Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer?!?

Maddie is a 14 year old girl who lives in a old ass orphanage. Everyone hates her but she doesn't know why. She just wants to be loved again. But what happens when her favorite boy band comes and adopts her? Will they hate her or love her? Read Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer to find out.


7. Chapter 6


My dad has escaped prison. I'm petrified.

*End of Flashback*

We need to protect her they said. I don't think they can. He's so strong. He's to strong to be honest. He's so mean. *Knock *Knock "Lukey!!! Can you get that?" I yelled "Yep!" He yelled back. "No. She's not here" "No you cannot search the house" That's my dad's voice. I texted the boys all except for Luke that he's here. They all said stay upstairs. I obeyed. "No!!! For the last fucking time. Your not seeing her!!" Mikey yelled. I grabbed the sharpest object I had. A hand knife. "GET. OFF. HIM" I said through gritted teeth. "Sweetheart!! Thank god you-" "Save it dad. Get off him now before I hurt you like you hurt me." "Your the same bitch you've always been." "Maddie ge-" "No Calum. I'm not going upstairs." They didn't know I knew karate. Judo. Boxing. And so many other things. "Get off him now before I hurt you" I said again. "What are ya gonna do?" He said. "Don't say I didn't warn you" I said. And threw blows everywhere. "Maddie!!! That's. Wow." Ashton said in shock. "Now. Get out and stay out!!! Better yet. Move away. Get out of here and never return." Calum said. He ran away. "Luke. You ok?" I ask worried. "Ya. I'm fine." He said. The boys looked furious with me. "Maddie. We told you to stay upstairs. And you didn't listen." Ashton said. He came toward me. He looked like he was going to hurt me. "Now. Your gonna get punished" Uh oh. "Ple-Please don't hu-hurt me." I said scared. "I wasn't going to hurt you. I wanna hug you. You were very brave. I would never hurt you. Ever" He said. "Ok." I said. We shared a group hug. A big one to. Man. I love these boys.

Hey penguins!!! I was on the bus when I wrote this so. Love yousxxxxx-Bree

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