Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


24. Chapter 22

Chapter Twenty-Two

StarClan help us. . .

What an interesting offer!

The stars have given us a Saviour, but where is he?

Who is this cat? Why is he so odd? Who does he remind me of?

Rainfur listened carefully, narrowing his eyes as he realised who the voices belonged to. The first one was Frostpaw, making Rainfur wonder what was happening to ThunderClan. The rogues could have been a problem, but then again, the fire must have driven them away. . .right?

The second voice was Rosestar. This was something Rainfur did not understand, though something told him that she was walking into a trap. He didn’t know what to think about that, only that he hoped Rosestar would be smart.

The third voice was Bravestar. It was no surprise that the leader knew about the Saviour, and it wasn’t shocking that RiverClan needed him. All four Clans seemed to be in trouble, so being need of the Saviour wasn’t exactly exciting.

The fourth voice was Nightstar, and the fact that a new cat had shown up was a bit strange. It was also weird that Nightstar thought he was odd. Rainfur could only guess of who the cat reminded him off, and none of them would be correct.

As always, nothing made sense, making Rainfur wonder if giving the demon a name was such a bad idea.

“What is that I hear?” asked the demon, suddenly popping in. ”Thinking of giving me a name, are we?” Rainfur growled, making the demon frown.

“No, though it is tempting,” Rainfur muttered. “I mean, those voices. I can hear them for a reason, right?” The demon shrugged.

“I can’t tell you until you give me a name,” said the demon, encouraging him even more.

“Of course you can’t,” Rainfur muttered. “You wouldn’t be as annoying.”

“Or fun!” the demon chirped. ”I love annoying you, though I would love it more if you trusted me.” Rainfur sighed, thinking once again how nice it would be not to worry about getting his scar scratched.

“What will I be able to do if I give you a name?” Rainfur asked, making sure to emphasize the word ‘if’ so that the demon knew he wasn’t actually giving him a name.

“Well, let’s see,” said the demon. ”You’ll gain my speed, intelligence, and strength as well as my trust, meaning you won’t have to worry about me killing anyone. You’ll know all of what the voices are about and what’s going on at the Clans territories. You will also be able to travel faster, having my speed. Of course, you’ll need to train first. . .”

“What?” asked Rainfur, narrowing his eyes with confusion. “I have to train to get these things?”

“You can’t just become an assassin in one night, Rainfur,” the demon pointed out.

“Then what’s the point of giving you a name?” asked Rainfur. “Why can’t you just train me now?” The demon sighed with frustration, obviously regretting telling him about the training part.

“Giving me a name signifies your trust in me,” the demon explained. ”I won’t train you now because that would give me nothing in return. If you have your trust me, you will help me forget the memories that made me, giving me the strength to avoid killing cats. Do you understand now?”

“I guess,” Rainfur muttered.

Everything faded after that, making him open his eyes. At first, Rainfur had no idea where he was, but he remembered after a few moments.

As Rainfur stood up, he realised he was sleeping in a cat bed. It was red on the outside with fuzzy white fur on the inside. It was so comfortable, and though he wanted to stay, Rainfur had other things on his mind.

As he stood up however, Rainfur felt stiff, as if his skin was restricting him. When he looked himself over, he found that he had many stitches and bandages over his body.

Probably what the cat lady did, Rainfur thought. I would thank her, but then again, I really need to move. I have a lot of stuff I want to do, and I don’t need a vet to help me heal.

Sweetclaw suddenly showed up, her blue eyes filled with worry. Rainfur smiled to her as he looked over her body, happy to find no wounds like he’d been expecting.

“Are you feeling okay?” asked the calico she-cat. “That old Twoleg must have called another Twoleg over. I didn’t know what it was going to do, but apparently nothing bad.”

“What did the second Twoleg look like?” asked Rainfur.

“It had a white thing on his body and he looked really weird. He seemed worried about you, though, and he ended up fixing most of your wounds it looks like.” Sweetclaw explained.

“That Twoleg is called the ‘vet’,” Rainfur explained, still smiling. “His job is to heal us animals, so I’m not surprised he came over. I would have liked it if he gave me something that would make me a little less restricted, though.”

“Are you mad?” asked Sweetclaw curiously.

“No, just annoyed a bit,” Rainfur told her. “Where is Leslie?”

“Oh! Right over here,” Sweetclaw answered, leading the way through the walls. Rainfur followed her with joy, hoping the kit he’d protected was okay.

They passed only one room before making it to Leslie. The tall black she-cat was lying near Carlisle, looking down to her two kits. Rainfur walked over to the new family, happy that everyone was doing okay.

