Being louis' sister

Hi, my name is Leah but everyone calls me lee, my life isn't normal because my brother is Louis Tomlinson who happens to be part of the world's biggest boyband, so pretty much it's like having 5 brothers instead of 1. But Louis is the most protective of me because we don't have a father he left us when I was young so Louis practically raised me cause our mom worked all the time so she could make enough money to take care of us. I'm 18 now and can take care of my self but I'm still really close to Louis and he sill takes care of me just as if I was younger, especially when I go on tour with them I have been on 1 tour so far and it was hard being away that long especially from my mom but it was actually really fun. But when I was on tour with them I started to grow feelings for one of the boy's. But Louis has warned me not to fall for the boys cause even though I know them like brothers they are bad news when it comes to love. I know Louis will be upset but I don't kno if I can hold back


4. Strawberries

-1 week and 6 days later-


Louis' p.o.v

While I was packing the rest of my stuff I started thinking about Lee, I was wandering how she was gonna do on the tour with all that just happened. I know that she will say she's fine but I know other wise that she won't be. I quickly got pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Lee yelling for me I got up and darted to her room.

"What, are you ok?" I asked kinda worried for some reason.

"Yea why wouldn't I be?" she replied looking at me confused.

"You yelled so I thought something was wrong" I said

"No, i'm fine....but I do need your help" she said.

"Ok, what do you need help with?" I asked her confused.

"I can't reach my sweater it's on the top shelf of my closet" she replied.

"Ok I'll get it" I said chuckling making her playfully punch me in the arm.


Going in her closet wasn't fun she had stuff everywhere, I kept thinking to my self was damn Lee. I finally found the sweater she was talking about and grabbed it almost killing myself by tripping over a shoe on my way out.


"Louis are you ok?" she asked laughing.

"You have way to much stuff in there I almost died tripping over a shoe" I said kinda sassily.

"I saw that" she said laughing harder.

"It's not funny I could have broke my ankle or died" I said putting my hand on my hip.

"Louis, don't be such a drama queen" she said catching her breath.

"Whatever, i'm going downstairs to wait for the boys" I said walking out of her room.

"Ok drama queen" she said as I was walking away.


My p.o.v

I finally got over laughing about Louis.Then I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower I undressed and stepped in I got goosebumps from the warm water touching my cold skin. I grabbed my strawberry shampoo and lathered it in my hair the scent of it made me smile it was the scent of my mum. She always smelled like strawberries in a good way. When I was finished rinseing my hair and washing my body I turned off the water and reached my arm outside the curtain for my towel. I grabbed it and got out, I dryed off and opened the door i topped when i felt the cold air hit my skin i really hated that feeling. i got warm again and walked over to my bed and grabbed my panties and slid them on under my towel then i grabbed my bra which meant i had to take off my towel and when i did i got that cold rush and it sucked. i put on my bra and the rest of my clothes and headed downstairs where i ran into THE BOYS!.

"Hey guys" i said sitting down beside Harry on the couch.

"Hey Lee" they all said.

"What's that smell?" Harry asked.

"What smell?" i asked him confused.

"It smells like strawberries" he replied.

" that's me" i said blushing.

"It smells really good" he said making me blush hard but i looked away so he wouldn't notice.


Harry's p.o.v

All i could do was just look at her and smile, but i knew that Louis would never let us be together i don't think i love her but i do like her a lot. I noticed that she was blushing but she looked away when i complimented her. i know that she likes me but she knows as well as i do Louis won't allow it.




Hey guys i'm really sorry for this sucky and really short chapter but i have writers block at the moment. I really hope the next chapter will be better cause that's when we will be getting into the tour. And maybe a little romance between Lee and Harry. LOVE YA


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