Being louis' sister

Hi, my name is Leah but everyone calls me lee, my life isn't normal because my brother is Louis Tomlinson who happens to be part of the world's biggest boyband, so pretty much it's like having 5 brothers instead of 1. But Louis is the most protective of me because we don't have a father he left us when I was young so Louis practically raised me cause our mom worked all the time so she could make enough money to take care of us. I'm 18 now and can take care of my self but I'm still really close to Louis and he sill takes care of me just as if I was younger, especially when I go on tour with them I have been on 1 tour so far and it was hard being away that long especially from my mom but it was actually really fun. But when I was on tour with them I started to grow feelings for one of the boy's. But Louis has warned me not to fall for the boys cause even though I know them like brothers they are bad news when it comes to love. I know Louis will be upset but I don't kno if I can hold back


12. Tease ;)

After what seemed like years we finally made it back to London and to Louis and I's house where all the boys decided to stay. We walked in the house I sat my bag on the floor and went into the kitchen flinging open the cabinet and grabbing 2 boxes of mac and cheese as well a small pot from the lower cupboard. I filled the pot with water and sat it on the stove while turning it on, once the water was hot enough I opened the boxes and poured them in taking the little cheese packets out first. When it was finished cooking I served all the boys a bowl or 2 then I myself had a bowl, soon after the boys and I ate we headed to bed.



-The next morning-


I woke up to the sun in my face that was coming in through the blinds making me squeezed my eyes shut tightly before opening them back up slowly. I could finally see after blinking a few times and rubbing my eyes, however from what I heard the boys hadn't woken yet because it was way too quiet. I got up and went down stairs only to be right , they were all sound asleep still even Louis who had fallen asleep on the couch along with Niall. I smiled and quietly walked up stairs to the bathroom making sure not wake them, I carefully shut the door then locked it not wanting one of the boys to wake up and walk in not knowing I was in here.

I stood in front of the sink looking into the mirror and absolutely hating what I saw it had looked like I aged 10 years over night, the dark circles under my eyes grew more visible under the light I sighed loudly at the sight before turning to get in the shower I turned on the water, then removed my clothes. When I got out the room was very steamy from how hot my water had been quickly grabbing a towel and wrapping it around me I unlocked the door and walked to my room and got dressed putting on a black and white "Beatles" tank top and some white shorts with natural make-up. while just letting my hair drip dry today after brushing it. (BTW, there is still a bathroom in Lee's room I just decided to use the main one.)

I walked back down stairs to see that all the boys were gone I looked around very confused until I seen a note on the coffee table that was from Louis telling me that him and the boys had to go speak with Simon and that he would be back soon. I sighed placing the note back on the table and sitting down on the couch, it was so boring here you wouldn't even believe.


(1 hour later)

After waiting for the boys for an hour they finally came bursting through the door with ice cream cones and rambling on about something unknown. Louis handed me mine and I thanked him, I started licking around the edges where it was melting until I had felt someone watching me. I looked up to see Harry staring at where my lips just were, it soon hit me that Harry was no longer staring at the ice cream but at me,I loved how easily I could distract him with the littlest of things. That's when I decided to make this a little bit more frustrating for him, and entertaining for me.

I started by slowly licking up the sides and around the top, then around the edges again all while watching him try to contain himself, I stopped for a second to lick my lips ever so slowly making Harry fly off the couch and rush to the bathroom. I smiled in victory at my accomplishment of making him come undone, luckily nobody noticed since they were playing Fifa on the X-box.

I finished up my ice cream and went to the kitchen to rinse my hands of the stickiness still smiling until I felt two arms wrap around my waist startling me a bit till I heard that familiar voice whisper in my ear.

''You love teasing me don't you?' Harry whispered seductively.

''Maybe.'' I whispered back in the same tone.

''It's not very nice since we can't do anything with your brother around....cause if we were at my flat I would have you screaming my name by now.'' He whispered in a seductively raspy voice while kissing my neck making me moan slightly and almost give him what he wants right here and now.

''Fu< that a promise?'' I whispered under my breath as he continued to kiss my neck and grind his once again growing bulge against my ass.

''Come by my flat tonight and find out.'' Was all he said before slapping my ass and walking back to the living room.


I was standing there trying to process what the fu<k just happened?


I walked back into the living room after I calmed down from our little incident and sat back in my spot on the couch and watched as the boys played Fifa for a while more then Harry ended up leaving and Liam and Zayn soon followed only leaving Me, Niall and Louis. Liam texted a couple hours later asking if the boys wanted to meet up at the 'Funky Buddha' which they gladly accepted, not before asking if I wanted to go of course. I denied seeing as it was the perfect opportunity to go to Harry's.

The boys left with a quick goodbye hug and kiss on the cheek, Louis of course asking again if I wanted to go, which I denied again. As soon as they left I texted Harry to make sure he would still be home.

''Hey, do I still have that invite? ;)'' -L

''Absolutely ;)'' -H

''Great i'll be there in 20 Xx'' -L

''I'll be waiting Xx'' -H


His last text gave me butterflies knowing what was soon to happen when I arrived at Harry's. I decided to change into something a little, since this will only be my second time ever doing this i'm still a bit intimidated by the other girls Harry has been with, knowing they are probably far more experienced than I am.

