Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer?!?

Maddie is a 14 year old girl who lives in a old ass orphanage. Everyone hates her but she doesn't know why. She just wants to be loved again. But what happens when her favorite boy band comes and adopts her? Will they hate her or love her? Read Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer to find out.


9. Chapter 8

So, it's been 3 days since Dad ( Ashton ) has grounded me. It's been so fucking boring!!!! I've been grounded before, but not for a week. I've been grounded for 1 day and that was it, and it was just a damn joke. It's not like it was real. "Momma told me not-" "Who is this?" "Sorry! Hey Maddie! It's Gabe. Luke told me everything." "Oh hey Gabe. I didn't know this was your number." "Well, would you like to go to Starbucks with me when you're ungrounded?" "Uh, sure! I'd love to!" "Ok! See ya later. Bye!" "Bye!" Wow. Gabe Stevens from the Hells Angels asked me out! This is amazing! But what will Ashton and the boys think? Especially Breanna, she's so overprotective of me. And she's 11 and I'm 14 like seriously! Gabe's 14! ( Gabe in real life is my best friend and he's 11 but in the story he's 14 ) "Maddie? It's your father. Open the door?" "It's open dad." "Gabe just called. And I will allow you to go out and date him. But, if he breaks your heart even 1 TIME he will have no bones left in his body." "Breanna's taken care of that. Thanks dad. Love you!" "Love you to! You're ungrounded. Gabe will be here around 4." "Ok" it's 3:30 now so I'll just throw on some shorts and a tank top. This Australian weather is so hot! "Maddie! Gabes here!" "Comin!" I ran downstairs and out the door. "So, not that I'm trying to be rude or anything but, why did you wanna go out?" I asked Gabe. He blushed "Well, I really really like you. And the girls and boys have told me so much about you. Maddie, will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes. I will" He grabbed me but not hard gently and kissed me. Sparks flew "I love you Maddie" "I love you to" We skipped back to the house hand in hand he pecked my lips and I went inside "Well. Someone's happy!" Luke exclaimed. "Yes! This girl is beyond happy!" "Why?" "GABE KISSED ME AND IM NOT SINGLE ANYMORE!" I earned cheers and yays from everyone. Man, I knew my life would get better. But I didn't expect it to get this awesome!

Hey penguins! Hope you enjoyed! On Sunday, is Easter! And I'm putting the updating on hold. Why? Well, family issues. So. Sorry. Love yousxxxxx-Bree

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