Possiblities Are Endless

She was a girl who thought love was pointless.
"What's the point of 'love,' if the person you think loves you just leaves?" I ask, somewhat terrified of another lecture. But, instead, I got an angry look.
"Someday you'll find someone worth loving," He said, checking the time on his phone, he seemed uninterested.
"You know what happens to me." I say, snatching his phone from his grip. He gave me an annoyed look.
"No," He says, grabbing for his phone, "I don't know what happens to you, I know what 'happened', but that was it, it happened. It's over. Give it another shot. You don't even understand what it feels like to have the person you love most feel like she's hopeless and not worth loving. You have no clue what it feels like, Bree." He says, standing up and leaving. I think about following him, but it was no use.
~~~ Read for love, loss, and regret ~~~
-K. xx


1. 1

The parties loud music was giving me a slight headache, and judging from the alcohol I had taken in, I didn't need a headache. I already knew I would have a terrible hangover the next morning, but being reckless always had it's karma. And, I knew karma well, for she played me a terrible game. All I wanted was to be popular and have a great life, but it all changed once I met the one I presumed was the love of my life. He was perfect; blonde hair, blue eyes, just the right height of 5'11. He had an award winning smile, but who ever knew about his motives. I didn't care as long as I could rebel against my mother. I remembered how I used to hold his ink-filled hand in mine, thinking my life would be wonderful with this boy. He knew I thought I loved him, but he only had eyes for others. I found it out too late though, and I was just pushed to the side. The way his tattoos lined up perfectly on his tanned torso, up to his neck and down his arms. All around his waist-line and up his muscular back. I knew I should have listened to my mother when she told me he was no good. She'd always told me,

"Bree, don't waste your time on someone who wont be able to care for you later in life." But when she'd told me this, I always rolled my eyes behind her back and walked away. From all the things she and my father had put me through in my childhood, I was so ready to leave that house. It held too many bad memories. Every time I walked in the family room, where once held love and happiness, I got a sour taste in my mouth from all the horrible incidents that had taken place.

I walk around the party, hoping for a glimpse of one of my friends. They'd dumped me here at this party and ditched me. I left my cup of beer on one of the side tables by the booming speakers, and walked upstairs to find a bathroom. The house was smaller than I had imagined it when Carly had told me about it, but it had enough space for a decent college party.

I walked through the short hallway, which held tons of doors to rooms I wouldn't like to open. It is a college party, and we are teenagers. I would be terrified to see what happened behind closed doors of a drunken couple at a college party.

I pushed open a door, which held a brightly lit bathroom. I mentally patted myself on the back and shut the door before strolling to the mirror and checking the makeup Carly had put on my face before the party. I had eyeliner underneath my eyes, and above. I had lipstick above my lips, and I didn't know how that all had happened. I ran my fingers under cold water and wetted down a paper towel to wipe all the excess makeup off.

I was just about to walk out when somebody busted through the door. It was a tall male without any tattoos. I cringed as he tried to hit the toilet with his vomit but missed. He was all tipsy and way overly drunk. I quickly made my escape and walked back down to the kitchen. I noticed my beer had been taken, but I honestly didn't care. The pounding of my head was almost louder than the music. The song on was currently "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. And, I honestly hated this song more than ever, it was played way too much on the radios, TV's, everywhere.

"Guess it's time for a walk." I state to myself, hearing my s's slur. I looked around, my head moving faster than my blurred vision, and found the exit. There was a couple making out by the door, but the scuttled to the side to let me through the doors. I nodded, but the action caused an extreme wave of nausea and I decided to just walk out.

As soon as the cold air hit my lungs, I mentally patted myself on the back again. The cool air was helping to soothe my burning headache and the horrible nausea in my stomach. I walked around a bit before deciding it would be better if I just sat down and relaxed for a while. I sat down on the stairs of the house and just leaned my body back against the house. The house itself was shaking and throbbing from the music, or was that my imagination?

"Stop thinking too much, you're hurting yourself." I say to myself, which only makes me think more. How am I even getting out of this party? And I have never talked to myself before tonight, am I going insane? Okay, no more alcohol or late night parties after tonight. I'm going to learn my lesson from my headache in the morning tomorrow anyhow. I sighed to myself and my head slowed it's throbbing. It was now just a slight pang of pain and of which I could tolerate. I needed to find Carly.

