Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


21. Chapter 19

Chapter Nineteen


Hope is gone. We shall not be saved.


We are trapped!


Only two nights does it take for things to go wrong. . .

Rainfur listened to the voices, trying to make sense of them. They kept coming, every time he’d fall asleep. Who needed to run, and why? Why was all hope gone? Why couldn’t whoever needed his help not be saved? Why were they trapped? Why was it only two nights? Did something happen to the Clans? He knew he couldn’t go back, but with what was going on here. . .

“Confusing, isn’t it?” asked the familiar voice of the demon, making Rainfur hiss with annoyance.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone?” asked Rainfur. “I want nothing to do with you! You are the reason I cannot be with my mate or my friends!”

“Me? What have I done?” asked the demon innocently. ”I have merely grown within your body, gaining strength and speed. The reason I am how I am, however, is your fault. It was you who chose to get you and your brother in trouble.” Rainfur shook his head, trying to keep himself calm.

“Nothing could have been changed!” Rainfur hissed.

“Could it?” asked the demon. ”I think it could. I think you could have avoided that area, going the long way around, and then saved your brother the death and yourself the heart-break. If it wasn’t for that mistake, you would still have your brother. If it wasn’t for that mistake, you would still be human. If it wasn’t for that mistake, you wouldn’t have or need me, and therefore be pure.”

“That isn’t true!” Rainfur yelled. “It can’t be! I spent six months getting myself to think otherwise. Stop messing that up!”

“But it must,” the demon insisted. ”It brings you closer to the truth, and it pushes you to give me my name and in return gain my strength.”

“I shall never name you!” Rainfur hissed. “You are supposed to be forgotten! How can I name something that was supposed to be in the past?” Everything faded before the demon could respond, making Rainfur sigh with frustration.


By the next day just after dawn, Sweetpaw and Rainfur had gotten really close to the city. They didn’t encounter any humans, and truthfully, they hadn’t had any trouble whatsoever. It was no different from the day before, making it simple for Rainfur.

Sweetpaw had, of course, continued asking her random questions about random objects, and Rainfur continued to answer them. It was as if he were her mentor, taking her out to explore the territory for the first time. It made Rainfur wonder if life was any different from the Clans.

Rainfur then realised where they were, making him tense. They were close to the place where the demon was created. They were close to the place where Alfie’s life ended. Rainfur’s mind became clouded, and his heart defeated.

Sweetpaw noticed his discomfort, making her look up to him with a worried look.

“Rainfur, are you okay?” asked Sweetpaw. “You look. . .ill.” Rainfur looked to the worried she-cat before shaking his head.

“I-I’m fine, I promise,” Rainfur insisted. “Just lost in the memories.” As they continued walking, Rainfur was torn. He didn’t want the memories to be remembered, but at the same time, he was curious. He wanted to avoid the place where Alfie died, but at the same time, something was pulling him there.

Suddenly Rainfur stopped, making Sweetpaw alert. He was shocked at the fact they were already in the better part of town, knowing full well that it should have taken them a bit longer. Then he realised it.

“Rainfur, what wrong?” asked Sweetpaw, still curious.

“They’ve re-built everything,” Rainfur whispered, his voice barely audible. “When I was younger, this didn’t use to be like this. I thought it was the same, but it seems I was wrong. The humans must be trying to get rid of the mean men. This would mean—” Rainfur didn’t finish the sentence. He was too busy looking around, trying to figure out where they were.

“Rainfur?” asked Sweetpaw, still worried.

“Follow me,” Rainfur ordered, taking a sharp left. He was running toward the memories, trying to figure out what had happened. The houses he passed were new and very nice. It was strange—too strange. This wasn’t supposed to be like this!

Rainfur stopped as he realised that he was there. He breathed heavily having run so fast, and as he walked forward, he hoped Sweetpaw wasn’t too far behind.

Rainfur was now in a park. It was small, but big enough to fit a few swings and a few slides. There was also a sand pit, as well as a small patch of flowers. The rest was bright green grass, tall enough to call healthy, though short enough to call cared for.

Then, right in the middle, a sign was posted with writing big enough for all to see. It was all stone, aside from the plate part in which the words were crafted. There were steps for small children to see it, and a blank spot for adults.

Rainfur walked up the steps, reading it carefully.

This park is dedicated to a small boy by the name of Alfie, who died right in this spot. At only eight years of age, the boy died for his brother, making even the bravest astounded. For this deed, we’ve created this park, as a reminder to others that you need not be older to be brave.

