Possiblities Are Endless

She was a girl who thought love was pointless.
"What's the point of 'love,' if the person you think loves you just leaves?" I ask, somewhat terrified of another lecture. But, instead, I got an angry look.
"Someday you'll find someone worth loving," He said, checking the time on his phone, he seemed uninterested.
"You know what happens to me." I say, snatching his phone from his grip. He gave me an annoyed look.
"No," He says, grabbing for his phone, "I don't know what happens to you, I know what 'happened', but that was it, it happened. It's over. Give it another shot. You don't even understand what it feels like to have the person you love most feel like she's hopeless and not worth loving. You have no clue what it feels like, Bree." He says, standing up and leaving. I think about following him, but it was no use.
~~~ Read for love, loss, and regret ~~~
-K. xx


3. 3

Beep, beep, beep.

I woke up to the annoying alarm clock, reminding me that I did have work this morning. The thought must've slipped my head through the vague intoxication. I barely remembered a single detail of the previous night. I don't even remember how I got home.

The only thing I do remember is downing way too many more drinks after my little exchange between Matt. I think Kurt drove me and Carly home last night, but I wasn't sure. I decided to text her so I could regain a tiny piece of memory from what had happened. My head pounded dangerously painful. I was tempted to text my boss and tell her I wasn't coming while I texted Carly. But, I decided against it. Working at a coffee shop while I get rid of my hangover wouldn't be the worst. Well, you cant just get rid of a hang over.. I texted Carly first.

Me: Carly, what happened last night? Who took us home? Massive headache and memory loss.

She texted me a few minutes after.

Carly: You went home with Matt. Which reminds me, why? I told you to stay away from him.

I cursed and locked my phone before getting up from my bed and grabbing my uniform. Man, Starbucks was usually busy and it paid pretty well, but I couldn't keep this cycle anymore. School, stress, work, stress, parties, stress, tattooed men, stress, un-tattooed-men-who-act-sweet-but-really-are-players, stress.

Maybe if I just would've taken Carly's advice and stayed away I wouldn't be in this terrible situation.

I did a quick sweep around my house, checking to see if Matt was still here. I mentally slapped myself for letting him drive me home. Even in my drunk state. Who knows how I act when I'm completely wasted. Well, Matt does. My self conscious adds that in and I feel like slapping her. Finally, I give in and just get started on my makeup.

I wore slight makeup for work, not very much, but enough that I wouldn't look terrible. Eye liner, mascara and a neutral lip gloss. Once I straightened my hair, pulled it up into a high ponytail, and placed my Starbucks hat on, I was ready to go. I grabbed my phone, my keys, and locked the door.

I was about half way to work when my phone buzzed. Being the little goody-goody driver I am, I waited until I pulled into the small coffee-house parking lot to check it. There were three cars in the lot already. Tara, Shelby and Sue were already here. They are my co-workers, and since I wasn't here before Sue, who was older than all the rest of us, I would prepare myself for a scolding speech. I rolled my eyes when I hear my phone buzz again, and I check it. One message from an unknown number and one from Carly. I decide to check Carly's message first.

Carly: Hello? Ever heard of not ignoring? It's a nice thing to do.

I roll my eyes and answer her snotty text. Even through text messages she was sassy and snotty. Almost like a girl I went to school with in highschool, who made it a part of her schedule to try to ruin my life. Well, my social life, that is. But, she failed miserably and gave up. I wasn't like most other girls, only caring what the gossip was. The way I saw school was get through it so you can move on with your life.

Me: Well, I have work today, and my hangover isn't helping. So excuse me.

She answered immediately. Was she waiting for my reply?

Carly: I'm coming down now.

Me: Why?

Carly: I need to talk to you. Btw, don't answer any texts from this number: *phone number*

Sure enough, that was the other number I'd ignored for Carly's text earlier.

Me: Why not? That number texted me, who is it?

I believe I already knew, but her words just proved my point.

Carly: Matt.

Me: Great. So, I'll see you in a few minutes.

Carly: Yeah. Bye. x

I didn't answer, I turned my phone off and walked into work, putting my jacket on the coat rack.

"Bree! Finally, you've shown up." I hear Sue's elderly voice from behind the small counter.

"Yeah. Sorry I was a little late, I was-"

"Doesn't matter, I need you to take orders right now. It's almost the breakfast shift. That's the busiest shift we have. You know this." She says.

