Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer?!?

Maddie is a 14 year old girl who lives in a old ass orphanage. Everyone hates her but she doesn't know why. She just wants to be loved again. But what happens when her favorite boy band comes and adopts her? Will they hate her or love her? Read Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer to find out.


4. Chapter 4

"Ya Maddie let's hear it" the others said. "O-Ok" I said nervously. I started singing She Looks So Perfect. Once I finished I heard cheering. Clapping. Yelling. Were they just clapping because they were glad it was over? "OMG that was amazing!!!" They yelled. "Man. Girlfriend I had no idea you could sing like that." Gabby said. "Wow. Thanks so much." I said "That was an amazing performance" Gabe said "Really. Your so good." Mali-Koa said. Breanna just sat there with a blank expression on her face. Did she not like it? "Breanna. Did you n-not like it?" "Awe. Maddie. Don't think that. I loved it. I was just in shock that you could sing like that." "Wow. Thanks. I think it's time to explain ear-" "They told us. Your beautiful. It was a brave move to tell them your past. Really." Mali-Koa said. "Ya. Your so strong." Gabby said. Gabe and Breanna both agreed. "And your Luke's cousin?" Gabe asked "Y-Ya" I managed "That's so cool. That explains your love for food." Gabby said. "Well. Who doesn't love food?" Breanna asked "NO ONE!!" Luke and I said. "So.... Whatcha wanna talk about?" I said ending the awkward silence " Uh.... How about...... How you got your love for music?" Gabe suggested. "Ok. It all started when I went to the orphanage. They were nice enough to let us have phones and music stuff. I taught myself guitar. And I taught myself to sing. That's how it all started" I said. They all just smiled. "That's really cool how you taught yourself guitar" Calum said "Ya." I said and smiled. -That night on the news -News Reporter: A man has just escaped prison from being sentenced to 14 years of rape, domestic abuse and alcohol abuse. The mans name is Tom Hemmings.- "OMFG NO!!!" I screamed. I paused the TV and ran downstairs to where the boys were practicing "You'll never believe what I just saw" I said.

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