Alfie Stephen’s

Born: 1999, September, 4th

Death: 2006, June, 26th

Rainfur’s eyes widened with shock as he read this, unable to believe that they had done all of this for Alfie, his twin brother. They had rebuilt this part of the city, creating a park, all for Alfie. Rainfur thought that no one had noticed the death of Alfie, but it seemed he was wrong.

Why didn’t I notice when I was human? Rainfur thought. I—I probably didn’t notice because I was too focused with Daniel. I was so stupid!

“Rainfur?” asked Sweetpaw, looking at the monument. “I-is something wrong? What do all of these markings mean?” Rainfur blinked his way back into reality, stepping down from the monument. He looked at the ground, still getting over the shock.

“It was nothing,” said Rainfur. “It’s just something about a human that died, giving them a reason to rebuild this place.” Rainfur felt as if he could collapse, right there, without any warning. It was just heart-breaking to remember, let alone know that he wasn’t the only one who cared about Alfie’s death.

Rainfur then stared at the ground, remembering in full detailed what happened. He could see every building and street within the memory. He could hear every footstep and every yell that Alfie threw at him. He could feel everything he touched, as well as things that touched him. It was realistic, as if in a dream.

Rainfur watched as he followed Alfie down the street, running and laughing as they continued to try and play before sundown. They had no idea where they were going, mostly because they were paying no attention to their surroundings.

Then suddenly, something grabbed them both. Their laughter was cut off as they were pulled into a brick building. Both of them were afraid, though Rainfur a little more. He had no idea what was happening, only that it wasn’t anything good.

They were pulled into a shadowy room, and though they knew there were windows somewhere, curtains covered them. As Rainfur and Alfie looked around, they realised that there was many people in the room, grinning widely as they saw the two boys. Alfie shook with fear beside Rainfur, who was trying his best to look calm.

“Looks like you’ve forgotten our warning, boys,” a man hissed, smiling evilly. “You will pay for that. No one walks these streets without fear in their eyes! No one!”

The other men yelled with agreement before they were pulled into another room. This one was much larger, and a bit lighter. Rainfur wished it wasn’t, though, because what he saw made him gasp with shock.

There was so many tools in the room, all of them used for some kind of torture. Blades, guns, and much more. It was horrifying to know that they were in such a place, and what it was all going to amount to.

They grabbed Alfie first, inflicting enough pain to make the boy scream. Rainfur had already closed his eyes, trying hard not to cry as he heard his brother cry out in agony.

When it was Rainfur’s turn, they made sure to take him by surprise. As soon as he felt pain in his arm, he opened his eyes immediately, and then began struggling. None of that worked, of course. It just made things worse.

Hours had passed by the time everything seemed to stop, all the while Rainfur had mostly been in a daze. His heart was still racing, and he still tried his hardest to escape, but that was all on instinct. He had already mentally given up.

Rainfur could feel the sticky blood that covered him, and as he looked over to Alfie, he cried harder. His brother was staring wide-eyed at the ground, laying nearly motionless aside from his breathing. He was also covered in blood, but also, burns.

Rainfur wished he could move as Alfie whispered for him, too tired to scream anymore. A gun then came in sight, making Rainfur’s heart skip a beat. He struggled harder, trying to get to his brother, but whatever was holding him would not let go.

When Rainfur was just about ready to give up, he heard voices. They were yells, more likely, and they sounded as if they were looking for Alfie and Rainfur. He was hopeful, and even more so as he noticed the fear in the man’s eyes.

“They’re on to us!” a man called from the other room. “They’re getting closer!”

“Make sure the brats are quiet!” hissed the leader. “They haven’t found us, and they won’t. We must stay quiet!” Rainfur then looked to Alfie, his eyes hopeful. All they needed to do was make noise, and then they would be saved.

Just as Rainfur was about to let out a yell, however, something covered his mouth. He was unable to say anything, and though he wished something miraculous would happen, he knew that he was done for.

Suddenly, Alfie moved. He moved enough to make a few things fall to the ground, making lots of noise. Rainfur knew it wasn’t enough to alert the people outside the building, and so did Alfie, but Rainfur knew that Alfie had a plan.

