Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


22. Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty

As Sweetpaw had told him, they found Leslie, the strange cat that had helped him when he’d passed out, just a few houses away.

Leslie lived in a small cardboard box with a blanket in it, which wasn’t much of a house at all to Rainfur. There was so many things that could get the poor she-cat here, and with kits this just made things worse.

“Leslie!” Sweetpaw called as a tall black she-cat got herself out of the box. This she-cat had bright blue eyes, which stared at him with a certain interest. Her stomach was also very swollen, making Rainfur wonder if she was due to kit yet.

“Hello, young one,” said Leslie, smiling at Sweetpaw. “Has you’re friend woken up?” Sweetpaw nodded, looking over to Rainfur before looking back to the black she-cat.

“Yeah, just a few moments ago,” Sweetpaw replied. “He says he’s fine, but after yesterday, that’s the last time I’ll believe him.” Rainfur snorted, teasingly of course.

“As if you were any better,” Rainfur teased, smirking. “Even when you were a kit, all you did was get into trouble.” Sweetpaw stuck her tongue out at him with that, both of them playing.

“You got into even more trouble!” Sweetpaw accused. “And you were an apprentice!” Rainfur rolled his eyes, laughing under his breath. Leslie was amused as well, it seemed.

“You two get along well,” she mused. “Are you related?” Rainfur shook his head.

“It’s. . .complicating,” Rainfur muttered.

“No it’s not!” said Sweetpaw to Rainfur before turning to Leslie. “He was born here, and then after his brother died, he came to the Clans. WindClan kicked him out, and that’s when Robinwing found him. Then Ravenstar announced him to the Clan, and that was when I told him that I was making him my brother, since he didn’t have any other family.” Leslie nodded, now even more amused.

“You lived here?” Leslie asked, looking to Rainfur with curiosity.

“Er, yeah, to an extent,” Rainfur murmured. “I was, uh, born here but that was a long time ago.” Leslie chuckled before shrugging.

“I’m new here,” said Leslie. “I came here to try and get to the forest where you came from, but after I met Carlisle, I decided to stay. Especially now with the kits coming.”

“Is Carlisle the one who hunts for you?” asked Rainfur, clearly curious. “I was just wondering.” Leslie nodded, smiling.

“Yes, that is true,” she replied. “However, I try my hardest to do all I can. I feel worthless, sitting in this box all day.”

“I’m sure Carlisle disagrees,” Rainfur commented. “It’s how I would act if I were with Robinwing right now.”

“You have a mate?” asked Leslie, quite surprised. “Why aren’t you with her? I can see that you love her. You’re eyes give yourself away.” Rainfur lowered his head, frowning. Being exiled was the last thing he wanted to talk about.

“The Clan I belonged to exiled me,” Rainfur explained, looking at his paws. “It was my fault, I guess, but I’m still sad to know that my own kits will never know me.”

“What did you do?” asked Leslie, not really understanding how bad it was. Rainfur looked up to her, keeping his emotions to a minimum.

“I killed their leader,” said Rainfur, making Leslie gasp with shock.

Suddenly, a large cat lunged right into him. Rainfur’s breath was knocked out of him as the tom that was on him hissed. Rainfur gasped for air, instinctively unsheathing his claws. That was a mistake, for this just made the large tom atop of him grip harder with his claws.

“Stop!” Sweetpaw shrieked. “He didn’t do anything!”

“He’s a killer!” the large tom hissed. “He should not have come! I will not let him near my mate!” Sweetpaw then lunged, bringing the tom off of Rainfur. The tom was surprised.

“My friend is not a killer!” Sweetpaw hissed, narrowing her eyes as a small tear ran down her cheek. “Yes, he’s killed, but that wasn’t him! He’s cursed with that stupid star-shaped scar that makes him go insane, and eventually kill! Rainfur is not a killer on purpose!” The large tom, whom Rainfur now knew as Carlisle, stared up at Sweetpaw with amazement.

Sweetpaw then stepped down from Carlisle, her head held high. Rainfur sat up the same time Carlisle did, making the large tom glare at her.

“That’s impossible, kit,” Carlisle growled. “You’re a liar.”

“She’s telling the truth,” Rainfur muttered. “I am in fact cursed with the scar. Would you like to prove it?” The tom then shook his head, making Rainfur roll his eyes.

