afraid,” Sweetclaw snapped, a determined look in her eye. “I am just worried that Nightstar won’t accept us.”

“You aren’t worried at all, Sweetclaw,” Rainfur murmured. “I can see it in your eyes that you’re afraid. Please don’t be. It’ll keep me sane for just a little while longer.”

“I’m just not used to seeing you so. . .so dark. . .” Sweetclaw murmured, looking at her paws. “You’re like a mentor to me now, but when I see you like that, it’s so scary. . . it just reminds me of when Jactur was out of control. . .”

“It won’t happen again, I promise,” Rainfur soothed. “Jactur is nicer now, and he doesn’t want to kill. He’s just a new friend that has actually taken the time to train me to my needs.” Sweetclaw sighed, looking up to him with her blue eyes.

“How am I supposed to know that?” asked Sweetclaw. “I’ve never even met him.” Rainfur sighed, dropping the subject quickly. He didn’t want to talk about it, but he didn’t want Sweetclaw to be afraid either.

You know you can actually show me to people, right? Asked Jactur, sounding quite bored.

No! I didn’t! Rainfur hissed. How?

Well, there’s two ways, actually, said Jactur. The first one, the easiest, is to just let me take control completely and merely talk to the people you want me to talk to. Of course, our scar would glow and our eyes would be dark blue, so I’d suggest doing it privately if you so ever wish. The second way is to actually bring them into our mind. When they’re asleep is when they’re the best to get. Just make sure to tell them that it isn’t just a dream.

You’re telling me this now? asked Rainfur.

You never seemed to have interest in it, so I never told you, said Jactur simply. You see, with me, you must ask before I give.

Right, said Rainfur. So I was supposed to ask before I gave you a name? Jactur stayed quiet after that, but luckily for Rainfur, Nightstar was done talking to his Warriors.

Rainfur stood as Nightstar walked over to him, flanked by four other Warriors. He stood tall, hoping to give a confident effect. It was quiet for only a few moments before Nightstar spoke.

“My Warriors want you to prove that the monster within you has been demolished,” Nightstar told him, a frown on his face. Rainfur shook his head.

“It has not been demolished,” Rainfur told them. “However, I have learned to control it so that, even if my scar is scratched, I won’t go mouse-brained. I’ll give you proof, just be patient. This takes time, as I have not mastered it yet.”

Rainfur concentrated hard, asking Jactur for his physical traits. They came after a few moments, leaving Rainfur’s coat opposite coloured and his eyes dark blue as well as his scar a light yellow. The cats around him gasped with fear as he opened his eyes, leaving them all shocked and scared. However, he sat there, waiting for a question.

“How do we know you aren’t the monster who killed Ravenstar?” asked a cat behind Nightstar.

“Would you really like to know?” asked Rainfur. The cats around him murmured and whispered, but he knew the final answer. He sighed before letting Jactur have the ability to talk to the cats around him.

“Ask Jactur, the one you called a monster, any question you’d like,” Rainfur told them, his expressionless eyes turning to Nightstar. “He’ll answer when I’m in this state.” It was quiet for a few moments. No one wanted to know what Ravenstar’s murder was like. No one was brave enough to ask.

“Why did you kill Ravenstar?” asked Nightstar, his voice showing weakness, though Rainfur knew he was trying to hide it.

“Well, first of all, I wasn’t exactly controlled at that point, which you can blame Rainfur for,” Jactur responded, his voice still demonic, though somehow a bit less intimidating. “Second, he was about spill some very important information to Rainfur. This information would not have been good for him to hear at that moment, and is still not good for him or you cats.” Nightstar growled lowly.

“You talk as if you’re a normal cat,” said Nightstar.

“Well I am, really,” Jactur responded. “I mean, think about it. I am the monster of Rainfur’s memories. So, whatever memory Rainfur just happens to have in his head, I will be like that. Right now, he is thinking of absolutely nothing, so I will do what I please.”

“So why aren’t you making him go insane?” asked Nightstar, pushing it a bit too far. Jactur hissed slightly, a bit annoyed it seemed like.

“Okay, look, I’m not just some murderer,” Jactur growled. “I’m as good and clean as Rainfur, but because he hadn’t realised what I was, he didn’t know how to connect with me. When he finally gave me the name ‘Jactur’, I trained him. Now he is as fast, as smart, and as strong as you saw me the night I killed Ravenstar.”

Everyone suddenly became very tense and worried. They were alert now, as if waiting for Rainfur to attack them at any moment. This isn’t going as well as I’d hoped.

