Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


23. Chapter 21

Chapter Twenty-One


The torture! It’s getting worse!


Where is he?


I need—

Rainfur hissed as a clash of thunder broke off the sentence, forcing him out of his focused mind. He’d been trying to concentrate on the voices, whom were always there in his head. It was just so hard to listen—he couldn’t have any distractions or be thinking about anything.

Rainfur was also mad because of the storm that had just decided to roll in as Leslie was busy with labour pains. Lightning, thunder, and rain that poured like a bucket being dumped was making him irritated. It was annoying, and with him not being able to get under anything, his fur clung to his skin like cement.

Leslie let out a small whimper, making Carlisle, Sweetclaw, and Luca gasp with worry. They were under the porch of an old house, so they were dry. He wasn’t allowed under there, of course, because Carlisle still didn’t trust him. Rainfur didn’t mind standing guard, but those voices were getting close to spilling the truth.

The Clans are in trouble, and the Saviour is missing. Great. And that last voice. . .it was Robinwing. . .I know it was. . .but what did she need?

Thinking of going back, are we? asked the demon. Well that’s surprising. Not.

If they’re in trouble, I need to go back, Rainfur pointed out. However, if I go back, not only will I be sent away, I won’t be much help to them.

Just give me a name, the demon insisted. It’ll give you the strength and speed you need, as well as the need to go back.

Look, I have to admit, I like you a bit more now, but it’s just too risky, Rainfur muttered. You’re too powerful to take chances with.

Fine, said the demon, obviously disappointed. Just know this: if that truly was Robinwing, then she’s in trouble.

Wait, you know what’s going on over there? Rainfur asked.

Yeah, but I won’t tell you, the demon growled. Not unless you give me a name, that is. Then I can tell you everything. Rainfur rolled his eyes but did not reply. There was no way he was giving the demon a name, not in this town.

Suddenly, Rainfur saw a flash of darkness and few pairs of amber eyes. They were glaring at him, though their body language told him that they were afraid.

“Carlisle,” Rainfur muttered to the large tom behind him. “We have a problem.”

“What is it?” Carlisle hissed, his voice showing distaste.

“It’s a private matter,” Rainfur growled. Carlisle seemed to pause, but eventually walked over to Rainfur, hesitation in his gait. “You don’t need to be afraid, you know. I won’t hurt you.”

“I don’t trust you,” Carlisle hissed. Rainfur just continued to look forward, hoping to catch another glare from the cats beyond. “You nearly killed my family.”

“Correction,” Rainfur muttered. “The demon nearly killed your family. I would never do such thing, as I am quite the opposite of the insanity within me.” Carlisle snorted, obviously uncomfortable standing so close to him.

“Is this the ‘private matter’ you wanted to talk to me about?” Carlisle hissed.

“No, actually, though I did want to explain that to you,” said Rainfur. His tail gave a short flick toward the bush where he saw the amber eyes, making Carlisle confused.

“I see nothing,” Carlisle growled. “Is this some sort of trick?”

“Yes, and now I’m going to kill you,” Rainfur hissed with annoyance. “No, mouse-brain. I would never do that to Leslie, and for your information, I’m trying to save your tails right now.” Carlisle narrowed his eyes before looking back toward the bush. It was at that moment the amber eyes showed, glowing brightly toward the two toms.

“Are they. . .?” Carlisle drifted as Rainfur nodded.

“They are the cats that attacked you,” Rainfur answered. “From what I can smell and see, they’ve got us surrounded. They won’t come near you or your family because of me, but as soon as I leave you, they’ll try to kill you, not just wound you like last time.” Carlisle growled lowly for warning.

“And so you’re going to leave us?” asked the tabby tom.

“No!” Rainfur hissed, getting very annoyed. “As I told you before, I would never put you or your mate in danger. I’m going to help you.”

“How?” Carlisle demanded. “It’s not like you can just lead us elsewhere—they’ll attack us from behind!”

“I know a place that will take you and you’re family in,” Rainfur murmured, ignoring the irritating tom. “It’s a Twoleg who saves cats for a living. You will be with your own kind, and you’ll be inside the Twoleg’s nest. You’re kits will grow up healthy, and you won’t have to worry about getting killed by this group of cats.” Carlisle snorted.

“Yeah, right,” the tabby tom growled. “And live like housecats? As if I’d do that!”

“This Twoleg is an elder,” Rainfur growled. “It lives alone and mainly just sleeps. You can also hunt on your own if you like.”

