Possiblities Are Endless

She was a girl who thought love was pointless.
"What's the point of 'love,' if the person you think loves you just leaves?" I ask, somewhat terrified of another lecture. But, instead, I got an angry look.
"Someday you'll find someone worth loving," He said, checking the time on his phone, he seemed uninterested.
"You know what happens to me." I say, snatching his phone from his grip. He gave me an annoyed look.
"No," He says, grabbing for his phone, "I don't know what happens to you, I know what 'happened', but that was it, it happened. It's over. Give it another shot. You don't even understand what it feels like to have the person you love most feel like she's hopeless and not worth loving. You have no clue what it feels like, Bree." He says, standing up and leaving. I think about following him, but it was no use.
~~~ Read for love, loss, and regret ~~~
-K. xx


4. 4

My shift was halfway over, by this time Carly had left, put the fear into me that I may have been drugged by a player, and I'd been yelled at by several women looking for their orders.

"Welcome to Starbucks, may I take your ord-" I stopped cold when I saw who it was. Of course it was him, why would it be anybody else? Him and his cold heart, and his new girlfriend. Maybe he'd moved on from his ways and decided to make a real relationship. A real, trusting relationship. Mostly, real. If it wasn't real, I felt bad for this poor girl. She was beautiful, she looked too good for his ways. Then again, it has been a year since he left me so coldly. A bet. I shiver and wish I could tell this girl not to fall for his sweet words and him constantly saying he 'loves' you once you are most vulnerable in your relationship.

"Bree?" His blue eyes catch mine and I almost lose my cool. Seeing him again is not good. I was over him. Am I over him? Of course I'm over him. He played me. But is he over me? Why did he come here?Why do I care? He's obviously over me. The perky blonde by his side has proved that. Or, was she just another game piece? He needs to grow up, and treat a girl right for once.

"Hey." I say. I momentarily forget his name. "Mitch." 

He looked at me with an emotion that I have never seen him have. Regret? Sadness? Worry?

"What are you doing here?" He asks, his snarky tone reminds me just of why he shouldn't have another girlfriend. 

"Uh, I work here, obviously." I state, running my hand over my apron that has the logo on it. The blonde he was with, his girlfriend I assumed, walked off and took a seat. He looked semi-relieved. What a jerk.

"Duh." He says, a slight chuckle on his behalf letting out. So, he was nice now? Or, does he still treat 'love' like a game? "So, uh, anyways. I-I learned my lesson from you." He states. I blink a few times and just stare. Did that come out of his mouth? He learned his 'lesson' from me?

"You what?" I ask. He looks down and then back up, meeting my eyes again.

"I learned my lesson. I've stopped my old ways. I really love her now. I've really moved on from all that stuff. I came here not even knowing you worked here. But now that I have you here, I want to apologize. I'm so sorry I treated you like that. You deserve so much better. You deserve a guy who loves you. I- well, I have a really big secret to tell you. Can I text you later?" He asks. His words somewhat bring closure to the whole messy situation I was in with him. Even if it was a whole year ago, I needed this closure I hadn't had for a long time. I felt relieved he didn't come here to tell me about his sinister plans or to tell me how he had never regretted a single action. Can he text me later?

"Uh. Yeah, I guess so." I mumble. I'm not sure how I feel about this whole thing. Happy? Finally relieved? I feel as though a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. I take out my notepad for orders and I scribble my number down. For a moment I thought about giving him a fake number, but how mature is that? I handed him the number and he smiled- actually smiled nicely- at me before stuffing it in his pocket. Even if he were a sweet man, I couldn't get over the way his tattoos made him look scary. But, it was the thrill of it that counted when I was naïve and younger. Even if it were just a year ago, I've changed in a million different ways.

"So, you're happy now?" I ask, genuinely interested. Just because he did wrong to me doesn't mean we cant have a civil conversation with him. I didn't wish him a life with no relationships. I wasn't that rude. Although, I used to wish he would stop his old ways. Now that he claims he has, I was happily surprised.

"I-Yeah, I am. You taught me a good lesson. I honestly feel so much better with myself for finding you and apologizing. I hope there's no hard feelings. I was young and stupid. I thought love was a game and I obviously couldn't have been more wrong. The look on your face when I told you about the bet was awful. It's been haunting me ever since. Still, I'm incredibly sorry. I wish I could go back and love you right, but I can't rewind all of this. She forgave my old ways." He says, pointing at his blonde girlfriend.  I feel myself tear up, but I wouldn't allow myself to cry in front of him.

"Yeah. I'm glad you're happy. As long as we're getting all this off our chests, can I tell you something?" I ask. He nods. "I feel terrible for this, as well. Probably just as much. You know I did love you, but I did begin that relationship with you to rebel against my mother." I state, not thinking about how harsh they would sound. His eyes widened, and then he sighed.

"I think I may have already known that." He says, lowly chuckling. His eyes lifted back up to mine. "So, is there a boy in your life now?" He asks. I know he's just trying to be nice, but I feel like he's intruding a little bit. I almost want to say yes, that there is a boy in my life, but I stop myself.

"Oh that's great!" He says, "What's his name?" He asks. What?

"What?" I ask, incredibly confused.

"You just said there is a guy in your life. What's his name?" He asks again, chuckling again.

"Oh. I-I- Uh..." I stop for a second. Then I think of a name that I'm sure I will regret saying later on. But, I need to say something now that my idiotic mouth got me into this. "M-Matt." I say. He smiles and nods.

"I'm happy for you." He says. I smile and think that maybe, just maybe we could become friends at least.