“Shut him up!” hissed the leader angrily. The gun that had been raised suddenly clicked, and right before the gun shot off, Rainfur heard one thing:

“Good-bye, Matthew,”

Rainfur watched with wide-eyes as his brother’s eyes closed, completely lifeless. He was unable to scream, but he wanted to. With all his heart, he wanted to yell for his brother. He didn’t want to admit that Alfie was dead. He was unable to.

“I thought I told you to keep him quiet!” the leader yelled.

“Well, I thought that was the only way to—”

“You just made noise! You idiot! They know where we are now!” the leader hissed, interrupting the first man.

“What do we do now?” another man asked, worried yet quite calm.

“Might as well let the world know it was us,” the leader muttered. “Go get the brander, and this time, don’t screw up!” As the man left, the leader turned to the others. “The rest of you, run out the back door. I doubt the stupid police have got us surrounded.” The leader then left with his men, leaving two of them behind without notice.

Rainfur had absolutely no idea what was going on, mostly because he couldn’t see anything but the wall in front of him. He was worried, though, as a voice inside him told him something bad was going to happen.

The next thing Rainfur knew, his left shoulder was burning with pain. Something hot was being pushed into his skin, burning it as well as scarring it forever. Rainfur tried his hardest not to sound weak, but it was no use. He screamed, hoping it would hide the pain.

At that point, the police had already barged through the door, finding Rainfur and the other two men easily. Rainfur’s mind was too far gone to really understand what was happening, but he did catch a few words.

“Are they both still alive?” one policeman asked.

“No, only one,” another answered. “Even so, we need to get him to a hospital. Those stupid Fire Stars really got full of themselves today.”

After that, Rainfur slipped in and out of conscious, unable to understand anything that was going on. He heard sirens, more policemen, and even more reporters. It was crazy, and through all that had happened, Rainfur was glad he mentally made the wall in his mind.

“Rainfur?” asked Sweetpaw then, bringing him back to reality. “Rainfur, you’ve been standing there like that forever! What’s wrong?”

“What? Oh, sorry,” said Rainfur, shaking his head, trying to get it to clear up. “I didn’t realize it. I was just deep in thought.”

“Yeah, very deep,” said Sweetpaw, mostly teasing, though also worried. “I’ve been trying to get your attention, but you just kept on staring at the ground. What were you thinking about, anyway?” Rainfur didn’t answer right away. He was too busy trying to get the mess of thoughts and memories out of his head. It was no use, though. He was too deep into it.

“I-I’m just a little tired, I guess,” Rainfur reassured Sweetpaw, smiling as he turned around to face her. “We should get going.” Sweetpaw nodded, still looking worried.

Rainfur smiled again as he took a step forward, hoping to look a bit better. However, when he took that step, he got dizzier. The world around him spun, and he felt as if he were wobbling.

Eh, you’re not feelin’ too good, the demon muttered. I’m not either, but I can still help you if you want.

No! Rainfur hissed immediately after the demon said something. I’m fine! Why aren’t you?

You remembered, idiot, the demon hissed. What did you think was going to happen? After nearly six months of convincing yourself that you forgot about your brother’s death, you’ve remembered, making everything go into complete chaos. Including me. Of course, it’s more of an illness than anything. I seriously can’t take over at the moment, not even if our scar was scratched.

Rainfur hissed lowly, feeling as if he were going to pass out. It wasn’t something he wanted to do in front of Sweetpaw, either, especially with her already so worried.

C-crap, said Rainfur. What’s h-hapening to me?

Same thing that’s happening to me, apparently, the demon growled. Yeah. . .you’re not going to last much longer.

But why not? asked Rainfur, irritated that just a small memory was making him feel like this. I’m stronger than this! We’re stronger than this! We’ve made it through death-berry poison, so why on earth is a memory making us like this?

Because it’s the very memory that has created us, the demon reminded Rainfur. Think about it: If Alfie hadn’t died, you wouldn’t be a cat. Even if you’d turned into a cat, you would be dead due to the fact that I was made when Alfie died, and therefore I would not have given you the strength to make it through Sharpfang’s attack. WindClan would have killed you before that, probably, because the only reason they didn’t was because of the star on your shoulder.

Rainfur’s stomach suddenly became tighter, forcing him to lay down. He was panting heavily, and could feel the blood pulsing into his head. He was feeling warmer and warmer, as if the sun was making the temperature rise dramatically.

Darkness washed over him after that, making Rainfur angry, yet quiet relieved. He didn’t feel the pain anymore, making him feel quite relaxed and peaceful. He just hoped that Sweetpaw was alright.