“I still don’t trust that you’ll lead us there,” Carlisle growled.

“It’s the only choice you’ve got,” Rainfur muttered. “I need to leave, and though I might come back, I probably won’t. You need to get to a safer place.” Carlisle growled, but he didn’t reply. Rainfur figured the tom was just thinking about it, making him smirk.

Suddenly, Leslie wailed out in pain, making Rainfur and Carlisle look to her. Rainfur stayed outside as the tabby tom rushed over to his mate, a worried look in his amber eyes.

“Leslie?” he asked. “Leslie, are you okay?”

“The kits are coming!” the black she-cat rasped. “It hurts!”

“Just keep pushing!” Rainfur yelled to her. “It’ll be over soon, I promise!” Rainfur was surprised to find Carlisle speechless, but maybe that was because he was panicking with the kits coming.

Rainfur suddenly heard movement behind him, making him narrow his eyes with anger. He turned around to find the cats advancing onto him, running full speed toward the family of cats. Carlisle was busy, and Rainfur could understand that. However, he was more likely to die by fighting this cats alone.

Rainfur lunged to the closest cat he could get to, but before he could scratch it, the tom fled in fear, making Rainfur sigh. The cats in front of him skidded to a halt, hissing with hostile glares. The fear in their eyes gave them away, making Rainfur smirk again.

“Stay back!” Rainfur hissed. “Or would you like me to show you how unmerciful I can be?” the cats hissed and growled, though none of them walked any further.

“The first kit is out!” Sweetclaw announced. “She’s a black and white she-cat! Come on, Leslie! Just one more!” A wail from Leslie told Rainfur that she was in pain, making Carlisle whimper with worry for his mate.

A large tom lunged at Rainfur, making him leap away. The tom lunged again, though this time near Sweetclaw. Rainfur lunged without thinking, and then sliced open the tom’s throat, making him widen his eyes in fear. This was one of the few times he actually killed a cat without having the demon’s help. It was terrifying.

Rainfur stood up and glared at the other cats, who were all backing away. A few, however, still had a determined look in their eye.

“Good! That’s it!” Sweetclaw cheered. “It’s a brown tom! Leslie, you have two wonderful, healthy kits. Leslie? Leslie? Are you okay?” Sweetclaw’s voice suddenly grew worried, making Rainfur hiss with irritation.

“Rainfur! She’s too tired to even get up!” Sweetclaw called over to him. “Her labour tired her out! What are we going to do?” Rainfur narrowed his eyes at the cats in front of him, as if daring them to move. Each of them seemed relaxed enough to stay, so he turned around to face the new family members.

“Carlisle, you must carry Leslie on your back,” Rainfur ordered. Carlisle looked shocked, as if he’d never been asked such a thing.

“You want me to do what?” asked Carlisle. “That’s impossible! She’ll fall!”

“Not if I can help it,” Rainfur growled before turning to Sweetclaw and Luca. “Now do as I say. Luca, Sweetclaw, you carry the kits and follow Carlisle and Leslie. I’ll stay behind. The cats will follow us, I’m sure of it, but I stay behind everyone, they won’t attack.”

“There’s one problem to that plan, Rainfur,” Carlisle muttered. Rainfur glared at the tabby tom.

“What is it?” Rainfur demanded.

“I have no idea where you want to go,” Carlisle answered, making Rainfur hiss with frustration. It was true: Carlisle didn’t know where to go, but if Rainfur took the lead, the gang of cats would surely kill them all.

Rainfur suddenly remembered when he’d received the memory from Cloudstreak, and when he’d sent the memory to Bravestar. Using this knowledge, Rainfur looked to Leslie, his eyes locking onto hers.

After this, Rainfur grabbed the certain memories of running through the streets from the forest, trying to get home. The place where they needed to be was right across from his Twoleg house, so all the needed to do was go there. When the memories stopped, Leslie gasped with shock, making Carlisle hiss with anger.

“What did you do?” the tabby tom demanded. Rainfur ignored him, looking into Leslie’s eyes more.

“You know where to go now, right?” asked Rainfur, hoping that Leslie would be strong enough to tell Carlisle to go. Leslie nodded, though the shock had not completely warn off yet. Rainfur nodded before looking to Carlisle.