My mind was at war with itself from my bipolar thoughts. I needed to find Carly and get out of here, but I also needed time to relax and chill out before I went back inside the crazy house.

What are you doing to yourself Bree? You're ruining your college life, is what you're doing. I sighed as my mind went to war. I decided to just chill where I was for a few minutes.

I took out a pack of cigarettes and my lighter. As soon as I lit the nicotine-filled-poison, I stuck it in between my lips, which were swollen from beer bottles and endless cups of vodka. Drinking so much tonight was definitely not a good idea. My mother's words flashed through my mind again, "you will regret leaving this house at such a young age. You aren't ready yet." I groaned as I realized she was 100% right. I flicked the cigarette between the two fingers I held it in and watched the heated ashes fall to the ground.

"Bree! There you are, finally! How did you get outside? You're silly." I heard Carly slurred words and I looked up at the door. She was definitely drunk, makeup all over the place, clothes all out of sort. She was a wreck, but not nearly as wrecked as the guy she was latched to. He has tattoos lacing his neck, and disappearing underneath his long, swooped hair. He was holding Carly around her waist in one hand and a beer bottle in the other. He looked completely wasted. Then again, so did Carly and I. I was in no position to judge his choices tonight. But my mother would. She would hate me for being here at a party. She would hate my bad decision to not quit smoking. She would also hate how I was underage drinking at a party at 3 in the morning.

"Carly, we need to go." I say, my voice just as slurred as hers.

She pouted her lips and made a really unattractive face. I presumed it was her drunk version of a puppy-dog face. "Bree, we just got here. Live a little!" she says, holding out her beer for me to take. I obliged happily and took a long sip, accidentally dropping my cigarette on the stone step below me. I gasped and stepped on it to put it out.

"Bree? I think-" It was Carly's 'boyfriend', 'friend', or whoever it was of her's talking. He was interrupted by another boy storming out of the house. The boy had his hair styled up in a quiff-type of thing. He didn't hesitate to almost break an ankle tripping down the stairs and spilling his drunken beer all over the bushes. He stood up and wiped his mouth on his sleeve and made a disgusted face. He took another sip of his beer and smirked.

"Hey ladies." He said. Carly's boyfriend turned on him, startling the hot mess of a boy.

"Keep your hands off, Carly's mine." He said in a husky, but still slurred voice.

"Whoa, whoa," the drunken boy says, holding his hands up as if in surrender, "I'm here to make friends with people, not take them home. Okay?" He asked. When Carly's boyfriend said nothing, he continued to talk. "Well, I'm Matt, and you guys are?" He asked, his cocky smirk taking over his beautiful features.

"I'm Kurt, this is Carly, and that's Bree." Kurt, Carly's boyfriend spoke for us all. Kurt, that was his name. I mentally slapped myself on the forhead and remembered him as Carly's highschool sweatheart. They'd broken up a while back, but apparently they found each other again tonight.

"Well, nice to meet you all." Matt said and walked back into the house. 

As soon as he was out of sight, Kurt snickered, "He looked gay."

"Yeah," Carly said, stopping to let out a laugh, "with his little 'nice to meet you all.'"

I ignored them and walked back inside the house. I needed to find my phone, and it wasn't going to find itself. I stormed upstairs into the bathroom where I thought I remembered leaving my phone. As soon as I checked all the counters and drawers, even the shower, and bathtub, I ran out and checked in the living room.

I walked past a few couples making out on the couches and found my phone on the couch.

Then I swept past a few dirty-dancing people and out the door again. The cool air refreshed me the same way it had when I first came upon it. Carly was still standing on the steps, but Kurt was nowhere to be seen.
"Hey, where's-?" I was cut off by a startled grunt, and then a hissing moan of agony. I looked closer at Carly through my blurred vision and saw a few tears rolling down her cheeks. "Carly, what's-?" I was cut off again by another long, low moan of pain. I turned over to where the bothersome noise was coming from and saw Kurt first. He was on top of another boy, and he was punching him. All I heard was a guy's scream before I lurched forward on unsteady feet.