"I'm happy for you, too. So, how long has it been?" I ask, and he smiles and looks at his feet. Seeing him truly love someone made my heart flip. I never thought I would see this. I was overjoyed with happiness for him.

"6 months." he says.

"That's great." I say, it took him 6 months to find another girl for him? Was he sulking over hurting me? No, of course not. He said it himself best, 'I was young and stupid.' He was probably with a bunch of different girls. Probably called one more up right after I left with my heart shattered. Just reliving the memory ignites the anger I've had for a whole year over this. But, maybe he has changed in a million ways the same I have. I've become semi-sort of a better person. I mean, look at me, I still drink and smoke and party; but I have taken responsibility into my own hands to have an apartment and a job. And college. I was actually handling a lot of things at once, but I was so proud of myself.

"Yeah. It is. I never thought I could find someone to forgive my past." He says. I almost feel bad for him. I can just see it now. He's one year younger, looking for a girl who could love him despite his awful, hideous pasts. He calls up all his little 'side chicks,' but they all turn him down. He calls up his old friends, but they want nothing to do with him, either. Then he has the luck to stumble across his current girlfriend, who he claims to really love, and she forgives his past. I desperately hoped she loved him back. Even if he hurt me, I forgive him and he deserves to be happy. I don't want to see his heart broken the same way I had mine broken.

"So, can I get your order?" I ask, finally ending this awkward heart-to-heart talk.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot. Uh, could I just get two muffins and a mocha?" He says, then he adds, "she really loves these mochas."

"Of course. I'll be right back with those." I say, but he grabs my arm before I go. "What?" I ask, not rudely, just curious.

"Can you bring them over to the table? I think she might want me to be over there with her." He states. I nod, a smile growing on my face. He broke my heart, repaired it, and now he's happy. I feel happy for him, too. I mean, he was a huge part of my life. I have the right to feel happy for him.

I hurry with the coffee and muffins, which seem to be everybody's favorite. I curse as I reach into the muffins and remember he hadn't specified on the type he wanted. I grabbed two of each kind and then rushed over to their table.

"I, uh, forgot to ask which kind." I say. He shrugs with a smile on his face, grabbing one of each. "I'll be right back with the coffee." I say and rush away again, the other two muffins in hand. I place them back, and fill a cup with mocha coffee blend. I walk to the top isle and place a top on it, and a straw sticking out of the tiny mouth hole. I never knew if they'd want a straw or not, but I always put one in just in case.

"Here you go." I say. The girl, who Mitch didn't introduce to me, smiled and politely thanked me. As soon as I got back to my place behind the counter, I found myself sort of wishing I could go back and have things end differently with me and Mitch. I mean, I'm so much better off without him, but what if it weren't a bet? What if we both had loved each other? Would he have eventually given up his bad-boy reputation and focus on a future between us? I mean, of course he could, he spoke of the future all the time, but it was a scam. It was a scam to get me to fall for him, and I did; hard.

I looked over at where he and his girlfriend sat, and the way he smiled at her made my heart melt. He looked at her with complete adoration in his eyes. I knew he loved her for real just by the way his eyes lit up when she spoke.

By the time I'd noticed I was staring, Mitch and his girlfriend had already walked back over to the counter where I stood. I blinked and pretended to be looking out the window.

"Bree?" I hear Mitch's voice.

"Yeah?" I ask, turning to face them both.

"I, uh, thought I would introduce you to my girlfriend. Her name is Amy." He says. The blonde beside him, his girlfriend, Amy; smiles and sticks her hand out for me to shake.

"Hi, I'm Bree." I state, shaking her hand briefly before pulling back.

"Mitch's told me a lot about you." She says, her voice extremely high-pitched, but beautiful.

"I bet." I say, not really meaning the harshness behind the words. Mitch looked over at me sympathetically, and then quickly looked away. He did feel bad, I knew he did. But, you really could never take that stuff back.

"So, uh, I wanted to tell you something, Bree." Mitch spoke before me or Amy could continue our conversation about the past. He seemed sort of nervous.

"Yes?" I say, again not meaning the harsh way the word came from me.

"Oh, uh, well, me and Amy are moving away to New York in two weeks or so. She has family down there, and you know I'm not close to my family here. So, we're going up there. I just thought I would let you know." He says. I feel a pang of something, sadness? Regret? No, definitely not. This is a civil adult conversation. People moved all the time. It was just that he was a huge part of my life. I was completely ready to let him go and move on now that we both got our closure.

"That's great news." I say cheerfully, hoping it makes up for the sourness of the words I'd said before. Apparently, it does because they both smile.

"I'm excited about the move. I've only been to New York once, but it's where I've always wanted to go now that there really isn't much left for me here." He says, and I feel a pang of hurt from his words.

He moved on. Get that through your thick skull. You've moved on, too. He hurt you too bad for you to be sad. He's happy, let it be. My subconscious throws her opinion in there.

"That's good." I say, not really being able to force more out than that. He smiles again.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye then?" He asks. I smile, and nod.

"I guess so."

"So, it's been... A long journey." He says, laughing lightly. It feels inappropriate to be bringing up our past in front of his girlfriend, so instead of laughing I cough; nervously. 

I watch as Mitch and Amy walk out the door of the small coffee house smiling at each other. With that closure we both needed, I watched Mitch walk out of my life. For good.


A/N: Please comment on this and tell me what you think so far. I know the story doesn't really match the description that well right now, but it will. I promise big things are going to happen soon. But, for now, I'm just letting the story get it's beginning in so you know where the characters stand.

So comment and tell me what you think & whether or not I should continue or not. (I most likely will anyways haha)

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