Carlisle stood and walked over to Leslie, who was still staring at him with shock. “Leslie, my sweet,” Carlisle soothed. “Are you okay?” Leslie nodded, blinking herself back to reality.

“Y-yes,” Leslie replied. “Just a little surprised, that’s all.”

“I’m sorry,” Rainfur apologized. “I shouldn’t have come. I-I just wanted to repay you for helping me earlier, but I just made things worse. I’m sorry.” Leslie nodded in understanding, but Carlisle glared at him.

“Leave. Now!” Carlisle yelled. “Don’t ever come back, or I will kill you.” Rainfur nodded before turning around and running, knowing full well that Sweetpaw could keep up with him.

Rainfur ran until his lungs told him to stop, warning him not to go any further. He stopped, looking at the ground as he breathed.

“Rainfur, are you okay?” asked Sweetpaw, making Rainfur sigh with irritation. “I think you need to rest.”

“No,” Rainfur growled. “We need to get to my last home soon, and if we’re to do it before tomorrow, we need to get going.”


“Come on, Sweetpaw,” Rainfur growled, walking toward where he thought Daniel’s house was.


It was sundown by the time Rainfur decided to stop. He still wanted to get further away from Leslie and Carlisle, but with Sweetpaw tiring, he had to stop.

“I’m sorry,” Sweetpaw whispered. She had been quiet the whole way there, looking very sad as she did. “I shouldn’t have even mentioned her. . .”

“What are you talking about?” asked Rainfur. “Look, Sweetpaw, it wasn’t your fault. If anything, I should be thanking you. You were brave enough to push Carlisle off me. That just proves that you’re a true Warrior now.” Sweetpaw seemed to brighten up at that sentence.

“Really? You think so?” she asked. Rainfur nodded, making the small she-cat jump up and down.

“If I were a leader, I’d have already give you your Warrior name,” Rainfur replied.

“Well why don’t you?” asked Sweetpaw curiously, tilting her head as they both sat down. “I mean, we’re both banned from the Clans, so StarClan can’t do anything to us. Plus, we’ll just be pretending. It’ll be fun, come on!” Rainfur looked at her for a few more moments before shrugging.

“You deserve it, so why not?” he asked himself before leaping onto a large boulder.

“Wait, what’s our Clan name?” asked Rainfur. “It can’t be ThunderClan because we’re not actually there. Have any ideas?” Sweetpaw thought for a moment, but only a moment.

“I know!” she chirped then. “How about ShadeClan? We’re in the shade right now, and if you think about it, smoke clouds make shade.” Rainfur chuckled before continuing.

“Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here beneath the high boulder!” Rainfur called, making Sweetpaw giggle. She then walked up to the boulder, but made sure to keep a few steps behind it, knowing she’d be called up soon.

“ShadeClan, today we have witnessed true bravery, and for that, Sweetpaw will become a Warrior in return.” Rainfur paused, as if waiting for the Clan to stop cheering. “Sweetpaw, please step forward.”

Sweetpaw smiled as she took a few steps forward, her head held with pride.

“I, Rainstar, leader of ShadeClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down upon this apprentice. She has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I commend her to a Warrior in her turn.” Rainfur smiled again before looking at Sweetpaw a bit more seriously.

“Sweetpaw, do you promise to uphold the Warrior code and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?” Rainfur asked.

“I do,” Sweetpaw answered.

“Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your Warrior name,” said Rainfur. “Sweetpaw, from this day forward, you shall be known as Sweetclaw, for your determination and bravery.” Sweetclaw then raised her head with pride, making Rainfur smile.

Suddenly, his scar stung. Rainfur gasped, as did Sweetclaw, and that was when a strange starry ripple went through Sweetclaw, making her eyes widen with shock.

It was quiet for a few moments, giving Rainfur and Sweetclaw the chance to calm themselves. Then, five StarClan’s showed up between Sweetclaw and Rainfur.

StarClan approves your choice,” the StarClan cats whispered before fading away. Rainfur knew that the five cats were Thunderstar, Shadowstar, Windstar, Riverstar, and Cheetahfur. What had just happened?

“R-Rainfur?” asked Sweetclaw. “Was that StarCan?”

“Yeah, I think,” Rainfur replied. “They approve my choice of giving you a Warrior name.” Sweetclaw looked up excitedly.

“Really? Does this mean I’m a real Warrior now?” asked Sweetpaw. Rainfur chuckled.

