Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer?!?

Maddie is a 14 year old girl who lives in a old ass orphanage. Everyone hates her but she doesn't know why. She just wants to be loved again. But what happens when her favorite boy band comes and adopts her? Will they hate her or love her? Read Adopted by 5 Seconds Of Summer to find out.


3. Chapter 3


I knew it. I knew they didn't like me from the start. They just acted like that so I wouldn't feel bad. They never loved me.

Why? Why would they look at me like that? I thought. "Maddie. C-Can you come out?" It was Luke. "Why? Your gonna judge me anyways." "Love. No we're not. We're not like that. We love you please come out." Mikey said. I cracked the door a little. "What?" "We didn't mean to look at you the way we did. Ok? We're gonna help you through this." Calum looked at me like he was guilty. "But why did you cut yourself?" Ashton asked me. "Well. It started when I was 7. My mom passed away due to a tumor. My father was a good man till she died. Then father lost his job. Then he started to drink his problems away. He kept me chained to the sofa. He used to beat me. He even raped me. I kept asking why. He blamed me for my mothers death. He blamed me for everything. He turned everyone against me. One day. My aunt Liz ( OOO plot twist there ) and her sons Ben, Jack, and Luke came and took me to the orphanage. I asked why they couldn't take me. Aunt Liz said she had work and no one would be home. I just replied ok. So. I went there and my father was arrested. He went to prison for 14 years. He's still there. But now my life is way better thanks to you guys." By now everyone especially Luke were in tears. "S-So y-you remember- that day we saved you?" Luke asked. By now. The boys are looking at Luke. "Of course. Luke. Why wouldn't I?" "Well. I'm your cousin." Luke said. "Lukey. I know. Why do you think I didn't tell you that I knew this till now?" "Not sure." -1 month later- "Hey Maddieee" "Hey Calum. What can I do for ya.?" "Well. You wanna meet some friends of ours?" "Yes." "Maddie if like you to meet Breanna, Faith, Gabe, Mali-Koa and Gabby. Their Hells Angels." "Waddup girl." "H-Hi. You have no I-dea how much I love you guys." "Awe. Babe. We love you to." Gabe said. Man he's adorable. "Well. We heard you sing. Do you think we could hear you?" Gabby asked. Wow. This is gonna be interesting.

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