“Well of course not,” Jactur hissed. “these moue-brains can’t tell a seed from a bird. I mean, don’t you think that, if Rainfur actually wanted to kill you, that he’d have killed you already? I know you heard him—he wants to join your Clan. He wants to help you kill that jerk of a leader so that you and your sorry butts can live free again. Get the picture? He trained with me, gave me a name, and even forgot about his brothers just so he could come over here and kill that demon that has threatened his family. You guys must have the brain of a poppy seed if you think that Rainfur here is going to kill you.”


The rain continued to poor down, leaving the ground beneath them muddy and sticky. The thunder was the only other thing to be heard, following the light blue lighting in the sky. Everyone was shocked at how much sense that Jactur made, making Rainfur quite proud.

There was murmuring behind Nightstar, but Rainfur knew that the wise leader had already made up his mind. He was happy that Nightstar was one of the wisest leaders, for Rainfur would need this wisdom in the final battle, something that was approaching them quickly.

“Your strength shall come in handy when we are ready to attack ThunderClan,” Nightstar told him. “You shall be welcomed as a full Warrior of ShadowClan, and no one shall treat you differently. You are our only hope, Rainfur. I pray to StarClan that you know what you’re doing.” Rainfur dipped his head respectively before watching as Nightstar led his Clan toward their camp.

Rainfur trailed behind the Clan, knowing that it would be better to start off as just a normal new Warrior, who almost always stayed behind the group. Sweetclaw was right there with him, a joyful smile on her face.

“I’m not afraid anymore, Rainfur,” said Sweetclaw cheerfully. “Jactur is really you, and he actually defended you. Any friend of yours is mine. I trust him now.” Rainfur nodded, finally noticing that he had turned back into his normal self with lightning blue eyes and a black scar.

At least now Rainfur was somewhere close to home. All he needed to now was gain authority in ShadowClan before finally planning out a battle, something he wasn’t looking forward to.


By the time they arrived at ShadowClan’s camp, it was nearly nightfall. Nightstar had ordered everyone to bring the wounded and dead, if there were any. It seemed ShadowClan was doing fine on its own when the rogues attacked, but Rainfur was still glad he got to kill Shadow. It was like revenge for Ravenstar almost, but it also satisfied Rainfur’s need to use his power, something he’d been feeling for awhile.

When Rainfur made his way into their camp, he heard several gasps and whispers. They all looked at him with uncertainty, and the fear in their eyes was unmistakable. Rainfur’s stomach lurched, the feeling of being exiled once again returning.

“You aren’t supposed to be here!” hissed a young she-cat from the front of the crowd. “Sharpstar, Nightstar, Bravestar and Rosestar exiled you! You don’t belong in this forest!” Rainfur’s eyes narrowed, baring his teeth a little.

“Nightstar has let me join for reasons of his own,” Rainfur hissed, making the young Warrior cower a bit. “If you want to know why I’m here, talk to him.” Rainfur then turned around and followed Nightstar, knowing perfectly well that the noble leader was going to gather a Clan meeting.

“Rainfur!” Nightstar called, making him go faster. When he stood in front of the ShadowClan leader, he tilted his head with confusion.

“Do you think you could prove to everyone that you’re insanity is controlled?” asked Nightstar, a worried look in his eye. “I can do some stuff, but I can’t prove to them that you’re safe. All of them remember that fire, and they won’t forget it. I doubt any of the cats in this forest will.”

“I don’t expect them to,” Rainfur muttered, making Nightstar a bit confused. “I don’t care if they don’t like me, only that they accept me as someone else to help in the battle against Sharpstar. Rosestar and her Clan won’t agree, but Bravestar and his Clan will. They know me well, having met me several times over.” Nightstar nodded, a warm smile on his face.

“You’ve answered more than a few questions that I’ve had,” he told Rainfur before jumping onto the Highrock. He had just noticed that everyone was already gathered, and that they were still yelling out accusations against Rainfur.

“Quiet!” hissed Nightstar, his eyes narrowed. When the last cat grew silent, the noble leader began. “I know that you disagree with Rainfur’s presence, but it must be done. He’s the only way we can get to Sharpstar, and end this war against ownership toward the territory.”

“How can he help us?” yelled a black tom from below.

“Yeah!” Another tom agreed. “The only thing he can do is kill us! He’ll go mouse-brained and then kill us all before getting to Sharpstar!” Nightstar hissed in warning, his tail flicking in annoyance.

“Rainfur has told me that he has learned to control the insanity you saw a half moon ago,” Nightstar told them, making whispers begin. “He’s told me that he now has the strength to kill Sharpstar. Rainfur, if you wouldn’t mind. . .” Rainfur nodded before standing and looking at the others.

He concentrated once again and showed them his dark blue eyes and glowing yellow scar. Everyone gasped and took a few steps back, each of them thinking that Rainfur was going to attack at any moment. He hissed, unable to hide his anger.

