Book 1: Warriors: The Shadow Outcast

I am human, or I was. I was fine, and now I'm cursed with insanity. They say I can do great things, but all I've done so far is kill. Sacrifice can only get me so far, and the feeling of exile and outcast isn't new to me. Is this what you wanted StarClan?


17. Chapter 15

Chapter Fifteen

The next few weeks were dull for Rainfur. He was ignoring everyone and everyone was ignoring him. It was simple, yet plain. When he went on patrols, he just did what he was told. When he went hunting, it was by himself. When he ate his fresh-kill, he ate alone. The only cat who was talking to him was Robinwing, and even then it was distant.

Rainfur was just happy that he wasn’t exiled. Ravenstar had told the Clan that he, himself, had provoked the demon and that it was his fault. The Clan had disagreed, but didn’t argue. They were too afraid.

WindClan was now even angrier and fearful of ThunderClan now. They grieved for Blackpelt, and were frightened of what had happened to her. However, Rosestar was just asking for a war. They kept sending hostile glares, and when Rainfur was on a patrol, they sometimes attacked.

ShadowClan didn’t have a clue of what was going on. They just thought it was because of Ravenstar and Blackpelt, and they kept mocking ThunderClan patrols as they came by. It was actually quite normal for them, and they didn’t know anything about him.

The thunderstorm that Rainfur’s monster had made did not go away. It was still going, and it seemed angry. It kept getting wilder, and though it hadn’t made any fires yet, Rainfur was sure that it was going to happen soon.

He sighed with frustration as he finished his mouse, hoping that his life would get better. It was just about perfect until those stupid gatherings.

“Rainfur. . .” Robinwing murmured, looking as if she were in pain. “I don’t feel so good. . .” Rainfur immediately stood up and walked over to his mate.

“Did you eat too much?” asked Rainfur. Robinwing nodded, making Rainfur chuckle a bit. “Then go see Snowdrift, I’m sure he’ll give you a herb that’ll clear that right up.” Robinwing nodded again before standing up painfully and making her way over to the medicine den.

“Where’s Robinwing going?” asked Sweetpaw as she walked up to him. She grabbed a plump mouse from the fresh-kill pile before sitting down beside him. She looked happy today, and oddly curious as well.

“Just to the medicine den,” Rainfur replied, sitting down. “She ate too much.”

“She’s been doing that a lot lately,” said Sweetpaw as lied down to start eating the mouse. “I saw her taking twice her share yesterday morning, and then again today. She had stomach problems both times. I wonder if she’s got a cold. . .”

“I doubt it,” said Rainfur confidently. “New-leaf is not the time to catch a cold. Though, it is the time for kits. . .” Rainfur’s eyes widened then, realizing something that he hadn’t even thought of.

Robinwing was having stomach problems.

Robinwing was eating too much.

Is Robinwing going to have. . .kits? My kits?

Rainfur’s heart was beating really fast as he realised how true that could be. It had been almost a moon since they’d declared themselves mates.

What would he do? Rainfur knew nothing of being a dad, only a brother, and even then it was. . .different. How could he take care of these kits? How would he take care of Robinwing during her pregnancy? He wasn’t ready for this at all.

Robinwing then erupted from the medicine den then, her face filled with joy. Rainfur smiled as he realised what she was going to announce. He ran up to her and licked her cheek, his tail twitching with happiness.

“I’m having kits!” Robinwing announced. Everybody cheered, not even caring who the father was. Rainfur and Robinwing smiled at each other, feeling connected with joy.

“You’ll be a brilliant mother,” Rainfur purred, licking her forehead.

“And you a wonderful father,” Robinwing agreed before snuggling up to Rainfur. The two of them stayed together, both comfortable enough to fall asleep together.

Suddenly Sharpfang ran through the thorn barrier, shaking with fear and exhaustion. His amber eyes flashed with worry, yet determination. After that, Tinypaw and Snowdrift ran out from their medicine den. Then, at the same time, they both yelled out their emergency.


“What?” Asked Sharpfang. “Did you see the fire coming from WindClan and ShadowClan as well?” Snowdrift shook his head, making Rainfur’s eyes widen.

“No!” Frostpaw yelled. “We saw the fire coming from right behind our den!” The Clan then went in complete chaos. Ravenstar came out from his den, still unsure of what to do while Sharpfang kept trying to calm the Clan down.

“What can we do?” asked many cats.

“We’re surrounded by fire! We’ll be burned alive!” another said.

“What about the gathering place?” asked Rainfur. “It’s surrounded by water, and even the fallen tree is too soaked for the fire to reach! It’s perfect!”

“It’ll be a miracle to get to, though!” Sharpfang pointed out. “The fire will just barely let us through!”

“Well then we’ll have to hurry!” Rainfur yelled. Sharpfang growled with frustration but he could not argue. It was the only plan they’d have.