“Leslie knows where to go,” he explained. “Just follow her directions, and we’ll be their safely.” Carlisle nodded, still confused, before standing still as Rainfur, Luca, and Sweetclaw helped Leslie on his back. After that, Luca and Sweetclaw picked up a kit, and that was when the cats starting inching toward them.

Carlisle then ran forward with Leslie on his back, followed by Sweetclaw and Luca. Rainfur gave a sharp glare to the cats before running toward Sweetclaw and the others.

As they ran, Rainfur made sure to keep and ear out for the cats behind him. They were much faster than Carlisle and the others, but each of them were afraid that Rainfur would kill them. This was all going according to plan, which would mean they were safe.

Carlisle lead everyone into sharp turns and slippery roads. It was what had to be done if they were to get to the crazy cat lady by that night alive. Rainfur knew he would last, but Luca was looking tired, and her breathing was quick. Being at least a few moons younger than Sweetclaw, Rainfur was not surprised.

“Kill them at all cost!” a cat suddenly yelled behind him. “Risk your lives if you have to! No cat shall walk these streets without fear in their eyes! No one!” Rainfur hissed with fury before speeding up to Luca.

“Tell Carlisle that we need to hurry it up!” Rainfur yelled, trying to be louder than the thunder. “The cats are gaining on us, and they aren’t afraid of me anymore!” Luca nodded weakly before running up to Carlisle. The four cats ran faster after that.

Suddenly, Luca tripped and fell, making Rainfur skid to a halt. Carlisle didn’t notice, but Sweetclaw did. The small calico she-cat stopped and looked to him.

“Continue running!” Rainfur yelled to her. “Get that kit with its mother! Hurry!” Rainfur nodded as Sweetclaw left.

As Rainfur looked to Luca, he hissed at the cats that were following him. Most of them stopped, but a few ran ahead. He then picked up the kit and helped Luca up.

“I’ll carry the kit, just go!” Rainfur ordered her. Luca nodded before running off, making Rainfur sigh with relief.

A cat suddenly lunged into him, making him grunt and hold the kit tighter. Rainfur slashed open a large wound in the tom’s chest, making him yowl with pain.

Rainfur got up as quickly as he could before running toward Carlisle and the others. His legs were aching and his throat was dry and itchy. This was not something he wanted to feel, so he ignored it, but it got harder the longer he ran.

Finally, he saw the Twoleg next that they needed to get to. It was a bright sky blue with white trim, and was two stories high, Rainfur couldn’t even count how many cats could fit in there.

He saw Carlisle’s figure, as well as Leslie’s, Luca’s and Sweetclaw’s. He was relieved that he got their safely, but there was a small problem. The cats who had gotten past him when Luca fell were at the grass line in front of the house. They turned around to meet his eye, grinning widely.

Rainfur skidded to a halt, holding the kit even tighter. He wasn’t worried about himself, but he needed to save the kit. While the cats surrounded him, however, he found that quite impossible.

“Not so tough now, are you Rainy?” a large black tom sneered. “You don’t even look like a killer! How on earth could you have taken out seven of us? You look so weak!” Rainfur narrowed his eyes before letting the kit down to talk.

“Leave the kit out of this,” Rainfur hissed. “It has done nothing wrong.” The cats around him laughed, giving him only two seconds to do anything.

They all attacked at once, making Rainfur go on instinct. He protectively covered the kit with his body, letting no one touch it. It left him exposed, however, and that was when he felt multiple teeth sink into his body, making him nearly scream. He kept it in, however, hoping not to show weakness.

It was like that for a few moments, making Rainfur close his eyes and clench his jaw to keep himself from yelling out in pain. A few cats let go and then bit somewhere else, making it all the more painful.

“What’s going on out here?” asked an elderly voice, making Rainfur hopeful. The voice belonged to the Twoleg who lived here, and because he was a cat, she would save him. “Oh, look. What a cute kitten you have there. . . what are you worried about?. . .Oh! Shoo! Shoo! All of you, get away! Hurting such innocent cats. . .” the cats teeth suddenly let go of him, all of them fleeing as a broom came in contact with their skin.

After all of the cats left, Rainfur relaxed his body and let it fall to the ground. The kit squealed with anger as his warmth left it, making the elderly lady gasp with shock.

“Oh my,” said the lady. “You were protecting a kitten? How brave of you. It looks like those mean strays were trying to hurt you. Come here, kitty.”

Never again in my life do I want to be called a ‘kitty’, Rainfur thought before slipping into darkness once again.

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