“That. . .that doesn’t prove anything!” yelled a she-cat, probably a queen.

“What do you mean?” asked Rainfur, looking quite angry. “This was how you saw me last time, but I had already killed by that point. I’m perfectly fine at the moment though, so what else do I have to prove?”

“How do we know you aren’t just faking it?” asked another she-cat, her amber eyes narrowed. “How do we know you’re not holding back?” Rainfur hissed, baring his teeth once again.

He ran up to her, making her gasp in shock as she lost him. Rainfur gave a small hiss, alerting her. She turned around, her eyes as wide as the silver moon.

“I am as quick as a cheetah,” said Rainfur, surprising her again. He quickly unbalanced her and held her there, and though she tried to struggle, it was barely noticeable. “I have the strength of a fox.” Rainfur then got off of her, surprising everyone. He looked back to her after she stood up, a bit of worry in his eyes. “I have the intelligent of the Stars above us, and yet I don’t kill you. Don’t you think that’s proof? Doesn’t that tell you right then and there that I am safe enough to live in the Warriors den? I didn’t come here to kill you, I came here to destroy that monster leading my home Clan. I will leave as soon as I do, for that is the only revenge I want.”

“Why is it that you want to kill Sharpstar?” asked a strong looking tom that was standing near the shocked. He looked quite mad, but Rainfur didn’t care.

“As my past mentor, he wasn’t that nice to me, but I just thought he was grumpy,” Rainfur hissed. “But no, he was using me. At any possible moment he could, he was going to try and kill me. I stood in the way of his leadership, and I therefore needed to be killed. Those rogues that attacked you were called out by Sharpstar, leading me to believe that this has been going on further than either you and I can guess. He has betrayed me. He has betrayed this Forest.

“That isn’t all of it though,” Rainfur continued. “I know what he has done to my Clan-mates. He killed Yelloweye just because he wasn’t Clan born. He has treated my mate as if she were a prisoner, and my kits. . .my kits are to be executed the moment they are born. All because I, an insane, yet powerful loner, is their father. I want revenge, and I want it now. He’s done too much to me for forgiveness. He had a chance to right his mistakes, but he didn’t, and he will pay. I know what he has done to ShadowClan, and I will fix that. I will destroy that monster, and I will bring the light back into this forest, even if I am to be exiled afterword. This is my home, and the last thing I want to do is see it destroyed by a traitor.”


No one spoke. They were too shocked by what they were hearing, and surprised at how much anger Rainfur had. His tail was lashing with anger, his teeth were bared, and the fury flashed through his eyes like a flame. He knew he must have looked scary, which was probably another reason no one said anything, but he didn’t care.

Whoa there, Rainey, Jactur told him. Don’t want to kill someone, do you?

I do in fact want to kill someone, but he’s not here right now, so thank you, Rainfur murmured. I’ll calm down now.

Good, I was getting worried there, said Jactur.

One more thing, said Rainfur.

What? asked Jactur curiously.

Don’t ever call me Rainey again, or I will physically go inside my mind and kill you, Rainfur warned, making Jactur quiet. Rainfur smirked as he returned to his normal state with lightning blue eyes and a black scar.

“I think Rainfur has proven his belonging,” Nightstar told his Clan, getting their attention. “Let him sleep in—”

“Blackfrost is dead!” a small apprentice suddenly yelled as she rushed into camp, wide-eyes and filled with shock. The Clan gasped as they looked over at her, very confused.

“What do you mean?” asked Nightstar, standing with worry in his eyes.

“The rogues! They attacked us!” the slim she-cat told them. “H-he took me out for some training since I asked and neither of us were injured. We were doing fine until—until they attacked! It was so quick, and when they left they told me something about revenge and I—I didn’t know what to do. I—”

“Why would revenge have anything to do with it?” asked Nightstar.

“I—I don’t know!” the she-cat whimpered. “He just said that because we killed their leader, they killed ours. They left so quickly. . .I didn’t know what to do. . .they were so fast. . .” Nightstar looked to his senior Warriors.

“Pineshade, Snakeheart, and Blackpetal, please go and re-mark the borders,” Nightstar ordered. “Scorchspot and Tinyear, please come with me to find Blackfrost’s body and bring it back to camp. Featherpaw,” said Nightstar, looking to the small she-cat that was still breathing heavily at the camp entrance. “Are you well enough to lead them?” Featherpaw nodded before leading the two young Warriors, leaving the rest of the Clan to panic.

Nightstar jumped off of the Highrock, looking a little shaken. Rainfur looked at him, trying to find out what the leader was thinking about. However, he just ended up asking.

