Being louis' sister

Hi, my name is Leah but everyone calls me lee, my life isn't normal because my brother is Louis Tomlinson who happens to be part of the world's biggest boyband, so pretty much it's like having 5 brothers instead of 1. But Louis is the most protective of me because we don't have a father he left us when I was young so Louis practically raised me cause our mom worked all the time so she could make enough money to take care of us. I'm 18 now and can take care of my self but I'm still really close to Louis and he sill takes care of me just as if I was younger, especially when I go on tour with them I have been on 1 tour so far and it was hard being away that long especially from my mom but it was actually really fun. But when I was on tour with them I started to grow feelings for one of the boy's. But Louis has warned me not to fall for the boys cause even though I know them like brothers they are bad news when it comes to love. I know Louis will be upset but I don't kno if I can hold back


1. Decideing

My p.o.v

I woke up to the slight sounds of birds chirping from outside my window, I rose my head up from my pillow and saw a suitcase sitting beside my bed with a posted note on it saying
"Are you staying or going?"- Louis. I didn't know if I wanted to go or not because of what happened last time I went on tour with them. I started growing feelings for one of the boys and I know that I can't be with him because of Louis. Even though i'm 18 now Louis won't let me make my own decisions when it comes to dating especially if it involves one of the boys.


As I  got up and started walking to my bathroom I heard chattering from downstairs so I hurried and got a shower so I could see who was here.  When I was done In the shower I got dressed, I put on a white tanktop and denim skinny jeans with some neutral makeup and I was ready for the day. As soon as I was done I walked down stairs to find Niall stuffing his face with pancakes and bacon, which kinda made me wanna throw up so I hurried in to the kitchen where Louis was making more bacon.

"Hey" I said taking a piece of hot bacon from the plate on the counter.

"Oh, hey" Louis said looking over his shoulder at me.

"So where are the other boys?" I asked while taking a bite of my bacon.

"Oh they went to the store to get more pancake mix cause by the time everyone got in here Niall took them all!" he replied placing more bacon on to the plate beside him.

"Sounds like Niall!" I said laughing.

As I got up to get a cup of orange juice I heard the front door open, so I turned around to see who it was, and of course it was them. I could tell because of how loud they were when they walked in talking about some girl's ass.

"like dude that thing was so fucking nice" Harry said almost making me spit my Orange juice everywhere.

"yea it was" Zayn said giving Harry a high five.

"That's nice to know guys but im trying to drink something here and you're gonna make me throw up so could you please shut up about some girl's ass!? I asked kinda harshly.

"Sorry, love they get over excited when it come to things like that" Liam said.

"It's ok I just don't wanna here about it while i'm eating or drinking" I said more calm.

"Guys if your gonna talk that way go in the living room!" Louis said pointing at them with the spatula.

"ok,ok were going" Harry said getting up and walking backwards with his hands up in surrender smirking his dumbass smirk.

"Sorry, love" Zayn said before walking to the living room.

"it's ok" I said smiling although he couldn't hear or see me anymore.

"So Lee have you decided if your going with us or not?" Liam asked while getting up to help Louis make the pancakes.


"Um, no not yet" I replied.


"Oh, well I got a call last night from our manager and he needs to know by tonight" Liam said flipping a pancake.

"Ok I will go think about it and let you know" I said walking out of the kitchen.

"Ok" I heard Liam saying in the distance.


When I got in to the living room I heard the boy's talking about that girl to Niall, Oh how it made me wanna throw up just thinking about what they were saying. So I hurried up the steps before I got sick everywhere. I went in my room and layed down on my bed to think and i don't know why but every time I thought about going I started to think horrible things like that Louis would find out and not ever speak to me again but I realized that it was guilt for not telling him yet but I mean it's not like I slept with one of them or went on a date and didn't tell Louis. I just haven't told him that I like one of the boy's and frankly i'm even more scared to tell him which one.


I soon realized that I dozed off when I was thinking, and when I woke up I saw that it was dark do to the almost pitch darkness of my room. When i got up I saw the little light on my phone that tells me I have a message or a missed call. I grabbed it and unlocked it and it read that I had 2 new messages.

"Hey Lee i went out for a bit call me when you wake up"- Lou

"Lee, are you up yet I need to now if you going call or text me"-Lou

I looked at the clock it read 12:00 am.

"Where the hell are you? you texted at 9:00 and you have been blowing up my phone asking if i'm going and your not even here!"- Lee

"Sorry Love, I lost track of time I will be home soon, BTW are you going or not?"- Lou

"OK, and yea i'm going!"-Lee


I couldn't believe I just said that i'm going but for some reason I just felt the need to go. I walked out of my room and saw that my mom's door was open she must have just got home cause she was still in her uniform, she works at a 24/7 diner so most nights she doesn't get home till late I shut the door and went down stairs. I got some left over bacon and headed back up stairs to start packing I had a long trip ahead of me so I needed pretty much my whole closet.  When I finished packing it was like 2:00 am Louis finally came home around 1:30 and of course he was drunk off his ass as well as the rest of the boy's who are down stairs cause they couldn't drive home. And i had a feeling that I would be having to take care of them tomorrow just like every other time they get drunk.



Hey guys I really hope you like this one I will be updating almost every day so....yea. LIKE PLEASE!  LOVE YA


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