"Kurt! Stop it!" I screamed, grabbing ahold of Kurt's toned arm. It did no good. In one, striking moment, he plunged me down with his fist and I hit the cold ground.

Where was Carly when you needed her? Well, actually, I knew exactly where she was, but I didn't know why she wasn't over here trying to stop her boyfriend from possibly murdering another man. Don't get me wrong, Kurt was a nice guy, but I went to school with him. When he got mad, he was blinded by the anger, and all he could see was his fists punching and hurting the person who had done wrong. Even if it was someone he cared deeply about, nothing could stop him from hurting that person once he began. Unless he was pried off and mentally slapped.

"Carly!" I screamed, and saw Carly jump in surprise. We were less than 20 feet away from each other, but I still saw it when she lurched back inside the house. I mentally slapped her, and saved it for later.

I looked back down, finally paying attention to who Kurt was making a bloody pulp of nothingness. It was Matt. But why him? I'd been gone for less than 20 minutes in the search for my phone, and from what I knew, Carly and Kurt were just standing there relaxed on the steps. I had absolutely no clue what Matt had done to deserve being practically killed.

"Kurt, Jon just took off with Carly!" I screamed. As soon as I said the words, his fist halted in mid-air and he rounded on me instead.

"What?" He spit, venom in his voice. Just the harsh tone made me shudder.

"Jon, he just took off with Carly." I say, my voice more shaky than normal. I didn't feel drunk anymore, I felt 100% sober. I was focused with all my mind on this now. I knew I was asking for it for lying, but I had too before Kurt was arrested for killing a man.

I saw the different emotions in Kurt's face as he took in what I just told him. He went from seething in anger, to complete worry, and then back to the anger.

"I will kill him!" He yelled and took off running, knocking me over in his advance. I watched him as he ran up the steps, pushing an intoxicated couple off of the steps. I stifled a laugh, but returned to reality when I heard a muffled groan come from a bloody Matt less than a foot away from me. I turned to examine his injuries. As soon as I met his face, I winced. He was completely broken. I almost cried out in pain from just seeing the injuries. God only knew how much pain he was in.

What are you doing just staring at him? Help him for God's sake, Bree! My conscience screamed at me and I snapped out of my false-pain.

"What happened to you, Matt?" I say, and when he's about to answer, I cut him off, "No, nevermind. Don't talk, let me help you, okay?" I ask. All I see is his face relax. I hold my hand out to him, and his bloody one reached to accept my offer.

He grunts and groans when I help him off the ground and to his feet. I let him lean on me, taking as much weight off of himself as possible.

I help him climb the stairs outside, and the stairs inside up to the bathroom. The hallway in the small house seems so much longer right now, now that my mind is completely focused and sober. I lead him into the bathroom and have him sit down on the side of the bathtub. He groaned, and obliged.

"Oh my God, Matt. I'm sorry this happened." I say, trying to calm myself down. He was more calm than me, and he was the one that had just gotten beaten to bloody pulp of his former self. I searched the cupboards in the bathroom for some injury cleaning supplies. I settled for a few huge bandaids and some anti-biotic. I put the anti-biotic on the counter and accidentally knocked over the baindaids when I grabbed a wash-cloth. I hastily picked them up and set them back on the counter, peeking at Matt. He tried to force a smile, but he was in too much pain to even do that.

I knew the injuries went further than his face, but I was even too scared to see them all. It was my semi-friend who had caused all of this, and I somehow feel as if it was my fault.

"Take off your shirt." I say, and he nods his head, slowly, as if trying not to spill an invisible glass of water off of his head. As soon as his shirt got to his head, he winced and pulled it over as fast as he could. I saw a tear roll down his cheek and I felt a pang of guilt deep inside of me. He really didn't deserve this at all. I would definitely be talking to Kurt about this. He would not get away with beating up an innocent guy.

I almost cried out in pain as I saw a deep gash, oozing maroon onto his now-pale skin. He winced when i put the anti-biotic filled washcloth over the huge cut.

"Sorry, sorry. I forgot how bad it stings." I say hurriedly.

"It's-" He began, but I stopped him.

"Don't." I say. He nods slowly again. I wipe off the access blood with a water filled paper towel, before refilling the wash cloth with anti-biotic. If anything, the cuts would be infected if I didn't clean them.