Cats then began to pour out of camp, and even more as the fire burst through the camp’s wall. Rainfur did his best to keep up with the others, but it was hard. Everyone was screaming, just asking for help. He made sure to be last, and then he followed his Clan out.

When Rainfur went through the thorn barrier, he was amazed. Fire was indeed coming from both Clans, and it was scary. The lightning must have struck many, many places.

“Stick together!” Ravenstar ordered. “Make sure everyone is with us! Now go!”

“Robinwing!” said Shadowflame suddenly. “She’s still at camp!” Rainfur gasped with fear before turning around. There was no entrance, though. It was only fire.

“We have to leave her!” yelled Sharpfang. “She’s gone. I’m sorry Rainfur.”

“Robinwing is not dead!” Rainfur yelled. “Let me go and save her! I’ll do it!”

“No!” Sharpfang yelled. “There is no way she survived in that fire. Plus, we can’t wait any longer.” Rainfur hissed with fury.

“I don’t care what you think, I will save her!” Rainfur screeched. “Leave without me, I don’t care! I will save Robinwing!” Before anything could change his mind, Rainfur turned around and ran through the fire into camp. Everything was on fire, and there was no way out. Rainfur hissed with fury before looking for his mate.

The fire was unbearable. It was licking at his fur, just threatening to kill him. Rainfur did his best to ignore it, but that was hard. He was looking for Robinwing, but somewhere deep inside him knew that she was gone.

She won’t die! She’s alive! I must find her! I must save her!

It was hard to stay determined as memories flashed by him, most of them of when Alfie was killed. His mind felt like it was burning from the inside out, making it almost impossible for him to find Robinwing. His eyes were blurred, but he kept going. He was not going to fail again.

Finally, Rainfur found her trapped in a loop of flames. She was coughing, unable to breathe correctly. Rainfur was crying by the time he got to her, just praying that she would be okay.

He then grabbed her by her scruff before pulling her through the flames. Robinwing tried her hardest to help, but her lungs were filled with smoke and without any real oxygen to help her breathe, she was quickly dying.

“Come on,” said Rainfur as he drug her through camp, hoping that he wasn’t accidentally letting the flames burn her. “Live Robinwing! Remember about the kits! Remember me! You need to live! For your Clan! For your kits!” Rainfur then managed to somehow jump over the small line of flames while carrying Robinwing. It was probably the demon’s doing, but he didn’t care. He just needed Robinwing to live.

Rainfur then drug Robinwing toward the lake, his heart beating quickly as he realised he was nearly surrounded by fire. He was being as quick as he could, hoping that the way to the gathering place wasn’t blocked off.

“R-Rainfur,” Robinwing rasped then. “L-leave m-me here. G-go. . .s-save yours-self. . .”

“No!” Rainfur yelled, determination burning in her eyes. “I will not let you die! I will not let you give up!” Rainfur’s vision was blurring more as he realised how quickly everything was happening. The fire was joining around him, burning every inch of land.

Rainfur then began running, hoping it wasn’t killing Robinwing even faster. He just needed to get to a safe piece of land so that he could do CPR or something to save her.

The flames still flickered around him as the air warmed around him. He coughed and gasped for air, his lungs suddenly working twice as hard as they usually did.

He saw a flash of other cats running into the tunnels where the rogues lived. Rainfur knew that those cats were probably the rouges, but for some reason, he still felt sorry for them.

Finally, he got to the lake. However, there was nowhere to go. Fire was everywhere—in every direction possible. However, in front of him, the lake peacefully lapped at his paws. Rainfur closed his eyes, knowing that it was the most idiotic idea he’d made, but it was the only one he had.

“Y-you m-mouse-brain,” Robinwing rasped, her eyes closing. “N-now w-we’re both d-dead. . .”

“Robinwing, whatever you do, hang on to me!” Rainfur yelled suddenly. He then felt her grab onto him, making him smile. He then walked into the lake, aware of the cold water in his fur. Robinwing swayed on his back, flinching as the icy water touched her skin. She then held on tighter, making him relieved.

Rainfur began swim, happy that the rocky shore had finally gone away. It was hard to swim with Robinwing on him, but he kept going. He had to. He wanted to. He needed to. For Robinwing. For Shadowflame. For Amberstorm. For Flamepelt and anyone else who happened to know Robinwing.

Rainfur looked around as he swam, noticing the fire that surrounded the lake. Every single Clan territory was on fire, and to realize that it was him that had caused it? That was just unbearable.

Time seemed to slow down as he pulled her toward the gathering place. The silence was. . .frightening, yet calming. Everything seemed to be spa-like, and the fire seemed to be happy. Robinwing just seemed to be sleeping, and the water around him was calm.