“Leslie!” said Sweetclaw. “Rainfur’s awake! He’s looking really good today.” Rainfur rolled his eyes before looking to Leslie.

“That’s good,” said Leslie, looking up to him. “I was wondering when he’d be up.”

“That was a long night,” Rainfur reminded her, smiling. “I needed the rest.”

“Oh yes, I knew that,” Leslie murmured. “I was going to let you sleep however long you wanted, for you saved little Romeo.” Rainfur shrugged.

“I would have done that for anyone,” Rainfur muttered, his head low with embarrassment.

“Exactly,” said Carlisle, his voice deep. “I was convinced that you would get us killed. Instead, you saved us, and nearly gave your life for one of our kits. For that we thank you, and will give you anything you want.” Rainfur shook his head, a modest smile on his face.

“I want nothing,” said Rainfur. “Leslie helped me when I needed it most, and has helped me realize something important. For that, your debt has been payed. We are even.” Carlisle still seemed unsure, but he nodded in understanding.

“Hey, Rainfur,” said Sweetclaw curiously. “Are you still planning to go to that Twoleg nest you kept talking about?” Rainfur looked over to her before nodding.

“It’s just across the roa—thunderpath, so I won’t be risking anything if I do go,” Rainfur explained. “I think I’ll be living here until these stupid stitches are out, though.” Sweetclaw nodded in understanding before seeming confused again.

“Are we going now?” asked Sweetclaw.

“If you’re okay with it,” Rainfur responded. “I’m just waiting for you.” Sweetclaw looked excited at that, her eyes widening with happiness.

“Really?” asked Sweetclaw. “You want me to come with you?”

“Of course,” Rainfur told her. “You made this journey with me, so you deserve to come with me. It’s only fair, after all.” Sweetclaw seemed to jump with excitement as she heard that, making Rainfur smile. He loved making her happy like that.

“Let’s go!” yelled Sweetclaw. Rainfur stood up again and gave another look at the new family he’d saved. He was happy for what he’d done, and before he went to see his family, he wanted to remember this one.

After that, Rainfur followed Sweetclaw out of the house. They seemed to be near the front of the house, so it actually didn’t take that long. Rainfur noticed many cats as he walked, though, making him wonder just how many families lived there.

After Rainfur went through the small cat door, he walked over the concrete porch and then followed the walkway through the front yard. It was a quick trip, and with Sweetclaw in the lead, they’d make it there quickly.

When they crossed the lonely Thunderpath, Rainfur took the lead. He stood in front of the house, smiling as the memories returned to him.

The house was cabin-like with wooden looking walls and a dark brown door. There was three windows that Rainfur could see through. One was from the kitchen, and the other was the living room. The other window Rainfur could see was from his old bedroom on the second story, which had probably turned into the guest bedroom.

Rainfur then walked through the grass and up the stairs onto the red wood porch. After that, he went through the small dog-door that had been there since they had gotten Fluffy, a Golden retriever lab mix. Rainfur was surprised it was still there, but also grateful. It was the only way into the house that he could find.

When Rainfur entered the house, he was welcomed by the familiar entry way that led into the living room and kitchen. Rainfur walked across the hard-wood floor, forgetting that it made everything louder.

“Make sure to use you’re pad when you’re walking,” Rainfur whispered to Sweetclaw. “We can’t be loud—I don’t know if the Twolegs are back from their work or training yet.” He watched her nod before turning back toward the stairs.

Rainfur walked over to the wooden stairs and hopped onto the first step. He did that a few more times before he realised Sweetclaw wasn’t following him. He turned around to face her, noticing that she looked a bit scared.

“You want me to climb that?” she asked. “It’s so steep!”

“Come on, Sweetclaw,” said Rainfur in a teasing voice. “If Twolegs can do it, you can. Besides, you’ve climbed things steeper than this at home!”

“Yeah, but it looks really slippery. . .” Sweetclaw murmured.

“If you slip, then use your claws,” Rainfur told her as he turned around. “It’s not that hard. Trust me.” After that, he heard her jump onto the first step, making him smile.

After making it up the stairs Rainfur followed the hall down to the back bedroom where Daniel stayed. The door was open, thankfully enough, so he just walked right in.

Rainfur found that the room was empty. There was no bed, no shelves, and no chairs. It wasn’t like this when Rainfur remembered it.

“Is something wrong?” Sweetclaw asked as she walked up to him.