"Ow." He says when I press down on a slight bruise under his right eye.

"Sorry." I say again, cleaning off the rest of his face and cuts before moving back away from him. He grabbed for his shirt, but I stopped him again.

"It's covered in blood." I say.

"I don't care." He says, grabbing his shirt from my grip. He pulled it over his head in one brief instant and stood up, slowly. He held out his hand to me, which was still freckled with dots of blood, but I accepted anyways. He lifted me to my feet and then smiled at me.

"Thanks." He says, before walking out of the bathroom.
"You're welcome." I say to nobody in particular, he'd already walked away.





"Where were you?" Carly asks me when I walk back down to the living room. Kurt was nowhere to be found.

"Excuse me? You don't have the right to ask me where I've been. But since I'm a good friend, I will tell you where I was." I say, not exactly in a nice tone.

"Tell me."

"I was cleaning off Matt's cuts and bruises, in which your perfect little boyfriend, inflicted on him." I say. Her brown eyes go wide, and her mouth opens to an almost perfect 'o'.

"Don't look at me like that. I was asking you for help but you ran away." I say. She shakes her head.

"No, no you didn't."

"Yes I did." I state, losing my patience with her.

"Okay, fine, whatever. I didn't want to be involved. That Matt boy has a bad reputation. And I definitely did not want to be involved with it or him. So I asked Kurt to-" I cut her off, bewildered.

"You told Kurt to beat Matt up? How could- no, why would- why?" I say.

"Matt is a player. I acted like I didn't know who he was, but I do. I really do. And he played me, so I wanted somebody to show him how he made me feel when he left me." She says, pain flashing through her eyes.

"He could've died." I say. I had no clue why I insisted on defending this boy, given his bluntness, and now, his horrible reputation. But, somehow, I just had to.

"Kurt wouldn't have killed him, Bree. Have another beer, relax. Matt is not a good person, I don't know why you're sticking up for him. He would never 'love' anybody, he just has sex with girls after he makes them believe he loves them, and leaves them. I shouldn't know." She says. I almost fall over from the harsh background being given to me on that boy. I'm honestly blown away. When we met him, he seemed innocent and nice. Almost like he was a nerd.

"Bree, stop. Stop thinking about him. Stop thinking that he's innocent and sweet and cute and all what you need in a boy. He isn't. He's horrible. If it weren't for Kurt, I would've never believed that love could even exist. Oh, how that boy played me. He got me real good, too. Now, enough of this, let's go have fun." She says.

'Oh, how that boy played me.'

'He got me real good, too.'

'He's horrible.'

'Never would've believed that love could even exist.'

Carly's words tumbled over and over in my head. I almost didn't believe her. She had never mentioned Matt before, and I'd never seen him or heard about his harsh reputation. And maybe she was lying, telling tales how I knew she loved to. I could almost hear my mother's words again. "Never, ever, ever, trust somebody without getting to know the real them first, Bree."

I was shocked. I knew players existed, and I also knew that most guys got caught and were never allowed the option to try it all again.

"Bree, come on. Get away from there. Matt's staring at you like you're a meal. You're probably his next victim. Let me have you promise me one thing, okay?" She says. I glance at Matt, who was, staring me down, and then nodded. "Okay, good. Please promise me you wont let him get into your head with his lies and cheating ways." She says. I had never in my life heard Carly being so wise. I believed her instantly. I knew that boy was trouble. I also knew by the way he began walking over to me that I could've been next. If Carly hadn't of told me how he worked, I would have fallen for that trap. I cant fall for that again. I already been 'in love' with a boy I knew I could spend my whole life with, but he'd played me. He got me so well I didn't even believe him when he told me it was all a cruel joke. I thought he was messing with me. But then he rounded all his friends up and showed me the recorded bet he'd made with them. The bet was to get a girl to fall for him and then do 'things' with her to make a ton of money. I felt tears threaten to spill over my eyes, but I held back. Now was not the time. Now was the time to teach a player how the game is really played.


A/N: Sorry if this sucks, but I wrote it really, really fast. I'll update soon. Love you all, happy reading! Comment, vote and subscribe to this story to get notifications when I update. (: Love you all! Xx

-K. xx


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