Rainfur was suddenly getting very tired, his legs barely able to move any further. He was two-thirds of the way there, but of course, he was not going to make it. He could see the dark figures of the other Clan cats on the gathering place island, but he was unaware of the RiverClan cats coming to help him.

When Rainfur finally realised it, he only swam faster. He wanted to do all that he could—he didn’t want to be helped. However, the RiverClan cats were quick enough to help Robinwing get off him. Robinwing did not want to let go. She stayed on him, holding onto him as hard as she could.

Rainfur smirked at first and continued swimming, but as he realised that he wasn’t going to make it to the island, he slowed and let the RiverClan cats literally try to pry Robinwing off him.

“It’s okay, Robinwing,” Rainfur soothed. “Let them take you, it’s fine.” Robinwing then let go immediately before half of the RiverClan cats took off with her toward the island. The other half then helped him toward the island.

When Rainfur was able to feel the sandy shore beneath his paws, he knew he’d over done it. Rainfur nearly collapsed as his legs refused to work for him, and his lungs were still raspy from the smoke and water combination. However, he still managed to make his way to Robinwing before totally collapsing.

Rainfur lay beside her, listening to her heart beat slower and slower as her breaths were calmer and calmer. He didn’t want to admit that she was dying. He didn’t want to admit that she was never going to have kits. He didn’t want to admit that she was never going to talk to him again. He didn’t want to admit that he’d failed again.

“No. . .” Rainfur rasped. “No! You can’t die! Not now!” Rainfur cried harder as Snowdrift, Yellowstreak, Mysticpaw, Silverdew, Tinypaw and whoever the other medicine cat was walked over, their eyes filled with sadness.

“I’m sorry, Rainfur,” said Snowdrift. “She’s gone.”

“No!” Rainfur hissed, unable to believe it. “She can’t be! It wasn’t supposed to end this way! Don’t die on me, Robinwing!” Even though his legs ached, screaming at him to stop, he didn’t. He wanted to save her. He wanted her to be alive.

“Rainfur, stop!” Tinypaw warned, his eyes filled with worry. “You’ll die too if you keep this up!”

“What does it matter?” cried Rainfur, finally giving up. “If she’s dead, then I’ve failed again, and that gives me no reason to live.” He then lay still on his side, looking absently into the distance as tears ran down his cheeks.

No reason to live, eh? asked the demon, actually sounding a bit sad himself. Does that mean I can take over now?

Why would I care? Rainfur muttered in his head. Just try and take care of my body, will you? I just need to be alone right now. . .

Sure thing, boss, said the demon with a small laugh. Boy is this going to be fun. The demon then pushed extra strength into Rainfur’s body before standing like nothing had ever happened. The demon then began laughing as he used Rainfur’s body and voice. Rainfur was again pushed to the back of his mind, but this time it didn’t matter. All he cared about at the moment was the fact that he failed for the third time, and that it would probably be his last.

“Okay, then,” said the demon. “Who has ticked me off the most around here?” The medicine cats around him suddenly got off and backed away slowly, all of them seeming to be aware of what was going on.

“Rainfur?” asked Tinypaw, his voice frail as he backed away. “I-is that you?”

“Well what do ya think?” asked the demon with a smirk on his face. “The cry-baby wouldn’t really be asking who got him angry, now would he? He’d be too busy ballin’ over that dead she-cat, and trust me, you would much rather watch me kill then him cryin’ over somethin’ that’s dead.”

“WindClan! Get back!” Rosestar screeched to her Clan. You couldn’t miss the fear in her eyes as she protected her Clan, aware of what was happening. WindClan had fear in their eyes as well as they backed away, making the demon laugh demonically again.

“RiverClan! Please stand back!” Bravestar ordered, a calm yet determined expression on his face. “He isn’t all what he seems right now!”

“But he’s just a small inexperienced Warrior!” a RiverClan cat called, though the cat still seemed scared. “He can’t be that bad!”

“He’s bad enough to take eight of Rosestar’s lives!” Bravestar hissed. “Now get back!”

“Aww, you guys aren’t makin’ it any fun!” said the demon. “Why can’t you just all fight me yourselves? I bet I could win~!”

“Bravestar! What is happening?” Nightstar demanded. “Why are you calling your Clans back?” Bravestar looked at his fellow leader and shook his head.

“You’ll see in a little bit, but I suggest you get your Clan back before they get their selves killed!” said Bravestar, making Nightstar confused. However, the noble leader still called back his Clan.

ThunderClan had already taken many steps back, all of them knowing exactly what was going to happen. They were all scared, but some, like Sharpfang, were looking determined to fight for their Clan.

The leaders then stood in front of the Clan they led, just waiting for the demon to attack. The demon just crept toward them in an evil way, scaring them even more. It fed on the fear, and just kept on going. The demon then got into a fighting position, ready to kill anyone close enough

“Ready to see the real Rainfur of ThunderClan?”

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