“Are you okay?” asked Rainfur curiously. “Is there a reason you don’t look saddened over Blackfrost’s death?” Nightstar shook his head.

“I’m fine, just hiding the worry,” Nightstar murmured. “Blackfrost was my deputy, and with him gone, how am I going to make the right choices?”

“Just trust yourself,” Rainfur said warmly, giving a soothing smile. “You can’t rely on anyone but yourself sometimes. Trust me, I’m a loner.” Nightstar smiled in response before running off and joining his patrol, calming the Clan down a bit. Rainfur stood right there, his mind thinking much more than he was used to.

Blackfrost is dead, and he was the deputy of ShadowClan, Rainfur thought. Nightstar only has three lives left if I remember, and if that’s the case, we’re screwed. He can’t just pick any random Warrior to become his deputy. If he does, ShadowClan is no better off than becoming rogues.

You know, you make things way too completing, Jactur commented. I mean really, do you think a cat as old as Nighty over there will choose someone less than worthy to lead his Clan?

I guess not, Rainfur murmured. And what’s with all the name calling?

I don’t know, said Jactur truthfully. Must just be the mood I’m in. Strange.

“Who are you?” someone asked behind him. Rainfur turned around to see a very strange cat, someone he knew by the name of ‘the Odd One’.

This tom was only six moons old, barely. He had long chocolate brown fur that put a bit of elegance to him. He also had white splotches, one that even looked like a crescent moon on his left shoulder. He had pine coloured green eyes that were narrowed confusingly at Rainfur.

“Er, Rainfur,” Rainfur replied. “What’s your name?” the small tom sighed.

“I’m not sure,” he answered. “I mean, I had a name, but then I sorta forgot it. Now everyone just calls me the Odd One because I talk about strange things. It’s not my fault I know so much about Twolegs. By the way, you look vaguely familiar. . .”

“Hmm, that’s strange,” said Rainfur. “I came from the Twoleg place as well, and that’s sorta why I’m so well known. Maybe you saw me a little while back? Like I said, I came from a Twoleg place.”

“Maybe. . .” the Odd One whispered. “Are you that cat everyone keeps talking about? The one who got exiled for killing a leader?” Rainfur shrugged.

“More or less,” he answered. “Let’s just say I’ve controlled that will to kill, and is just visiting long enough to kill Sharpstar. That’s it.” The Odd One shrugged before walking away, looking quite tired. Rainfur, however, stood there, watching the small kit.

Impossible. . .Rainfur thought, his eyes wide.

Apparently not, Jactur hissed. Now focus! If you lose your mind again you might not be able to control it, and then we’re in for some trouble. . .

I know, I know, Rainfur replied, looking away. It’s just that. . .well, you saw.

Yeah, I did, and frankly, I think you’re wrong, Jactur growled. Now can we get on with it?

Rainfur rolled his eyes before finding out that Nightstar had returned with that cat called Scorchspot dragging Blackfrost’s body gently into the heart of camp. A ginger she-cat shrieked with grief, running up to her dead mate.

“What’s wrong with daddy?” asked a small brown tom. It was a kit, and behind it was a dark ginger she-kit, and behind that was a dark brown tabby tom. All of them went over to see Blackfrost.

“Mamma? Why is he sleeping?” asked the small ginger she-cat. “Why won’t he wake up?”

“I’m sorry, sweethearts. . .” the ginger she-cat, who was obviously their mother, cried. “Your father. . .he won’t be waking up. He has to move, you see. . . h-he has to g-go to the stars.”

“But why?” cried the small tabby tom. “Why can’t he stay here with us? Doesn’t he love us?”

“Of course he does, Tigerkit,” their mother whimpered. “B-but StarClan is calling him. . . h-he must go. . .”


“No buts, Mudkit,” an older queen muttered. “Now all three of you must come here. Leave your mother alone, for she needs to be with your father for a few more minutes.”

“Can’t we just—”

“Go, Rosekit,” ordered the queen. “Or shall I call the Odd One?” The kits eyes widened before running back into the nursery, making the elder queen smirk with accomplishment.

“Blackfrost was a noble Warrior, and a wonderful deputy,” Nightstar called from the highrock. Everyone looked up to him, just now aware that he was up there. “However, as moonhigh approaches, I must choose a cat to fill his place.”

Everyone was quiet as they waited for the answer, even Rainfur. He wanted to know if Nightstar was making a reasonable choice. He wanted to make sure that Nightstar wasn’t being a mouse-brain.

“I say these words before StarClan, so that the spirit of Blackfrost may hear and approve my choice,” Nightstar called. “The new deputy of ShadowClan will be Rainfur.”


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