I hurried to my room and into my closet hoping to find something a little more risque.I rummaged through my closet finding nothing that reached my hopes and I was running out of time. I plopped onto the end of my bed completely frustrated, I wanted to impress him and i'm gonna fail miserably at this rate. I sat there thinking of every piece of clothing I owned, none of them sexy in that perspective.

Then I remembered the time Olivia and I went on a shopping trip just before the tour and had went to Victoria's Secret. I jumped off my bed and walked to my dresser opening it swiftly, I spotted the black lace and grabbed it then running back into the closet to grab the matching bra. I changed into the bra and panty set feeling good about how it looked then slipped my shorts and tanktop back on, but not before ruffling my hair a bit and adding some red lipstick.

I looked in the mirror happy with my look then headed to Harry's.



Harry's POV


I impatiently waited for Lee to arrive knowing what was soon going to happen with her, her body being one of the things I love most about her. Yes I am very aware that being with me could hurt her, but right now all I wanna think about is her beautiful body laying under mine and her screaming my name so loud people in the next city can hear.

Just then I hear a knock on the door i'm assuming it's Lee so I was quick to answer.I opened the door and was almost speechless when I saw her ruffled hair and ruby red lips.

''Hi baby, come on in.'' I said moving myself and the door out of the way so she could come in.

"Thanks.'' She said blushing.

All I could do was stare at how beautiful she looked, I stepped closer and brought her in for a kiss which she quickly responded too. It quickly turned into a heavy makeout, I tapped the back of her thighs wanting her to jump she easily complied and wrapped her legs around my waist still kissing me. Holding her up I walked to the bedroom my knees hit the back of the bed and we fell backwards never breaking the kiss.

She broke the kiss to catch her breath and sat up to pull of my shirt, I could tell she had been wanting this as was I. After she pulled my shirt over my head we reconnected our lips while I trailed my hands down her body to the hem of her shirt. Slowly pulling it up our kiss broke once again, my breath hitched in my throat when I caught sight of her black lace bra. She caught me staring and smirked pushing me back down on the bed, she got off of me and I gave her a confused look until she started unbuttoning her shorts pulling them down in an agonizingly slow pace.

My eyes were glued to her hands as they went down her tan legs inch by inch revealing her black lace panties, I felt my self get harder by the second. Her shorts finally hit the floor and she came back over to me looking me straight in the eyes then raking her eyes down my body, she dropped to her knees and trailed her hands up my thighs and to my belt. She was going so slow, I couldn't take it so I hurriedly pulled my belt off and threw it somewhere.

By the time my belt was off she had my pants unbuttoned and was beginning to pull them down, I helped her get them off. As soon as they were off I grabbed her and pulled her back up on the bed soon taking her bra off and kneading her breasts. She moaned as I was kissing her neck, then further down her body my lips reaching the valley of her breasts. Her breath hitched when I took her erect nub into my mouth and gently started sucking, I retracted my mouth and went back to her lips giving her a soft kiss.

I trailed my hands down her body again before slowly pulling off her panties making her whimper from the slight contact of my hand to her soaking core, I smirked at how much of an effect I have on her. Now she was fully exposed and I couldn't be happier, she was quick to take my boxers off getting needy I can tell. We are both fully naked and ready for each other, I swiftly rolled over to grab a condom from my nightstand drawer, grabbing it I tore it open and rolled it on.

It didn't take me but 2 seconds to turn back around and connect Leah and I's lips in a lust filled kiss, pinning her down in the process. Her breath hitched as she broke the kiss and looked at me with needy eyes, that's all it took for me to completely lose control. I gave her a quick kiss before placing myself at her entrance and slowly thrusting in. A moan escaped both of our mouths in unison, making me slightly quicken my pace. Lee's nails dug into my back causing me to hiss in pain but the pleasure made it fade.

"H-h-harry, harder." She moaned.

I greatly complied and picked up the pace slamming into her again and again. Her cries of ecstasy were music to my ears that only made me love her more. The harder I went the louder she got and loved it, soon she was on top of me straddling my waist and rocking back and forth at a steady speed. I grabbed her hips and quickened her pace making her let out a high pitched moan, she placed her hands on my chest to balance herself while she rode me.

"F.uck baby, you're so tight." I moaned as I f.ucked her.

"Ohhh my g-god, Harry!" She screamed as I went deeper than ever.

The faster I went the more I could feel the burn starting to arise in the pit of my stomach indicating I was nearly there, I knew Lee was to by the way her breathing got quicker and heavier.

"Harry i'm gonna-"

"Let go baby."

With that she hit her high with me following after. She fell on my chest sweaty and breathless.

"That.was.amazing." She said in between breaths.

"I still can't believe this was only your second time!" I exclaimed.

"I promise it was." She said before kissing my jawline.

"I know." I told her then kissed her head.



It has been way to long since I updated last and I am so sorry that i've kept you guys waiting so long, but I finally got time to write something up and I really hope you guys are still around to read this. Let me know what you think?

Love ya!



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