“Yeah,” said Rainfur. “Congratulations.” Rainfur watched Sweetclaw jump into the air with happiness as he jumped down from the boulder.

The two Warriors then lied down in a large box that they’d found, hoping to shade themselves from the upcoming storm. They had been asleep all of two minutes before someone started calling them.

“Sweetpaw!” a she-cat yelled to them. “Sweetpaw, are you here?”

Sweetclaw immediately stood up and walked out of the box. Rainfur followed her, curious as to what was happening.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sweetclaw, though then she was confused as she looked at the small grey she-cat. “Who are you?” The she-cat breathed a bit more before replying.

“I’m Luca, a friend of Leslie,” the small she-cat answered. “Leslie and Carlisle were attacked by a large group of cats. I-I don’t know who they are, but they have Carlisle pinned. I don’t think they’ll kill him, but if we’re not quick, they might.”

“What about Leslie?” asked Rainfur with a serious tone. “Is she okay?”

“I don’t know,” Luca replied honestly. “They were advancing on her when I left, and that was after she told me to look for Sweetpaw.”

“My names Sweetclaw now,” Sweetclaw replied. “But that’s beside the point. We’ll help you. Can you lead us to them?”

“Sweetclaw, no,” Rainfur growled. “I’m sorry, but we are too close, and it’s their fault for sending us away anyway.” Sweetclaw narrowed her eyes, but Luca spoke before she could reply.

“They aren’t that far away, actually,” Luca told him. “Leslie came looking for you after you left, forcing Carlisle to follow her. They’re just a few blocks away.” As Sweetclaw heard this, she looked to Rainfur with hope in her eyes.

Rainfur sighed before saying, “Fine. We’ll go.” Sweetclaw nodded with understanding, though he could only imagine the happiness she was feeling within.

After a moment of silence, Luca lead the way toward Leslie and Carlisle. Rainfur was nervous of what was going to happen, hoping that he would be able to keep these cats away from his scar. As earlier, the demon was getting jumpy, and he wasn’t about to let it kill not only a gang of cats, but a soon-to-be mother and a protective father as well.

As Luca had said, they were there in no time. When they showed up, Rainfur leaped onto the nearest cat he could find, noticing Luca and Sweetclaw doing the same.

The tom Rainfur had attacked quickly started to struggle, making things difficult. Rainfur wasn’t using his full strength, so this wasn’t going to be easy. However, when he realised how many cats were around him, he was suddenly starting to rethink the ‘careful’ part of his plan.

Rainfur slashed a large gash into the tom’s shoulder, and then he raked his back claws into the large tabby’s stomach. He was hoping the cat would run in retreat, but unfortunately, these cats were tougher than the Clan cats, and that meant that they would not give up easily.

Rainfur continued to fight the tom, but he soon found that he was losing. The more wounds he gave to the tom, he found that he was getting double. It was just too much.

“Help!” Leslie suddenly screamed. “Somebody! Help me!” Rainfur turned his attention toward the black she-cat, noticing two large cats cornering her.

Brilliant! Rainfur hissed to himself, swearing as the tom pinned him down. Well. I guess there’s no choice. Demon, are you there?

Hmm? Did somebody call me? The demon teased. My name wasn’t called, so I guess not. . .

Shut up and stay here! Rainfur hissed. I’m calling you to help me. I don’t want you to go insane and kill everyone though, just spare a bit of strength and speed.

Ha! the demon laughed. Did you really think I’d give you that without a price? Rainfur hissed again as the tom sunk its teeth into his throat.

What do I have to do? Rainfur asked, just as Sweetclaw called out his name with worry.

You have to give me name. said the demon simply.

Are you kidding me? Rainfur asked, but then yowled in pain as the tom bit harder. I can’t figure out a good name at this very moment! Besides, you gave me strength before!

Yeah, but that was when I just wanted you to get a taste of what I can do after you give me a name, the demon explained. I’m not going to give you any more of that, however, unless you get your scar scratched.

Rainfur hissed with irritation, but at the moment, getting his scar scratched was the only thing he could do. So, he looked up to Sweetclaw and gave her a serious look. Sweetclaw nodded in response, understanding completely. She then turned to Leslie and Carlisle.

“Stay calm!” she called. “Everything’s going to be okay, even though it make look chaotic!” The seven cats who were fighting suddenly became alert, confused as to what is happening.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but. . . Rainfur drifted a bit but then gathered up his courage and said it. Take over, demon. Do as you wish.

