Possiblities Are Endless

She was a girl who thought love was pointless.
"What's the point of 'love,' if the person you think loves you just leaves?" I ask, somewhat terrified of another lecture. But, instead, I got an angry look.
"Someday you'll find someone worth loving," He said, checking the time on his phone, he seemed uninterested.
"You know what happens to me." I say, snatching his phone from his grip. He gave me an annoyed look.
"No," He says, grabbing for his phone, "I don't know what happens to you, I know what 'happened', but that was it, it happened. It's over. Give it another shot. You don't even understand what it feels like to have the person you love most feel like she's hopeless and not worth loving. You have no clue what it feels like, Bree." He says, standing up and leaving. I think about following him, but it was no use.
~~~ Read for love, loss, and regret ~~~
-K. xx


2. 2

I walked around the crowded party a while longer after Carly left me again. She'd run off to go find Kurt after his and Matt's little fight. After all she'd told me on Matt's past, I still found him intriguing. He was so bad deep inside himself, but he had no tattoos or even piercings like most guys do when they act that way. Trust me, I have met; possibly gotten involved with way more guys like that than I should have. My mother always warned me, but as I mention a lot, I never listened. I continued to see the guys like that, and I continued to let my personal life drop.

I wondered if one day I would grow out of this nasty cycle and find a man worth my time and marry off. Maybe even have children. The thought seemed so silly and distant at the moment that I almost laughed at myself for thinking it.

I saw a flash of Carly running by, chasing after a speedy Kurt; who looked really upset. Maybe because you lied to him about Jon, the voice inside my head adds. I shake it off, and lean against the wall, watching all the drunken teens flutter around as if it were their first time taking steps. I giggled a little at what looked to be a first-drink-and-party looking man. He walked around like he owned the place, having false confidence from the intoxication setting in by the drink in his hand. He nearly fell over when he stepped off the tile floor and onto the soft, padded rug.

"It's interesting, isn't it?" I nearly jumped out of my skin as a male voice came from beside me. I looked over and found nobody but Matt himself, leaning smugly against the wall next to me. He had his caramel colored eyes locked on the intoxicated man walking past us. I felt oddly out of my element next to him, now knowing so much of his background and history with other women. I tried to carefully swoop away, but he noticed and grabbed my wrist, stopping me at once. "Leaving so soon? I thought we could spend some more time together." He huskily said, tightening his grip on my wrist. I was so caught up in his sexily deep voice that I barely noticed the sharp pain his hand caused around my wrist. I immediately snapped out of it and snapped my wrist from his hand; earning a deep chuckle from him. I felt myself blush, but I brushed it off.

"You're obnoxious." I state, and he looks down at me. I never noticed how tall he was before. He was quite built, too, how had Kurt gotten such a big advantage earlier? Maybe he caught him off guard, or Matt just let it happen. Maybe Kurt found out how Matt treats girls, possibly Carly, and went nuts over it. Whatever it happened to be, I stopped thinking about it and just focused on how I could teach him his lesson. No guy should treat a girl like a game.

"Yes. I am." He says smugly, shrugging his shoulders, "usually women don't complain." he adds. I felt myself blush again, but this time in anger more than embarrassment. He chuckled again and grabbed both of my wrists. He tried to lace his fingers through mine, but I whipped my hand from his again.

"I know what you do. I'm not falling for it." I say out of nowhere, immediately wishing I could take it back. Go in reverse and just not tell him I had known about his past. Heck, for all I could know, it could only be his past, he could have changed.

He smirked and shoved me against the wall, not with much force, but with enough that I got his point. His hips dug into mine, and he stared down at me with his cocky grin growing. His hands reached to the sides of me, and they slipped up my shirt. I squirmed out of his grasp and away from him.

"What happened to the shy guy who got his butt kicked by my friend?" I ask, toying with him.

"Oh, trust me baby, he was never shy." He said, winking in such a cocky way that my head almost exploded.

I took a step towards him and looked right into his eyes. "Don't call me baby." I state, my frustration only eggs him on more. He takes a step closer.

"Or what?" He asks. Dang, the guy I helped clean blood off of himself was really gone.

"Or.. I'll uh, I-I don't know, but it wont be good." I state, mentally slapping myself across the face. Why? Why me?

"There isn't a thing you can do, baby." He says. In one, lightning fast motion, he had pinned me against the wall again. I lost my breath when I looked into his eyes, now deeper in color. How could nobody else in this house care that I was being practically assaulted over here? Right in front of them? My thoughts were interrupted as I felt Matt's lips on mine. I almost fell over.

This was not the way I had planned to teach him how the game was played. I stood my ground and didn't kiss him back, which upset him.

"Kiss me." He says, that husky tone returning. I almost oblige, but quickly remember what I was doing, so I shook my head slowly. His eyebrows creased and he looked like he was deep in angry thoughts.

"What's the matter, baby, never heard a 'no,' before? Well, I'm not like other girls if you hadn't noticed. I won't be played. Not again." I say, and then turn on my heel and walk off.

"A challenge, huh? Well, game on." I hear him mutter as he walks the opposite way. I walk out onto the porch to clear my head. What just happened in there? You just invited yourself to be his challenge, that's what happened, stupid.

Dang, my self conscious hates me.



A/N: sorry it's so short, ill update soon. Its really late here and I only have like, 2 more minutes to be on here. Haha, sorry.

Goodnight guys, love you. xx

-K. xx




















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