The Saviour! He’s come!


The Saviour needs guidance!


The Saviour needs the truth!

Rainfur hissed with frustration as the voices stopped. Who was the Saviour? What did it need? Where was this all coming from? The Clans? If so, then why was he hearing the voices? He was miles from the Clans! Did they need him? But why would they? Wasn’t he banned from that place? It was just too confusing!

“You seem to be feeling better,” the demon said with an amused look. ”That makes one of us.”

“What do you mean?” asked Rainfur. “You’re still feeling sick?”

“No, I’m actually feeling quite alive right now,” the demon responded. ”However, you’re really getting on my nerves. You still don’t see the power that you could have. Yet, just yesterday, you admitted that we were connected, instead of saying that I was forgotten. It’s just frustrating.”

“I can’t give you a name,” Rainfur murmured. “I just can’t! I mean. . .you’re my enemy. . .aren’t you?”

“Yes, back when I was an illness, not an actual living thing,” the demon reminded him. ”Now that I am living, though, and you’ve finally accepted that we’re connected, I think you’re starting to realize that I’m not so bad anymore.”

“You’ve killed people!” Rainfur hissed, narrowing his eyes. “You’re bad!”

“That was before I realised we could go further into a connection,” the demon growled, also narrowing his eyes. ”You’ve noticed that even though I can take control whenever I want, I don’t, haven’t you?” Rainfur shook his head.

“I just don’t know,” Rainfur muttered, lowering his head. “I was sure that you were lying, but now that I relived that memory, it’s not that hard to believe. Still, there’s something telling me you’re leaving something out of the deal.” The demon frowned at this, but that was when everything faded.


Rainfur flickered his eyes open after that, actually disappointed that his dream was over. He wanted to know more, but that was always when the information stopped coming to him easily.

Rainfur narrowed his eyes with confusion as he tried to figure out where he was. He sat up to try and get a better look, but that didn’t help. He was still in the nicer part of town, but he didn’t know exactly where.

“Rainfur! You’re finally awake!” the familiar voice of Sweetpaw chirped behind him. “Are you feeling okay?” Rainfur smiled with pleasure as he turned around to face the brave apprentice, happy that she was the first to greet him.

“Yes, Sweetpaw,” Rainfur replied. “I mean it this time. That memory just took a lot out of me, I guess. I’m beginning to wonder what will happen when I get to my first home.” Sweetpaw smiled, happy to see Rainfur healthy again.

“Yay! Just wait until I go tell Leslie!” said Sweetpaw with excitement.

“Who’s that?” asked Rainfur cautiously, his eyes filled with suspicion. Sweetpaw ducked her head, seeming to realize what Rainfur would think.

“I—well—she’s—” Sweetpaw lowered her head, still trying to find the right words.

“Sweetpaw, you know better than to talk to strangers,” Rainfur growled, narrowing his eyes. “This cat could be anyone!”

“This cat is actually really nice, Rainfur,” Sweetpaw growled, her eyes narrowed. “She helped me after you passed out. I-I didn’t know what to do, and with all the Twolegs around, I was afraid. Then Leslie showed up, carrying kits in her stomach, curious as to what was happening. I told her and she seemed to think it was nothing. Then she told me to help her drag you here, and so I did. What else could I do? You were laying in front of me in a large clearing with many strange Twoleg things. I—”

“Sweetpaw, stop,” Rainfur murmured, making her nod weakly. She was in an emotional state that he didn’t know how to fix, but hopefully he didn’t have to. “It’s okay, I didn’t know. I forgot that you were in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar situation to deal with. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too,” said Sweetpaw then, smiling to show she was feeling better. “I over-reacted. . .” The two of them looked at their paws, trying to figure out what to say.

“Why don’t we go see Leslie?” asked Rainfur, making Sweetpaw look up to him with excitement. “She helped you—and me—so she deserves something in return.” Sweetpaw stood up, nodding with happiness.

After telling Rainfur that Leslie lived just a few houses away, Sweetpaw took the lead, basically prancing as she made her way toward the cat who’d helped her.

Rainfur was still unsure if this was going to go well, considering how strange this cat seemed, but he kept going. After all, this cat helped Sweetpaw, and for that, she needed something in return. The only thing wrong, however, was that he wasn’t really sure of what his body was capable of. The demon was close to doing something, and though that something may be controllable, it was probably not.

Not to mention that this cat had kits. . .

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