Being louis' sister

Hi, my name is Leah but everyone calls me lee, my life isn't normal because my brother is Louis Tomlinson who happens to be part of the world's biggest boyband, so pretty much it's like having 5 brothers instead of 1. But Louis is the most protective of me because we don't have a father he left us when I was young so Louis practically raised me cause our mom worked all the time so she could make enough money to take care of us. I'm 18 now and can take care of my self but I'm still really close to Louis and he sill takes care of me just as if I was younger, especially when I go on tour with them I have been on 1 tour so far and it was hard being away that long especially from my mom but it was actually really fun. But when I was on tour with them I started to grow feelings for one of the boy's. But Louis has warned me not to fall for the boys cause even though I know them like brothers they are bad news when it comes to love. I know Louis will be upset but I don't kno if I can hold back


9. NIALL!!!

-Later that day-

Harry's p.o.v

 After telling Lee that I love her we just hung out and talked for a while until  the other boys came back from breakfast. As soon as Louis walked in the door I jumped off the couch and acted like I was washing the dishes from breakfast. Lee just sat there smirking I looked at Louis and he had a confused look on his face that soon turned into a smile when Lee got up and hugged him.


My p.o.v

I hugged Louis tightly and then let go just to feel his warmth when I hugged him made me feel safe in a way. I looked over at Harry who started to actually do the dishes and smiled, but I got pulled out of my daze by the rest of the boys coming in. I turned around and the first one I saw was Niall I hugged him and then the rest of the boys, which I think made Harry a little jealous cause he didn't get one. I just winked at him and assured him that he would get one later. he just smiled and blushed a little. It had become 1:00 by the time everyone got back so I decided to take a quick shower and get ready for tonight. (SKIP SHOWER) I got out, dried off and got ready, I blow dried my hair and curled it a little makeing loose spiral curls that hung off my shoulders. I walked out of the small bathroom and put my towel in the small hamper against the wall, then went to sit down beside Niall who was eating again.

"Jesus Niall didn't you just eat?" I asked.

"Yea but I got hungry again" he replied stuffing his face with a sandwich.

"Oh...ok then" I said getting up to get a drink.

"Hey Ba- I mean hi Love" Harry said walking by.

I looked over to Niall to make sure he didn't hear that since the other boys were outside talking to manegment.

"Harry can I have a word with you please?" I asked sternly.

"Sure love" he replied following me to the back of the bus.

"Harry what are you doing Niall was sitting right there he could have caught what you said and told Louis!!" I said kinda yelling in a whisper.

"Sorry love it just slipped" he said making my heart melt.

"It's ok but let's not let that happen again I know it's hard not too but we have to try really hard if we wanna make this work, ok" I said.

"Yea" he said embracing me in a hug.

"I love you" I said looking at him.

"I love you more" he said back making me blush.

"That's impossible" I said then kissing him.

Are lips moved in sync and I could feel the butterflies fluttering in my tummy, are kiss lasted for a few seconds until we heard a voice that broke our kiss. I was terrified to open my eyes and see who it was, Harry just stood there and all i heard was him say "Niall you can't tell Louis" I stood in shock and a little bit of relief to know that it wasn't Louis. I slowly opened my eyes and looked over to see him standing wide eyed and speechless I let go of Harry and went over to Niall.

"Niall" i said softly.

"W-what are you guys doing this is crazy" he said franticly.

I know, i know but you have to calm down and Please, please don't say anything to Louis or the other boys?" i asked as calm as possible.

"you mean no one knows?" he replied with a question.

"no nobody knows and can we please keep it that way for a while?" i asked.

"Yea of course, but i just can't believe this i mean wow i never would have thought you and Harry would ever be together!" he replied.

"I know but we love each other" i said looking at Harry.

"How long have you been together?" he asked nervously.

"Um.. 2 days, but we have know each other for so long and you know it kinda just happened" i replied smiling.

"Well im happy for you guys kinda shocked but happy" he said hugging me and patting Harry on the back.

"Thanks" i said laughing a little.





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