Being louis' sister

Hi, my name is Leah but everyone calls me lee, my life isn't normal because my brother is Louis Tomlinson who happens to be part of the world's biggest boyband, so pretty much it's like having 5 brothers instead of 1. But Louis is the most protective of me because we don't have a father he left us when I was young so Louis practically raised me cause our mom worked all the time so she could make enough money to take care of us. I'm 18 now and can take care of my self but I'm still really close to Louis and he sill takes care of me just as if I was younger, especially when I go on tour with them I have been on 1 tour so far and it was hard being away that long especially from my mom but it was actually really fun. But when I was on tour with them I started to grow feelings for one of the boy's. But Louis has warned me not to fall for the boys cause even though I know them like brothers they are bad news when it comes to love. I know Louis will be upset but I don't kno if I can hold back


11. Going back home.


- 2 days later-

My p.o.v

After having the concert get canceled we are finally getting back on track with things, right now were on are way from Santiago,Chile' headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, And then hopefully home for a few days. I never thought I would be this home sick in just a short time but maybe since my mom isn't there too talk too i'm missing home a lot more, but I have to say the tour is really fun but I just think it might of all happened a little to fast.


Louis' p.o.v

I was making breakfast on the bus when I heard Lee get up she looked like she had a rough sleep, I was a bit curious as to why that might have been, as I looked back over to the bacon in the skillet I heard her say good-morning.

"Good-morning, Lee." I said back.

"What are you making?." She asked.

"Bacon and waffles." I replied while pouring her some Orange Juice and handing it to her.

"Thanks." She said taking the glass.

"Your welcome Love." I said going back to cooking.

"Hey Lou, can I ask you something." she asked getting up and leaning with her back against the sink.

"Yea of course". I replied.

"Are you home sick." She asked making me turn towards her.

"A little, why?." I replied.

"Because here lately I have been too, and I was wondering if maybe we could go home for a few days." she said.

"Lee, I don't know if we can with it being so early into the tour.....but I can talk to management and see what they say." I said when seeing a bit of sadness in her face.

"Thanks Lou." she said giving me a side hug since i was still in the middle of cooking.


My p.o.v

I hugged Louis and then sat back down on the couch and waited for breakfast to finish cooking. I grabbed my phone off the charger and saw that i had recieved some messages from my friend Olivia, most people would think i'm super popular since i'm Louis' sister but Olivia is really the only one of my friends from school that I talk too anymore, All the rest of them either moved or went to college after graduation.

"Hey." -O

"Oh, hi." -L

"So, how is everything going so far?."-O

"Alright..." -L

"What do you mean "ALRIGHT" ?, you always have so much fun on tour with them". -O

"It has been super fun, but i think things went a bit too fast, you know with my mom and then just leaving." -L

"Lee, i have known you forever and i know that you will get through this, it just takes time and if you ever need to talk you i'm always here right?." -O

"Thanks, and yes i know you will always be here for me when i need someone to talk too ;)." -L

"Ok, just making sure ;p." -O

"Hey i gotta go but i will talk to you later , ok." -L

"Ok, ciao ;)." -O

I just smiled and thought to my self how great it was to have such a good friend who is there for me when Louis can't be.

I quickly got pulled out of my thoughts when i heard someone say my name.

"Lee!." someone said and then i realized it was Niall.

"What?." i asked.

"Are you ok?." He replied with a question.

"Oh, yea i was just thinking." I reassured him.

"Oh, ok just checking." he said while grabbing a plate from the cabinet.

"Where did Louis go?." I asked.

"Toilet." he replied while stuffing a waffle in his mouth.

"Oh, are Zayn, Harry and Liam still asleep?." i asked.

"YEP." was all he said since his mouth was full.

I got up and stretched then walked towards the back of the bus where Liam, Zayn and Harry were. I carefully pulled each curtain back on all of the bunks , then i yelled real loud "Wake up you sleepy heads." making all of them jump. All i could do was laugh when Zayn hit his elbow on the wall the i felt bad and asked if he was ok, which he was.

"What the hell?." Harry said in his sexy morning voice.

"What the hell, What?." I asked.

"What did you do that for?." He replied.

"Cause it's time to wake up, it's 9:30 you lazy bums." I said looking at him and then softly throwing a pillow at him which made smirk.

"I'm gonna get you Lee." he said getting up and chasing me with a pillow.

"Nooo." I laughingly yelled.

I quickly had to dodge Louis who walked out in front of me when he came out of the bathroom, "Shit!." I yelled when I had no where else to run.

"HA, i got ya love." he said whacking me softly with the pillow.

"Srew you." I said making him raise his brows.

"Maybe." he said while checking me out, I playfully smacked him and walked past.

Thank god Louis was back there talking to Zayn and Liam when he said that I thought to my self.

"So, I talked to management." Louis said walking up to the front of the bus.

"Yea, what did they say?." I asked.

"They said due to our circumstances we can take a few days off, but no more than that." he replied.

"Ok, so when?." Harry asked while pouring some juice.

"They said that we can head home tonight or in the morning." he replied.

"I don't care whenever you guys want." Harry said.

"Um, i guess we can head back tonight i just have to call back and let them know." he said, Me Harry and Niall nodded in agreement.



-Later than day-


We finally made it to a airport after 6 and 1/2 long hours of riding on the bus, we all packed up our stuff and was ready to head home cause we were all pretty tired even though all the boys slept half the way here. It is now 5:00 p.m and we still have a 4 hour flight home so by the time we get back in London it will be 9 something and I will still have to get something for dinner, ugh this sucks but it will be good to be back home.



Hey guys, Oh my god it has been WAY too long long since i wrote something  so yes of course i have writers block like usual but I have some good ideas for when they get back home and yes they do mostly involve Lee and Harry. Yay, but anyways i am so so sorry it took this long and it's not that great of a chapter or that long but once they get back home I am gonna put more stuff involving Harry and Lee since that is who this book is based on.

I really hope you like what i wrote. Love Ya



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