"Okay, okay." I say, hurrying to get behind the counter. I placed my apron on, which had the Starbucks logo on it. As soon as I secured my apron, grabbed the notepad and my pen, I hear the door open. The little wind-chime we'd placed in front of it always signaled a customer arriving. And leaving. It was extremely annoying. But, hey, I made money for this. I might's well pretend I love it here. Which, the smell of coffee and fresh breakfast foods was oddly calming.

I look over at the door and my eyes meet Carly's. She looked awful, like she'd just woken up. She didn't even get dressed or apply any makeup. It looked like she'd briefly took a brush through her hair. She truly looked like death.

"Carly, what the-" She cut me off before I asked her what her whole appearance situation was.

"Shh! I'm here to make sure you're not getting stalked. He already took you home with him." She said, for a second I was confused, but then I remembered. The un-tattooed devil.

"Well," I glanced at Sue, who was glaring at me, "at least make it look like you're ordering something so I don't get a whole speech about personal talks at my job." I whisper and she nods slightly, walking to the counter and looking up at the menu.

"Actually, can you get me a muffin?" She asks. I giggle and nod.

"Yeah, sure. Then can you tell me what happened to the Beauty Queen Carly this morning?" I joke. She rolls her eyes, but doesn't hide her smirk. "Which kind?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

"Bree? I'm here literally every day, I think we know this by now." She says, laughing. I do know what she wants. She comes here before she goes to her extra day of school. She has school on Saturday. That I will never understand. I mentally slap myself across the face. Why did I ask her why she would be here over a text message? I felt truly idiotic now.

I grabbed a fresh chocolate-chip muffin, which was oversized. All the muffins here were huge. I glanced at the other girls and they were all hard at work. Well, Shelby was at least. Shelby was walking back and forth making sure everything was working properly, her brunette hair swinging wildly.

Tara was sitting on a stool in the back on her phone. I rolled my eyes and walked back to Carly, handing her the over-sized muffin. She gratefully took in into her hands and took a bite.

"How much do I owe you?" She asks. I blankly stare back at her. She knew how much they were.

"I got it, you're okay." I say, and she relaxes a little bit. She looked terrible, all she needed was to be home and not on her way to a stressful day at school.

"Are you still mad at me?" She whispers. I almost think she didn't want me to hear it, but I did.

"No. Well, kind of. But, how come you didn't help me? I don't even know why Kurt was-" I was cut off when the door bell chimed. "Hold on a minute, Carly." I say to her, and she nods, walking over to a seat and sitting down. I take my eyes off of her and onto a really short woman, walking in with her two children.

"Hi, welcome to Starbucks, may I take your order? Would you like to try our ne--" I was cut off by the woman.

"No, please no. Thank you, but no." Rude. I know people don't like to listen to us try to sell our newest products, but she could've atleast let me finish.

"Okay, sorry ma'am, well can I take your or-" I was cut off again.

"Yes, please. Sorry for interrupting but I'm in a big hurry. Can I just get two blueberry muffins and a mocha?" She is basically pleading with me. Her two children look annoyed. As if I'm interrupting them.

"Of course. Just one second." I say and rush into the back, grabbing two blueberry muffins and walking back out. I hand them to her, and she hands them to the boys. I rush back into the back again and make her mocha. In a way I understand her stress, I used to babysit. Children are stressful. I remember the two boys I had to babysit once. They had demanded almost everything they wanted. Of course, I had made them ask nicely or else they wouldn't get it.

I felt a sting on my hand and I was brought back to reality. I noticed that I'd overflowed her mocha, and I grabbed a new cup and started over. This time, I watched carefully. 

I walked back over to her with the coffee (the right amount of coffee) and told her where the tops and straws were.

She thanked me, paid me, grabbed a top and a few napkins, and she was off. I walked over to where Carly was sitting. I took a seat in front of her and rolled my eyes.

"Some people." I state. She giggles and rolls her eyes.

"Speaking of some people, what happened after he brought you to his house?" She asks.

"He didn't. Nothing happened. He brought me to my house, and that's where I woke up. I had, like, no memory of what happened." I say, I had refused to tell her about the little exchange I had with Matt at the party.

"Oh my, God. Did he drug you? Did he-" I cut her off with a death glare.

"No, I highly doubt I was drugged." I say flatly.

She shrugs, "it could happen."

"How did I get myself into this mess?" I state to nobody in general. I rub my temples and try to remember last night's events, but I just couldn't.


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