Beatrice Prior has made a mistake. A huge mistake, and now her life will change forever. Fortunately, she is not alone.


4. Tobias

We walked quietly through the Dauntless compound, Four leading the way. The paths were narrow and a huge pit loomed below us. I could hear the sound of a river in the distance. The place was quite empty aside from a few Dauntless walked around the pit. Four led me to a ladder which he told me to climb as he followed behind, we exited the pit and came into a large glass building and we still kept moving. We came to a small dark room with walls covered in graffiti, the word Dauntless was spray painted in red to my left. Four went over to a computer and started typing something in, he appeared with a little box, he opened it and I saw two large needles, “Do you trust me?” he asked, I nodded and he brought one of the needles to my neck, I felt it plunge into my skin and then the room disappeared.



I felt the wind hit against me as the light poured in from all around us, we are standing far above the city.  To me, it was beautiful, but if it was here it must be his worst nightmare. I grabbed his hand and looked him in the eye, “We have to jump off right?” he nodded,
“Ok, on three...one....two....three!” I pull him towards the edge and we run, we fall towards the floor and the scene disappears. Four gasps for breath beside me,
”What’s next?” I ask, something slams into my spine and pushes me towards Four, who’s sitting on the ground. Walls appear around us, the space is so narrow we are forced together. A ceiling slams down on the four walls and Four groans. “Confinement,” I state. Four grimaces and I look at him, “Here, it’s okay-“ I guide his arms around me so he has more space, he grips my back and I can hear his heavy breaths beside me. “I have to face the fear” Four’s words sound strained and I understood what he meant, we had to make the space smaller. So I curled into a ball, my back against his chest,
“This is worse, definitely worse” he says. He slips his arms around my waist and I smile to myself. “Feel my heartbeat,” I tell him, to try and calm him down, “Feel how steady it is,”
“Your heart’s racing Beatrice,”
“Well that has nothing to do with the box,” I reply. “Tell me why you’re scared of this?” I ask,
”Um...this one’s from childhood. Childhood punishments, the tiny closet upstairs,” he mutters, I blink back tears imagining the poor boy locked in a closet, I couldn’t imagine someone hurting my Four.
“I think I love you Four,” I whisper, before I’ve realised what I’ve said the walls around us break open. 



I turn around, not wanted to look at him, not wanting to see the sadness in his eyes, but he just grabs my hand and I feel him shaking so I look at him and find his eyes trained on someone at the end of the room, it’s me. I’m standing there with a gun in my hand, looking at us. Another gun sits on a table beside the other me,
“But- that can’t be right, it’s never changed,” Four stumbles over his words, I’m in his fear landscape and he has to kill me.
“Four, why am I here?” does this mean he’s scared of me? Scared of loosing me?
“I don’t know Beatrice, it’s always just a woman who I don’t know,”
“But you have to kill me?”
“Yes, but I can’t, not you, I can’t” he starts shaking again and I just lean up and kiss him,
“It’s not me, you’ll never lose me,” I walk over to the table, pick up the gun and hand it to Four, He holds it up, his arms shaking and points it at the other me’s head, minutes pass until the bang, she falls to the ground, Four is shaking uncontrollably beside me. I throw my arms around his waist and hug him tightly.
“Here we go,” he whispers into my hair. I turn around to find a tall man dressed in Abnegation grey standing in front of us, “Marcus,” I whisper.



“Here’s the part where you can figure out my real name,” Four says, his voice shaking.
“Wait....is he your?” I look from Four to Marcus, Marcus who had a son who joined Dauntless, a son called...“Tobias.” Marcus unwinds a belt from his hands,
“This is for your own good,” he says to Four, more Marcuses appear around us, their eyes black pits.  I scream and run towards the first Marcus and attack him, Marcus whips the belt at me and it hits my forearm, the burning sensation knocks me back, I pull the belt from his grip and lash at him. Marcus growls and lunges towards me, but Tobias gets in his way, he doesn’t look scared any more, he looks angry, all the Marcuses vanish. The dark room at Dauntless reappears.
“So now you know who I am,” Tobias whispered, “Do you still....” he stuttered, not knowing what to say, so I helped him out,
“Love you? Yes Tobias, yes I do,” he swings me up in his arms and kisses me,
“I love you too,” he mumbles between kisses. I soar higher than any bird ever could in that moment.

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