Really? asked the demon, surprised. Hmph. Well this’ll be interesting.

As Rainfur felt the familiar sensation of being pushed to the back of his mind, he hoped it wouldn’t end too badly. As the demon immediately pushed himself from the ground and slit a tom’s throat, however, he felt that it was no use to hope.

The cats then began to attack him, and of course, the demon wasn’t going to just stand there and die. He used his sharp reflexes to kill the two toms that attacked him, leaving only two, which were pinning Carlisle down. Those two cats left quickly, leaving the demon lost.

“Well that’s sad,” the demon muttered, clearly disappointed. He was happier when he turned to face Luca, Sweetclaw, Carlisle and Leslie. “Looks like I’ll just have to fight a new type of. . .strength.”

“What are you?” Carlisle asked, shaking with fear.

“What am I?” asked Rainfur. “Well, let’s see. I could be called Rainfur’s past, but then again that’s not exactly what I am. I could be called a simple memory, but that’s an understatement. I could be called ‘Rainfur’s other half’ as well, but then again, this is the first time he’s given me control like this. But anyways, you don’t really need to know what I can do, because—”

Because I’m taking over now.

The demon’s eyes widened with shock, unable to believe what Rainfur just said.

“No!” the demon yelled, his voice becoming choppy with shock. “What—are—you—doing? That’s impossible! But you can’t be!”

Oh, but I can. Rainfur growled. My scar wasn’t scratched, remember? I have complete control of you, because I let you take control in the first place. I am taking my body back now.

“It can’t be!” the demon yelled. “No! I won’t let this happen!” Rainfur smirked as he took control, pushing the demon away. The demon was quiet as he took control, making Rainfur even happier.

“That was interesting,” Rainfur murmured as he blinked his eyes open. He looked up to Sweetclaw, who looked quite relieved that he wasn’t being controlled by the demon.

“What just happened?” Carlisle demanded, his eyes narrowed with anger as he realised Rainfur had changed back.

“You know what happened,” Rainfur muttered. “Sweetclaw told you, didn’t she?”

“Yes, but she also told me the scar should have been scratched!” Carlisle pointed out. “It wasn’t.”

“Okay, let me rephrase my answer then,” Rainfur hissed, narrowing his eyes. “It was as Sweetclaw said, except I gave the insanity permission to kill those cats.” Carlisle’s eyes widened, making Rainfur sigh with irritation. This wasn’t going to be easy to explain.

“Look, it’s not what you think,” Rainfur growled. “I gave it permission only because I knew I could make it stop whenever I wanted, instead of having Sweetclaw try and make me black out like usual. I was trying not to even let it into the fight, but unfortunately, those cats were very determined to kill us all. So, I gave it permission to kill the cats, and after it did, I took over again. That’s why it wasn’t happy, because usually, I can’t do that.” Carlisle still didn’t get it, but he wasn’t as keen on being angry at Rainfur as before, so at least there was a bright side.

“I still don’t trust you,” Carlisle growled.

“You don’t have to,” said Rainfur back. “You’re not the only one who doesn’t like me, either, so don’t go thinking I will take offense.” Carlisle just glared again before turning to Leslie.

“Are you okay, my sweet?” he asked. Leslie nodded, but shook her head after noticing something.

“I think. . .” Leslie began, acting as if she had a stomach ache. “I think the kits are coming.” Carlisle widened his eyes, seeming to go into complete panic. Rainfur, on the other hand, nodded calmly.

“Well, since I don’t want to travel in the dark, we’ll stay here with you,” Rainfur told her. “If that’s alright for you and you’re mate of course.” Carlisle hissed loudly at this.

“I don’t trust you!” the large tom hissed again. “I don’t want you anywhere near my kits!”

“Let them stay,” Leslie murmured, her blue eyes looking into Rainfur’s. “I trust him, and Sweetclaw has become a good friend. Both of them can stay.”

“But—I—what?” Carlisle stuttered, unable to believe that his mate was disagreeing with him.

“Carlisle, it’s not every day one see’s the birth of new life,” Leslie murmured. “It would be a good experience for these young cats, and if anything, they can help.”

“That’s true!” Sweetclaw chirped then. “Rainfur’s already helped a mother give birth! To three kits, actually!” Carlisle glared at the young Warrior before stomping over to his mate and laying down beside her. Rainfur smiled, happy that he was able to watch yet again the miracle of kits being born.


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