Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer?!?

Maddie is a 14 year old girl who lives in a old ass orphanage. Everyone hates her but she doesn't know why. She just wants to be loved again. But what happens when her favorite boy band comes and adopts her? Will they hate her or love her? Read Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer to find out.


8. Chapter 7

So, it's been a week since the incident with my father. And to be honest, I feel like shit. I've been having awful nightmares, I can't eat, and I can't sleep. "Dad!" I scream and Ashton runs up stairs "Yes baby girl?" "Wait. Sorry. Your name is Ashton not dad! Oops" My cheeks turned pink "I don't care! I love it when you call me dad! I am the oldest after all" "Ok dad. But can you help me with this please?" It was my English homework. Yes, I go to school. What? Did you think I didn't get an education? Well. It's online school. But, I still socialize. Trust me. I do a lot of that. "Oh ya! All you do is find and antonym in the online dictionary for that! Simple as that!" "Thanks dad! Love you!" "I love you to baby!" He kissed my head and left. Wow. I have a real dad now. This is awesome!!!! "Maddie!!!!!!!" Mikey screamed for me "Yes?" You walked downstairs "Hey Breanna!" "Hey Maddie!!!" "What's up?" "Come out side" "Yes?" "Well. It's April 1st ( Not really ) And I want to prank the boys. But, I'll need your help" "You know, you're very wicked... I like it. So what's your plan?" "Well. You see, in horror movies someone always breaks in and kills someone?" "Ya. Why?" "Well. Here. Put this heels on, put his mask on and this coat thing" "Ok." "Now. What I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna tell the boys I'm going to make a snack. And what your gonna do when you see me walk into the kitchen and go to the cabinet, is open the window, climb inside, put your hand over my mouth, spin me around, take your hand off my mouth, I'll scream, you 'stab' me with this fake knife, I'll drop the cup and the boys will be horrified." "Wow. I'll do it!" I said. I put on the mask, heels, coat, put my hair up, and walked outside. I got into position. Breanna walked into the kitchen -Skip the going through the window- I flung my hand over her mouth, spun her around, took my hand off, she screamed, dropped the cup, and I 'stabbed' her. The boys ran in. Michael and Ashton chased me while Calum and Luke came in trying to 'wake up' Breanna. They caught me and we went back. Ashton was running towards the phone and Breanna grabbed his foot and he fell. She got up laughing I took off my mask and stuff and she took out the fake knife. "What the hell?!" Luke screamed. "You-You should've seen-seen your faces!!!" I yelled in laughter. "We got it all on video to." Breanna said point to Gabe and Gabby. Faith and Mali were laughing to hard. The boys were horrified. "Happy April Fools Day bitches!" Gabby screamed. The boys just walked off. -Later that night- "Maddie!" Dad ( Ashton ) yelled. He seemed angry. "Coming!" I came down "Ya?" "The prank you and Breanna pulled was not cool" The boys nodded in agreement. Dad got up and started to walk over to me. He grabbed my wrist. But hard enough to hurt me. And pulled upstairs and he sat me down and shut my door "Maddie Irwin. What the hell were you thinking?!" "Dad! It was just a joke! It could've been worse! I could've faked a car accident or something more extreme!" "Well Maddie. It wasn't funny to us! You're grounded for a week!" "But-" "No buts Maddie" and with that he slammed my door. I cried for the next hour. *Tap Tap* "Whoevers at the door, go the hell away!" "Maddie it's Luke. Can I come in?" "Whatever" "Honestly, the joke wasn't funny. But, it's April Fools Day. I heard what Ashton said. And you're right that it could've been worse. But, Ashton shouldn't ground you a week over something this stupid" Luke said sitting down next to me "Ya. I guess your right. I'm really really sorry we scared you like that though" "It's fine. It's a joke I can take it" and with that he kissed my head and left.

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