Say 'Hello' to the future and forget the past.

When everything in your life is changing. When you have to leave all that had in the past. New town. New people. Even the air is different. And you should start a new life. Honestly, I love changes. But what will happen if it wouldn't be like you want? Welcome to my world.


1. Part 1. First meeting.

P.O.V. Jennifer.  

‘Mia, I’ll come back’ I said trying to be louder than that crazy music.

My new friend nodded and then I stood up and went towards kitchen going through hot bodies that were dancing. It wasn’t easy. I came in and when I saw the fridge and opened the door, I bend over looking for some cold water. No.  No water. How can it be? They don’t have any. Ohhh fuck. 

Well, while I’m resenting let me introduce myself.

I’m Jennifer. Jennifer Lewis. I’m usual girl who moved in Stratford a week ago. My mother died when I was 5 and I don’t remember her as well. So I have only my father who is always at work. In one hand it's so bad ‘cause I miss him very much but in the other hand I can do what I want and I've already leant to make decisions by myself. Actually because of it I’m at someone’s home now. It was 2 a.m. and the party started an a couple hours ago. I didn’t want to go but Mia, the girl who was the first person I met in this town, brought me here saying it’ll be the greatest party ever. I couldn’t refuse. It’s the best way to meet some new people here. And knowing my character I’m very sociable and the one who really like risk.

Well, let’s do back to the kitchen. I was still trying to find some fucking water that I needed very much. Yeah… I found. And when I was going to straighten up I felt two hands on my waist. I wasn’t wondering because most of these guys who were here, was so drunk. I rose up and turned around to see who it was. Then I met honey brown eyes looking straight mine. He licked his lips and bended down over my ear while I was shocking. What is he doing? I couldn’t move just waiting his next acting.

‘Babe’ he said so sexy that I shivered. ‘Do you like my party?’

 I didn’t breath. Ohhh, he was drunk and smelled like he took a ton of alcohol inside him.

‘Mmm?’ he asked again waiting to me and twining his arms around my ass.

‘Hey don’t touch me’ I shouted and went from him in two steps.

‘Don’t be so bashful beautiful’

‘You’re drunk’                           

‘And what? I don’t care’ he said while going to me. ‘Would you like to spend this night with me? You won’t spare. I promise’ he went so close that I could feel his not so little friend through his pants.            

‘What did you suggest me?’ I was very angry. Did he really think that I seemed like whore? Yeah, maybe my outfit was opened and my actions weren’t so shy but I’m not a WHORE!

‘Ok. Let’s make it clear.’ I began pushing him away from me. ‘I’m not who are you think. If you wanna IT’ I didn’t name that ‘so you came to the wrong girl’ I was trying to calm myself down and talking friendlier.

‘I’m not sure that you said the true’ he looked at me very seriously.

‘Excuse me, what?’

‘Come on. You’ll really enjoy it’ his body pressed me in wall and I felt his heavy breathing on my neck.

‘Get. Away. From. Me.’ I was mad.

‘I know you want me girl. Everybody wants me’ he said proudly and started to take my clothes off.

‘What are you fucking doing?’ I screamed. ‘I’ll shout if you touch me again’

‘Loud music’ he smiled ‘no one will hear you’

‘Why are you doing it?’

‘Because I don’t like getting refusing. I will teach you what’s right and what’s wrong’ he said with excitation.

It’s not good. I don’t want him to TEACH me.

His face getting closer to me and he was going to kiss me until somebody interrupted him.

‘Hey Jay I have to…’ he stopped when saw us together near the wall. ‘Oh, I’m sorry’ he began to apologize.

‘Just go away’ said the guy who was holding me in his hands. He turned his face to the interrupter and for a minute he loosened his grip. I took the moment and escaped from him. He didn’t pretend it so he was in a little shock.

‘Never touch me’ I said angrily while gave him a big slap that his cheek was burn. He rolled his eyes down not realizing what happened.

‘Oh, I forgot’ I exclaimed ‘Just have fun, hot boy’ and I poured his ‘friend’ through his pants with water that was in my hands.

His friend was standing in shock staring at me.

‘Have a good night guys’ I finally said and left them.


P.O.V. Author.

‘Bro are you ok?’ the boy with blond hair laughed at his friend.

‘How do you think, Kris?’ Justin asked with sarcastic looking at his wet pants. ‘Bitch’ he mumbled. Kris giggled.

‘She rebuffed you’

‘No she didn’t’ Justin objected.

‘But it was like that or something. Your first fail.’

‘It can’t be. She’ll answer for it.’

‘I’m not sure’ Kris smiled.

‘Bet?’ Justin asked with serious face.

‘Yeah’ he answered enthusiastically.

‘In less than two weeks she’ll be mine and she’ll fall in love with me’

‘Or else?’

‘I will give you my Ferrari but if I win you’ll do what I want for a 3 days, ok?’


The bet is starting. Be ready for it! 
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