“It’s empty,” Rainfur whispered. “It’s as if the Twoleg that lived here moved. Usually there is useless stuff everywhere, but there’s not. . .” Rainfur then turned around and made his way over to his old bedroom, finding much more there.

Daniel must have moved into this bedroom, because it looked nothing like Rainfur’s old room. Everything of Daniel’s was in there, making Rainfur wonder if Daniel moved because he was grieving for him. It would make sense, but this made Rainfur a little sad.

After that, he looked over to the Calender, finding that it was Saturday. If was Saturday, then Daniel should have been home, unless he was with his friends.

“The Twoleg isn’t here,” Rainfur told Sweetclaw as he turned to face her. “Looks like we’ll just have to come back tomorrow.” Sweetclaw nodded in understanding before following Rainfur through the hall and down the stairs.

Rainfur was a bit disappointed, having hoped that Daniel was home, but he made sure not to show it to Sweetclaw. He just needed to come back another time, which would probably be at night. That was when Rainfur knew Daniel would be home.

As they passed the living room, Rainfur heard the TV. He sighed, knowing that his dad probably left it on before going to work.

Rainfur took the detour and walked over to the brown couch. He jumped onto it and then looked for the remote, hoping that it wasn’t lodged inside the leather couch. As he looked, the TV channel that it was set on caught his attention.

“. . .and we have yet to understand why Daniel Stephens committed suicide after calling his father.”

Rainfur stared wide-eyed at the TV, hoping that what he’d just heard was just his imagination. Daniel couldn’t have committed suicide. Not in just six months!

“Apparently, Daniel’s father knew nothing of this. Daniel had just told his father that he was going out, and then called a half-hour later to tell him that he was going to kill himself. Daniel’s father is not here for a comment, but we have record of the call. . .”

“Dad?” asked the familiar voice of Daniel. He seemed like he was crying, making Rainfur’s stomach lurch. ”Dad, are you there?”

“Yes, Daniel,” replied the stern voice of Rainfur’s father. He seemed to realize that Daniel wasn’t acting right, and so in a softer voice, his father asked, ”Is everything okay?”

“No,” Daniel whispered. ”Nothing has been okay since Matthew died.” His father didn’t reply immediately, though Rainfur heard a sniff that was obviously something to avoid crying.

“Daniel, I know you’re sad, but you have to move on,” his father whispered. ”Matthew did when Alfie died, and I know that he would want you to do the same.”

“No. . .” Daniel murmured. ”You’re wrong! Matthew never moved on, I could see it in his eyes. . .” Daniel was quiet for a few moments before the father responded.

“Daniel, come home,” his father told him. ”We’ll talk about it more later.”

“That’s the thing, dad,” Daniel muttered. ”I’m not going back home. I want to see Matthew again, and the only way to do that. . .”

“No!” his father yelled. ”You can’t! You’re only ten! Look, I’ll go and pick you up. Just stay right where you are. I’ll—”

“Sorry dad,” Daniel whispered. ”I’m sorry about everything, but I just can’t live like this anymore. Good-bye. . .”

“Stay where you are!” his father yelled in panic. ”Stay right there and—” The line ended, and then the lady on the news continued to talk. Rainfur ignored this though, looking to his paws.

No. . . Rainfur thought. No! Daniel couldn’t have died! But he did. . .and it was all because of me. If I hadn’t left him, this wouldn’t have happened. I can’t believe I made this happen. . .Daniel died, because me, just like Alfie. . .

“Rainfur?” asked Sweetclaw, looking worried. “Rainfur, are you okay? Why were you looking at that moving picture thingy? What did that Twoleg say? Rainfur?”

Why? Why must it always be my fault? I can’t believe this. . . all because of me. . .Daniel died. . .What do I do now? Will I even make it? Can I go back to the Clans? Not unless I want to join ShadowClan. . .but I still need to go back. Robinwing has my kits. . .but how will I make it?

Er. . .I know it’s not the best time right now, but you know, I can help you, said the demon. I mean, you’ll get my strength, remember?

But I need to give you a name, is that it? Rainfur asked. Like I’d do that. That’s the last thing I want to do. . .wait. . .if I give you a name, you’ll help me forget all of this and help me move on, right?

Yup, said the demon, an excited edge to his voice.

I’ll know what’s going on with Robinwing and the others, Rainfur thought.

Yes, the demon replied.

That doesn’t sound too bad, Rainfur murmured. You know, I think I’ll do it. After what just happened, you must be in even more pain than last time, and I’m not much better.

So you’ll give me a name? asked the demon.

Yes, Rainfur replied. Your name will be Jactur.


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